Hot Tub Boat Seattle: An Unforgettable Experience

Do you want to experience Seattle in a truly unforgettable way? Then hop aboard the Hot Tub Boat Seattle and take a cruise around Lake Union. This unique excursion provides an opportunity to explore the city in style, as well as meet new friends and have some fun out on the open water. So if you’re looking for something different but want to make some memories, read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind experience.

Explore Hot Tub Boat Seattle

Address: 2520 Westlake Ave N Seattle

Phone: 206 771 9883


If you want a unique way to cruise around Seattle, why not do it in a boat? Hot Tub Boat Seattle is a company that offers just that: boats with hot tubs on them. You can rent one of these boats for a two-hour cruise on Lake Union, and up to six people can enjoy the hot tub while taking in the sights of Seattle.

What’s even better is that you don’t need a boating license to drive one of these boats. So whether you are a local or just visiting Seattle, anyone can enjoy this fun experience. And if you get hungry during your cruise, no worries – there’s a barbecue grill on board so you can cook up some food.

Exploring Seattle on a Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat Seattle experience

Hot tub boat in Seattle offers a unique experience and a fantastic way to see the city. Moreover, the boats are designed in an innovative way that looks charming. All the boats are built in Seattle and have onboard heating, a joystick for navigation, and a teakwood deck.

In addition, these boats also feature LED lighting inside and outside the boat. All the boats are equipped with a Thermostat so that the water temperature is according to your comfort, and each boat has Bluetooth speakers for non-stop entertainment.

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The Experience

The hot tub boat Seattle facility provides lockers, changing rooms, restrooms, and showers for the customers to be comfortable while onboard. Furthermore, you can get comfortable before getting on the boat. Then a staff member will give you safety instructions and how to drive the boat.

Once you’re on board, you can sit back and relax in the hot tub while taking in the sights of the city. Not just that, many boats also come equipped with a bar to enjoy a drink while you cruise around. So, if you want something truly unique, consider renting a hot tub boat for your next trip to the city.

Not only is it a unique and relaxing experience, but it also offers beautiful views of the city and its surroundings. With various options available, it’s an experience that can be enjoyed by groups of friends or family and is perfect for any special occasion. While checking out, you can take a hot shower at the facility equipped with shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

Hot Tub boat in Seattle – Things to Do!

Hot Tub boat in Seattle - Things to Do!

Hot tub boats, also known as spa boats, are a unique and exciting way to experience the beautiful waterways of Seattle. These boats come equipped with a hot tub, allowing you to soak in the warm water while enjoying the stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. Here are a few reasons for you not to miss out on the chance to take a hot tub boat ride:

  • Relaxation and stress relief: Imagine being surrounded by the peaceful waters of Seattle, with the city skyline in the background. It’s the perfect way to unwind and forget about your worries.
  • Unique experience: Hot Tub Boat Seattle provides a unique way to experience Seattle’s waterways. 
  • Great for groups: Hot tub boats in Seattle is perfect for groups of friends or family. The boat can accommodate up to 8 people, making it an excellent option for a special celebration or a fun day out with loved ones.
  • Beautiful views: One of the best things about hot tub boats is their stunning views. You’ll see Seattle’s skyline and famous landmarks like the Space Needle while also enjoying the natural beauty of the waterways.

Wrapping Up

Cruising around in a hot tub boat Seattle is truly an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it offers an all-immersive experience of the city from a unique perspective, along with some much-needed relaxation. 

Whether you’re looking for fun things on date night or a memorable way to spend time with friends, cruising in a hot tub boat is an experience you should not miss.

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