Matcha Man Seattle: Catchy Name, and So are The Treats

Don Gacilo is the Matcha Man behind the Instagrammable delicious ice cream treats. He has been making them since 2017, and only then did the Seattle foodies get an opportunity to try these fish-shaped taiyaki cones filled with ice cream. His taiyaki pop-ups are a hit on the streets and are liked by everyone, from kids to adults and even the aged ones.

Here is the Spot

Matcha Man Seattle

Address: 6014 12th Ave S, Seattle

Phone: +1 206-453-3205

With a few seats inside and a small bench outside the outlet, it is a small yet well-managed space. The interior of the place is modern and matches well with the taiyaki they serve. A wall behind one of their counters catches the attention of its guests. It uses white tiles with a taiyaki drawn on it. The infrastructure also goes well with the whitish-bright scheme. The ambiance is delightful—a perfect spot to indulge in a refreshing summer treat and escape the scorching heat.

It is well decorated with plants inside, along with frames hung on walls, and some minimalist decorative material rests in the open cabinets. They have kept a wall rusty and bricky to give a raw feel to the place.  They offer comfortable seating areas for guests to relax and enjoy their treats. To increase space, they have created space near the ceiling as well. A staircase connects the upper seating area. It is a well-managed space, small but with enough room inside to move around. They have painted taiyaki on the exterior glass, which looks different from the others in the neighborhood. It seems appealing, which could also be one of the reasons people visit them in anticipation of aww.

Warm, Welcoming Staff

They have hired people who are nice to their customers. They even assist while ordering, so as you step in, you are not in any wonderland. The staff is warm enough to guide you through their vast menu, where you may find it challenging to select flavors, cones, or toppings on your first visit. The welcoming nature of the staff compels customers to visit them repeatedly.

Let’s Explore the Menu

Ice cream in seattle

The menu is displayed on digital screens around the counter on top and is displayed outside the outlet as well. It is quite an elaborate display of instructions to get an ice cream customized according to your taste and liking. You can choose what treat you would like to order, whether a cup or a cone, and which flavor, type of drizzle, and topping in your ice cream. You can select Matcha ice cream and Matcha drinks. 

Icecream in the making:

  • Firstly, you can select a cone, taiyaki, or a cup to fill with the scoops of ice cream. 
  • Then, go ahead and choose a flavor that suits your taste. 
  • After that, get your order drizzled with chocolate, caramel, condensed milk, or strawberry. 
  • And at last, get it finished with as many toppings as you like, but you will get 2 of them free of cost. 

Must try The 24k Magic:

They always have a limited supply of this coconut-activated charcoal to give it its dark color, toasted sesame for its flavor, and topped with edible 24k gold leaf served in a fresh charcoal waffle cone.

Noting that you want ice cream, do check the availability of your favorite ice cream because they make frequent changes to their flavors. Rather, their ice cream flavors change every month irrespective of some permanent flavors that do not change. 

Some of the permanent flavors that you can often avail from them include Peach, ube, green tea, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, jasmine tea, honey lavender, cookie butter, marshmallow cocoa, and many more, and many others you can taste every month. It is going to be a completely flavorful-colorful experience.

Their Reward System

Kelli Wong clicked at ice creame parlor

It is an exciting loyalty program for its guests as they get a chance to earn points against every dollar spent. As you get your points collected, you can purchase different items against them. For 25 points, you can get unlimited toppings; for 100 points, you can avail of 1 box of soft serve or a latte. And for 150 points, you can have a taiyaki soft serve along with its taiyaki box.

In the End,

Come and enjoy Matcha Man Seattle’s modern, inviting ambiance with its Instagrammable taiyaki ice cream treats with ever-changing flavors, and take advantage of its loyalty program to get free buys.

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