Dine At Din Tai Fung Seattle For Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Din Tai Fung Seattle is a Chinese restaurant chain from Taiwan specializing in xiaolongbao, a type of steamed dumpling. Furthermore, this amazing chain aims to provide the best of cuisines with authentic flavors to their customers. 

Whether you are a fan of these pork dumplings or want to try something new, Din Tai Fung Seattle is definitely worth visiting! Let’s have a look inside:

Din Tai Fung Seattle

Location: 600 Pine St, #403 Seattle, WA 98101

Contact number: (206) 682-9888


Mr. Yang founded this Din Tai Fung Seattle eatery in 1958 as a cooking oil retail business. Later, in 1972 he and his wife dedicated more than half of their shop to making and selling Xiao Long Bao, steamed pork soup dumplings. 

Moreover, this eatery’s menu features a variety of xiao long bao fillings and other Taiwanese dishes such as soup noodles, rice bowls, and vegetable sides. 

Internationally Praised Restaurant

Din Tai Fung Seattle is an internationally beloved restaurant it became famous for the cuisine it serves people. Due to this popularity, Mr. Yang converted his then-half-dedicated dumplings shop into the entire pledged eating point that it is at present. 

Internationally Praised Restaurant- din tai fung seattle

Moreover, the food served at this restaurant helped it win several awards, including the coveted Michelin star at one of its branches in Hong Kong. 

Additionally, it is also named one of the top ten gourmet restaurants in the world by The New York Times. Moreover, Din Tai Fung in Seattle is now a Chinese eatery and brand offering an authentic taste of Taiwan.

What to Expect at Din Tai Fung

If you are looking for an authentic Taiwanese dining experience, Seattle’s Din Tai Fung is the place to go. Moreover, this restaurant is known for its delicious dumplings and noodles and friendly and attentive service. Here’s what you can expect at Din Tai Fung:

Friendly Service

The staff at Din Tai Fung are always happy to help, whether you’re ordering your food or need help with anything else. They’ll ensure you have a pleasant dining experience at their place from start to finish.

A Pleasant Atmosphere

Din Tai Fung Seattle has a casual atmosphere, so you can relax and enjoy your meal without feeling rushed. Furthermore, this is the perfect place to come with friends or family for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

The Menu at Din Tai Fung Seattle

This world-renowned Chinese restaurant chain specializing in soup dumplings and other noodle dishes will never disappoint you. Further, the menu features a wide variety of soups, noodle dishes, rice plates, and dim sum. Moreover, there are also vegetarian options, including cucumber salad, soy noodle salad, wood mushrooms in a vinegar dressing, and much more.

The Menu at Din Tai Fung Seattle

Din Tai Fung’s menu features a wide variety of dumplings and noodles, all of which are perfectly cooked. The restaurant also offers a Dim Sum brunch on weekends, which is worth trying.

The soups served at Din Tai Fung Seattle are a must-try – they’re handmade and come in both pork and vegetable varieties, including hot and sour soup, hot and sour pork soup, steamed soup with bone-in beef, and steamed soup with bone-in chicken. 

Other highlights include the Kuro Buta Pork, Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp & Kurobuta Pork Spicy Wontons, Noodles with Diced Beef & Szechuan Peppers, etc. However, if you want to know about their specialties, try Truffle & Kurobuta Pork Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp & Kurobuta Pork Pot Stickers, or Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin. 

Well, you have so many options for what you can eat here. No matter what you order, you’re sure to have a delicious meal at Din Tai Fung. And with such reasonably priced dishes, it’s easy to keep coming back for more!

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that Din Tai Fung Seattle is one of the best places to go for authentic Chinese cuisine. The food is delicious, and the service is top-notch. So, if you are looking for a delightful and affordable place to eat in Seattle, look no further than this perfect eatery.

Moreover, this restaurant offers an array of delicious Taiwanese & Chinese dishes, which are reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Din Tai Fung is sure to please. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to Din Tai Fung and explore all this great restaurant has to offer! 

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