Best Neighborhood In Seattle To Explore 

Ready to shift to Emerald City? The best neighborhood in Seattle is not hard to find. But it can be challenging to choose from because the list is so long. Traveling to a new place and finding a place to settle down is an arduous task. So here, we have cut down to the top 5 best neighborhoods in Seattle to explore. Get ready to explore and enjoy the warmth of the people there. We have listed both the pros and cons of the top 5 best neighborhoods in Seattle.

Top 5 Best Neighborhood In Seattle

Below are listed down some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle.


Ballard Best Neighborhood in Seattle


Ballard is located in the northwestern area of Seattle. Known for its Scandinavian root, it is now successfully transformed by its contemporary settlers. But still, the Nordic Museum succeeds in preserving the zeitgeist of the Scandinavian era. If we talk about Ballard, then this place is about a plethora of fabulous restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and a cozy residential place. No wonder it is regarded as one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for singles. It has residents from a pension holder to a 20-year-old beer mug holder. Don’t forget to visit its year-round Ballards farmers market on Sunday at 10 am.

Now Ballard is increasing in its size. If you are looking for a site where you can enjoy aloof or want to take in the crisp bustling of crowds, Ballard is the place. Beer lovers are most welcome here as it has 10+ craft beer breweries. And well, coffee lovers don’t be disappointed; it has one or two Starbucks and some local coffee shops. The residential area is equally alluring here.

Average Rent: Around 2000$ (2 BHK)

Landmarks: Golden Gardens, Park Ballard, Farmers Market, Nordic Museum


Queen Anne

Queen Anne is a lively and the best neighborhood in Seattle divided into two parts-Upper and Lower. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle, with a lower crime rate. After they solved the issues of road and transportation, it started developing more. Now, it is considered one of the brightest areas in the city. The upper Queen Anne is the area where most of the luxurious homes are located. Lower Queen Anne is more of a family and young professionals-oriented neighborhood. In Queen Anne, you don’t need to worry about hospitality as the people are friendly and helpful.

Various views from Queen Anne are famous for their breathtaking beauty. It attracts a lot of tourists here. It was given the rank of 11 in the list of one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. You will find many funky bars, lovely restaurants, high-ranked schools, and everything you’ll be looking for in an ideal society to live in! 

Average Rent: Around 2300$ (2BHK)

Landmarks: Chihuly Garden and Glass, Kerry Park, Seattle Center.


West Seattle


Are you stuck in the dichotomy of being both in the city and being able to enjoy your solace away from the chaos? Then West Seattle is the answer to your question. West Seattle, a group of neighborhoods in Seattle, is also known as “the peninsula.” It is a place where most retirees, parents living alone, young workers, and families reside. Chilled-out vibes are the essence of this place.

The only thing that may seem cumbersome to residents is the traffic problem here. But they have a sound transportation system to balance that. Buses, bikes, and taxis are available throughout the town. The town has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Henceforth it is also one of the best Seattle neighborhoods to raise a family in. Also, because of its proximity to forests and beaches, outdoor activities are possible here. In addition to this, there is an alluring view of the city and beaches. People are very socially close here, so one may not feel out of place if they plan to live here.

Average Rent: Around 2169$(2BHK)

Landmarks: Alki Beach, Lincoln Park, Schmitz Preserve Park


Pioneer Square Best Neighborhood In Seattle

If you want to explore some architectural beauty, pretty dine-ins, and lunch places, then Pioneer Square is your place. It is sometimes called the original Downtown of Seattle.  There are a lot of coffee shops, bars, boutiques and parks there. In short, you’ll have several facilities available in one place. Various historical buildings are there to aggrandize its beauty. Regarded as the best neighborhood in Seattle, you will find people from different backgrounds here.

There are a lot of local shops here for people to visit and shop. Moreover, it gives you the feeling of an urban area. Schools here are highly rated. There are various modes of transportation here for the ease of residents, like waterfront buses, light rail. People are generally hard-working here. Since there are so many bars and dine-ins, the nightlife is too loud, challenging for some to adjust to. So make sure you check all these things before shifting or visiting this place.

Average Rent: Around 3300$ (BHK):

Landmarks: Waterfall Garden, Pioneer Square, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park


Capitol Hill


Talking about highly populated residential areas in Seattle, Capitol Hill is number one. Renowned for its urban character, it is also known as the center of the LGBTQ community in Seattle. The nightlife of Capitol Hill is also much talked about.30,000 people are currently residing here. Broadway can be called the shopping hub as there are not many malls. Two significant events that are celebrated here are-Block party and The Pride parade. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle to rent and also for tourists.

Seattle’s moist weather makes you crave two things-a warm cups of coffee and a good book. You can find these two under the same roof at -the Elliot Bay book company. It is Capitol Hills’ finest bookstore. But if you are a keen lover of art, then Seattle’s Asian Art Museum will be your favorite place to stop by. The hills are also famous for various parks because people here love the outdoors. Parks like Cal Anderson Park, Volunteer Park, and various small parks are also here. An extensive bus line connects the area. Therefore transportation is not much of a problem here.

Average rent: Around 3050$ per month

Landmarks: United States Capitol, The Library of Congress, Bartholdi Fountain.


There’s a lot more to Seattle than Starbucks. Grey Sloan Memorial hospital and the Space Needle. Above, we have listed the top 5 best neighborhoods in Seattle. Ranging from the best coffee shops to the best festivals in the respective areas, we have documented it all. I hope your search comes to an end with this article and you find the best neighborhood in Seattle for your family and friends.

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