Fainting Goat Gelato Seattle: Organic Gelato Icecreams

You must have had a lot of ice creams, but have you tried organic ice cream and Gelato ones? Even if you had one, visit Fainting Goat Gelato Seattle and try out their fresh, local, organic, handmade gelato ice creams.

Beginnings of Fainting Goat Gelato in Seattle

Fainting Goat Gelato

Address: 3415 Fremont Ave N A, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 257-5267


It is a small family-owned business with multiple locations throughout Seattle. They make handcrafted gelato every day in their shop to guarantee freshness and highest quality. They put their heart and soul into every batch of gelato they prepare. Their delectable ice cream creations are a delight to their customers. 

The family hails from Izmir, Turkey, and realized their dream of opening a small shop after they settled in Seattle in 1997. The support from their three daughters established the presence of Fainting Goat Gelato in 2009. Now, the locals are in love with their freshly made organic gelato offerings.

Perfect icecreams for vegetarians

It takes an extra effort for vegetarians to find options suitable to their preferences. So here is one ice cream parlor for you. If you need to know the ingredients they use while making it, then let’s dive into the making of their special gelato delicacies.

 Gelato: It is an Italian-style ice cream. It contains less fat than regular American ice cream; therefore, it is healthier but contains fewer ice crystals. Freezing gives it a rich, velvety texture and powerful flavors as it is slowly stirred during the process.

  • Other ingredients: they use locally sourced ingredients and seasonal fruits along with nuts and sugar. Having the right base for an ice cream is important, so they use farms’ organic milk to make perfect ice creams for you.

How is the place inside

It is located in a narrow space with some seating arrangements inside—a clean, hygienic place to enjoy your gelatos. A bright light comes directly from the outside. There are some chairs placed outside as well so that you can enjoy your sweet treats comfortably.

The minimalist modern approach in the interiors gives an illusion of more space than it actually occupies. The hangings on the wall go well with their theme. You can go directly to the counter and order your ice cream. They have displayed their products and flavors, which also adds to the design of the interiors.

Explore the Flavored Scoops of Delight 

Fainting Goat icecream scoop

Different flavored gelato ice creams are available in their store, and they are all fairly priced. You can choose from a variety of 350 permanent and seasonal flavors on their menu. The reason is that their menu changes as the season changes. 

Some of their permanent flavors on the menu include Stracciatella, Sea salt Caramel, Vanilla, Double espresso, Sicilian pistachio, Hazelnut, Tiramisu, Lemon cookie, Sour cherry, swirl, Ferrero rocher, Nutella, Coconut, Lavender, Green tea, Chocolate Fondante, Rose, Sorbets, Pink guava, Pink grapefruit, and many others. The list is long enough to get accommodated here.

You have to name it, and you will get the one. The flavor changes, but the emphasis is on using the same organic, high-quality ingredients only, serving so many delicious flavors, and giving fairly large portions. All their gelato sweet treats are creamy but not so sweet that they sugarcoat your tongue.

You can enjoy your ice cream scoops in a small or medium cup or a waffle cone/cup. Besides ice cream, they have an expanded menu listing items like coffee, pints, lava cake, and milkshakes.

Any place becomes more welcoming if the staff is kind. The staff here is friendly enough to wait until you choose your flavors. They even welcome your queries about food allergies and patiently answer them. 

To sum up

Indulge in the flavors of organic gelato at the Fainting Goat Gelato in Seattle. Handcrafted gelato ice creams with fresh local and organic ingredients have captured the hearts of the locals. It is a delightful experience for the vegetarian ice cream enthusiasts. They boast a menu of diverse flavors, including permanent favorites like Stracciatella, Sea Salt Caramel, and Tiramisu. Meanwhile, the seasonal menu keeps on evolving with the seasons. The welcoming staff guides you through a myriad of flavors and contributes towards a fulfilling experience. 

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