Best Sushi in Seattle – 6 Restaurants To Explore

Best sushi in Seattle is worth tasting to keep your smile toothy the whole day. Sushi is a typical Japanese cuisine dish, made up of rice, vinegar, and raw vegetables/egg/seafood. So, if you are in Seattle and searching for a place to satisfy your sushi cravings, you are at the right place.

Sushi is a good delicacy for health too. It has Omega 3 in high quantities. Moreover, it provides many benefits like reducing high cholesterol and preventing heart diseases. Wrinkle prevention is also one of its benefits.

Places To Eat Best Sushi In Seattle

To devour the most delicious sushi in Seattle is not a tedious job as our suggested Sushi corners will definitely help you gobble them all.


Sushi Kashiba


Sushi Kashiba is the most famous place for its best sushi. It is named after a prominent chef Shiro Kashiba. This place attracts most people in the city, which is located next to Pine Place market.

Shiro Kashiba has been serving people his delicious food for over 50 years. He is a three times James Beard award nominee for outstanding chef. People have seen him showing his artistry at various award-winning restaurants.

Also known as “Sushi Sensai” of Seattle, this place doesn’t fail to satisfy your sushi craving. If you want to get a seat in the bar, then you have to line up outside at least 1.5 hours before it opens. Moreover, if you’re looking for an eating joint that serves the best sushi in Seattle on the pricey little side, then this is the place.

Location: 86 Pine street.Suite 1, Seattle WA 98101 Inn at the Market courtyard

Contact: 206-441-8844

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Wataru Best Sushi In Seattle

Are you looking for an enjoyable Sushi experience? If yes, Wataru is the right spot located on the ground floor of Saxe Apartments, Seattle. They specialize in making traditional sushi with quality ingredients.

It is open from Wednesday to Sunday. For the time being, the dine-in service is closed due to Covid-19, but you can take away sushi and a bottle of sake easily. You can make reservations for taking away, starting from midnight Sunday for Wednesday pick up every week.

It provides the best affordable sushi in Seattle that includes Omakase (chef’s choice) sushi options and a menu of premium sake, beers, and wines. Their decor is based on traditional themes to make people experience Tokyo restaurants’ vibe in the United States.

Location: 2400 NE.65th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Contact: 206-525-2073

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Shiro’s Sushi


Chef Jun Kobayashi, a dedicated fish lover, is the head chef here. It is located in the neighbourhood of Belltown, Seattle. Chef’s advanced techniques of cooking and his craftsmanship are the specialities of this restaurant. Shiro’s is the first Edomae sushi restaurant in Seattle.

There is an immense amount of appreciation in Seattle for its quality of fish. Their presentation and flavours are both exquisite. People enjoy the conversations which chefs have with them. Overall it is a budget-friendly restaurant with the best sushi in Seattle.

Location: 2401 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121

Contact: 206-443-9844

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Sankai Sushi In Seattle

Sankai is usually heavily crowded, so you need to make reservations earlier. Ryuichi Nakano, the chef, provides you with some delicious sushi in Seattle. It is like a home away from home for sushi lovers. This is the best place if you’re looking for a sushi restaurant for a family dine-out in Seattle.

It is open from Sun-Thu (4 pm to 9 pm) and Fri-Sat (4 pm to 9.30 pm). The head chef Ryuichi follows decades-old Japanese culinary art, which people of the pacific northwest appreciate.

Location: 111 4th Avenue North Downtown Edmonds, WA 98020

Contact: 424-412-3417

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Sushi Kappo Tamura


Established in 2010, Sushi Kappo Tamura is known for its combination of local and seasonal ingredients. They use seasonal ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. It is famous for its open kitchen and served in a live environment. Taichi Kitamura is their head chef and Matt Curtis as their sous chef.

They bring their ingredients from NW farms and fisheries like Wild West, Taylor Shellfish, and Skagit River Ranch. SKT has a beautiful team of serving people who are praised for their friendly nature. If you’re looking for a perfect spot for the best sushi in Seattle, then this one is the right choice!

Location: 2968 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98102

Contact: 206-547-0937

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Mashiko – Best Sushi In Seattle

Are you looking for the best place in Seattle that honours the Japanese traditional cuisine, Sushi? This one’s your stop. They have been trying their best to serve sustainable seafood, irrespective of the cost, since 2009. It is one of the most loved sushi restaurants in Seattle. Since it is a small place, you can make your bookings in advance. We would highly recommend this place if you’re searching for a nice and quiet place to have some mouth-watering sushi.

Its founder Hajime Sato has left the restaurant but has ensured that his legacy is given into safe hands. The three new owners got the leadership after 10 long years and are people of experience. They are working their best to reach the expectations people have of Mashiko.

Location:4725 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, USA

Contact: 206-935-4339

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Sushi might be the staple rice dish of the Japanese, but its admirers are spread all over the world. So here we have created a list of some of the best sushi in Seattle. 

All the above-listed places have not only the most delicious sushi but also the friendly and warm staff. All the covid norms are followed, and cleanliness is maintained here. We hope you were able to find your ideal place for having sushi.

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