Fun Things to Do With Kids in Seattle

Seattle is gentle with kids and adults alike and is equally fun. It has something for everyone from zoos to amusement parks to beaches. It is filled with wonders to visit, experience, and explore, and there are plenty of amazing things to do with kids in Seattle.

Every parent wants to make memories with their kids. Well, what else could be better than a daycation with some fun activities, right? Since kids are naturally curious, It’s important to introduce them to new things and feed their curiosity to help them learn. And Seattle has several spots where learning can be fun.

Among the various things deciding on something appropriate for the kins can be a little overwhelming. But, don’t lose heart if you can’t find something interesting. We’ll make your confusion and your kids’ boredom disappear with this list of enjoyable things.

List of Entertaining Things to do With Kids in Seattle

Your kids look forward to the weekend as much as you do because it’s when they get to spend the most time with you. So, let’s give you a list of family activities in Washington state. All these things are sure to provide you with a fun time with your family. Get your picnic baskets ready because these things will make you want to go out.


Seattle Parks For a Fun Day Out

Seattle parks Things to do with kids in SeattleSeattle is a bouquet of parks, each with distinctive amusements to offer. The discovery park is the largest and among the Best Seattle Parks. It’s an awesome picnic sight, and the kids will love the breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountain ranges. You can check out the Volunteer Park sitting in the heart of the city. It has over 40 acres of public space, including a Park Conservatory and Asian Art Museum.

The Alki Beach Park is probably the most popular park featuring 2.5 miles of Puget Sound shoreline. Your kids can make sand castles, and you can walk, bike, or skate along the shore. Heading to Southeast Seattle, you will find Seward Park. It is an ideal place to reconnect with nature. The list goes on as the parks can guarantee fun things to do with kids in Seattle.


Hit The Beaches in Seattle

Beaches in SeattleSeattle is a city surrounded by water, and you can never go wrong with the beaches here. They are the perfect place to figure out some things to do with kids this weekend in Seattle. Alki Beach is among the significant attractions of Seattle, and it has been a popular beach for over 100 years. A 2.5-mile path, 8 volleyball courts, and splendid mountain backdrops, it has everything for a fulfilling outing.

The Golden Gardens Park is the local’s favorite weekend hangout spot. You can play Volleyball or fly kites with your kids while enjoying great views. The Green Lake Park is another beach worthy of your outing plans. It has ample walking paths and sand to be a great play area for the kids. The beaches here offer all sorts of recreational activities equally popular with tourists and locals alike.


Space Needle

Space Needle Things to do with kids in SeattleThe Space Needle is Seattle’s most recognizable landmark. It’s 605 feet high and features a glass observation deck and a spinning restaurant. Space Needle is filled with surprises and is a great attraction for tourists and locals alike. The kids will indeed have a memorable day here. 

The observation deck, grand staircase, elevator ride, rotating glass floor, and the gift shop; there is so much to explore. All in all, the Space Needle easily counts in the things to do with kids in Seattle. Moreover, it sits near some of the most exciting spots of Seatle, making it even better.


Seattle Children’s Museum

Seattle Children's Museum Things to do with kids in SeattleSeattle Children’s Museum is much more than just a museum. It’s the ideal place for the kids to go have fun and learn at the same time. Kids can participate in art and cultural activities and enjoy hands-on experiences. The 18,000 square feet area is the home to the Global Village, Metropolitan Party, and the Bijou Theatre. If you are looking for things to do with toddlers in Seattle, look no further than the Seattle Children’s Museum.

They invite local artists like painters, musicians, dance groups, etc., to host events and weekly classes. Apart from the regular courses, they have occasional guest concerts. Your child can participate in art, culture, and inquiry-based learning programs where they discover their innate talent. It’s a perfect spot for creative exploration for kids and parents alike. They also have a certified educational program for children 10 and younger.


Pacific Science Center

pacific science center Things to do with kids in SeattleThis is another brilliant spot to look for things to do with kids in Seattle. The Pacific Science Center is located near the Space Needle and is a wonder in itself. It offers so many opportunities for the kids to learn and prepare the young minds to touch the untouched realities. From science exhibits to activities and fun games, it has got everything.

With several hands-on activities for both kids and adults, the Pacific Science Center is a great spot for a daycation. Events like bubble fest, railroad show, and camps make it a fun and learning experience. There are several exhibitions and sessions where the kids can meet scientists and learn about the latest discoveries.


Explore the Museums in Seattle

Museums in SeattleSeattle is not only known for rains or beaches. It has a fair share of inner beauties; Markets and Museums rule that arena. If you want your kids to enjoy and learn at the same time, the museums here can do the trick. The Museum of Pop Culture is undoubtedly one of Seattle’s most famous and exciting museums. Live music events, comic books, video games exhibits are staples at this museum.

Another exciting sight is the Museum of Flight. Here, you can gaze up hundreds of aircraft displayed. They will love the Air Force One Tour and the Space Gallery. It’s a perfect place to feed a kid’s curiosity. The Pinball Museum is a museum founded by a local couple, and it hosts vintage games along with the latest pinball machines. It’s a fun place for kids to enjoy, and you can have a little nostalgic trip.


Whale Watching

The Emerald City surrounded by water offers great places for whale watching. And it could be one of your fun things to do with kids in Seattle. So, first up, we have Alki Beach, and it is famous for more than Volleyball courts and mountain views. The beach sits in West Seattle and provides a brilliant opportunity to spot Orcas and seals. Your kids can have a lovely time at this beach and might as well watch some whales. Among the most accessible ones, it’s the best whale-watching Seattle spot.

However, If you are willing to go a little to the north of Seattle, you will find the San Juan Islands. It has Orcas island, and it’s the perfect spot to watch some black and white killer whales. If you are visiting around March and October, you are in luck.


Count the Seaplanes!

Count the SeaplanesSpend some time with your kids counting seaplanes. It could be a fun game to play with your kids, and this will give them a happy memory to recall. You can do this at Lake Union Park. It is the perfect place to watch seaplanes come and go. However, if you wish to, you can also take a seaplane flight and experience the Seattle skyline and the thrill of flying over the water.

Apart from the seaplanes, Lake Union Park hosts some impressive landmarks and activities. You will find the great Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the Center for Wooden Boats. The museum is Washington State’s largest private heritage organization.

Another spot where you can continue your seaplane counting game is Gas Works Park. It’s situated at Union Lake’s north shore and is an excellent place for a picnic. There’s a man-made hill that you can climb or fly kites with kids.


Visit a Zoo in Seattle

Zoo in SeattleWho doesn’t love visiting a zoo, right? A trip to a Seattle zoo will brighten the day for your kids. It is a fun outing for a family with a great opportunity for kids to interact with animals and learn about them. For the adventurous things to do with kids in Seattle, zoos are the ideal spot. Seattle has its fair share of zoos that house many wildlife species. Woodland Park Zoo is home to over 300 species. This was the country’s first zoo to free animals from restrictive cages.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo would also make a great trip. It’s spread over 11 acres and is dedicated to endangered wildlife species. Your kids learn a great deal with their workshops and photo tours about endangered species. Another kid-friendly zoo in Seattle is the Zoomazium which sits on an 8500 square feet area within the Woodland Zoo Park. It has several indoor activities such as games, play areas, and exploration spaces. The zoo also has nature-themed spaces with interactive multimedia facilities. The kids will surely love it! 


The weekend is approaching, and you want to have a fun time with your family. You are planning an outing with your kids but can’t seem to decide what to do. Above, we have provided you with the list of the best things to do with kids in Seattle. We are sure with the given information you can decide on things to do with your kids this weekend. Have a good one!

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