Freehold Theatre Seattle

The world of theater has often been seen as a place where dreams come true. But it’s also a space that requires immense work and dedication from the actors, directors, and production team to bring a story to life. In this review, get a closer look at Freehold Theatre Seattle – a unique venue that’s become a haven for experimental theater productions, workshops, clinics & studio classes. 

Freehold Theatre Seattle

Location- 517 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA 

Contact- +1 206-323-7499


Explore what makes this theatrical hub unique and how it is pushing the boundaries of traditional theatre with its innovative works.

Freehold Theatre is a multi-purpose venue used mainly for experimental theater, studio classics, and production workshops. The venue also holds classes for emerging professionals, working as a center stage for learning and teaching. The theater is divided into two parts- the theatre lab and the studio. 

The History

Through the practice of theater, Freehold Theatre Seattle encourages individuals from all areas of life to develop the audacity of the human spirit. Freehold, a thriving community of artists, educators, and students working together to explore the intellect and the heart, has been a welcoming creative haven since 1991.

Freehold Theatre Seattle show

The authorities of this theatre strive to create a safe platform where artists are encouraged to take chances. Artists can create work that is more profound, authentic, and resonant. This can help them recommit to their passions and sources of inspiration and push themselves to continue learning and developing.

Freehold has been committed to making the practice radically available since it was established as a Center for the Practice of Theatre. Freehold Theatre Seattle’s programs serve all community segments, increase participation, cater to various audiences, and promote intense artistic involvement.

Classes Offered

Freehold Theatre in Seattle has offered acting lessons in Seattle since the summer of 1991. All of the Freehold faculty members are employed pros with a range of accomplishments, including credits for their work in Voice Over, Motion Pictures, Television, and Regional, National, and International Theatre.

Basics Classes

  • About the Core Acting Progression
  • Step I: Intro to Acting
  • Step II: Acting with Text
  • Step III: Basic Scene Study
  • Rehearsal and Performance

Advanced Classes

  • Meisner I: Foundation
  • Meisner II: Instrument
  • Meisner III: Back to Text
  • Advanced Scene Study


  • Basic Scene Study: Shakespeare
  • Playwriting Classes
  • Playwriting I
  • Playwriting II
  • Playwriting III
  • New Play Lab: From Page to Performance

The studio also offers craft & instrumental classes and a course for specialty classes. 

About Freehold Theatre Lab

Freehold Theatre Seattle acting classes

The Theater Lab seeks to establish a theatrical environment that is, in the words of Konstantin Stanislavsky, Freehold Theatre Seattle “not a theater nor a dramatic school for novices, but a laboratory for the experiments of more or less trained artists.” The Lab offers a space for professionals to explore to push the boundaries of creativity continuously. The Lab allows artists to experiment with new ideas and production methods to forge stronger ties between the performer and the audience, the self and the society, and life and art.

The Space Rentals at Freehold Theatre Seattle

Besides Lab and studio, Freehold offers space rentals for practice and productions. You can opt from three studios, as well as a mezzanine. WiFi and air conditioning are available throughout our complete building. One can easily make the reservations online, over the phone, in person during business hours, or via email. The workplace time and schedule is Mon–Thu, 10am–6pm.


Freehold Theatre Seattle is the ideal place for those looking to experience the best of what experimental theater offers or those seeking some exhilarating workshops and studio classes. Moreover, it also offers some of the best acting classes in Seattle for you to explore and learn. 


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