Zig Zag Seattle: Enjoy City’s Finest Cocktail Bar

Established in 1999, Zig Zag Seattle is one of the city’s finest craft cocktail bars and restaurants. It was from the years 2002 to 2011 when a well-renowned bartender Murray Stenson worked at this place and created a few cocktails.

Apart from this, Stenson also reintroduced the pre-Prohibition-era Last Word cocktail to bars worldwide. So, if you have yet to try some of the amazing cocktails, plan a visit to Zig Zag.

Tracing the Backstory of Zig Zag Seattle

Address: 1501 Western Ave Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98101, US

Phone: +1 206-625-1146


When Zig Zag Seattle opened in the late 90’s, people were served with pizza, wine, and beer. But their place and menu changed entirely in July 2002 when the new managers, Dougherty and Fitch, hired a consulting chef to twist the menu with more food additions. There were delicious additions to the food menu, and people could sip better and new cocktails.

A new classic cocktail innovation was made by Robert Hess, which became a specialty in the menu of every bar back then. In continuity, Stenson rediscovered The Last Word cocktail, a Prohibition-era drink, in 2004. He was proclaimed the nation’s top bartender in 2010. 

When Stenson left the job at Zig Zag Seattle in May 2011, Seattle Weekly’s editor, Mike Seely, visited the bar to examine if the business could survive. However, he concluded that the new bartender and his team would make a big hit with their new experiments and innovations. 

In July 2012, Dougherty got into a conflict with Kacy Fitch, due to which he bought out his ownership stake. With this, Dougherty became the sole owner of Zig Zag Seattle, and Fitch opened his bar, Corner Spot. 

Delving into the Menu of Zig Zag

We’ll cover happy hour, dinner, cocktail, and dessert options, of course.

Happy Hour at Zig Zag Seattle

Starting with the happy hour section of the menu, you can avail of this meal from Tuesday to Friday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Interestingly, you can also order your favorite cocktail at $3 off during these hours. The options to have for happy hour include garlic and herb fries, mushroom eclairs, marinated olives, duck fat popcorn, smoked whitefish torchon, Chinese long beans, baked local oysters, and more. 


When you visit Zig Zag for the final meal of the day, that is, dinner, you can choose from small and large plates. Under small plate options, they have- raw oysters, spiced peanuts, miso garlic baguette, moonfish crudo, etc. If you opt for a large plate, try their masa gnocchi, beef zabuton, and Zig Zag burger.

Cocktails at Zig Zag Seattle

Zig Zag Seattle Cocktails

With many options on the bar menu, Zig Zag Seattle will confuse you about which cocktail to try and which to leave. So, we recommend you try:

  • Tarija daisy
  • Twilight in Boston
  • Cafe tropical
  • The midnight society
  • Barry bluejeans


This is the most viewed section for all who have a sweet tooth. So, if you are one of those, try their cast iron cookie a la mode, green tea posset, melons and meringue, cheese plate, and the very basic yet tasty ice cream or sorbet.

Rating & Comments

Let us look at some of the ratings and comments from the people who have the pleasure of sipping and gulping their favorites at Zig Zag Seattle.

Randy L., a resident of LA, gave this place a 5-star rating. He says he went on a solo date to this bar during a live jazz night, where he had the most fantastic time of his life. He tried out their Zig Zag burger and paired it up with the Twilight Boston cocktail, which was great. The cocktail tasted excellent and unique because of the hint of coffee it had. He also commented positively about the bartender, Ricky, who attended him. 

Another visitor, Chau N. from San Francisco, gave Zig Zag bar a 5-star rating. He mentioned that the quick service of the bar, along with the ambiance, is what attracts him the most. As per his comment, he tried oysters, which were pretty decent, and their special burger, which is enjoyed. He stated that this burger was so huge that he had to cut it into two and share one piece with one of his friends. 

He scouted this bar out for the burger and the cocktails. Among the many cocktails he tried, he mentioned his favorite one, the Orinoco flow cocktail. Due to the refreshing taste, he orders them twice. 


If you visit Zig Zag Seattle with a motive to make the most of the time spent here, you will come back with a lot of memories. If you are someone who is in an aesthetic setting, you are going to fall in love with this place. Don’t forget to click some pictures while you dine in at this iconic place. No matter how your day is going, we are sure of the movement you step into this amazing bar in Seattle; you will forget all the tensions. So, if you haven’t planned an evening here yet, make a plan soon.

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