Elm Coffee Roasters Seattle: World of Coffee and Hospitality

Elm is a modern cafe and roastery located in a quieter section of Pioneer Square. It was founded by a group passionate about exceptional coffee. The team collaborated with top producers and importers to source high-quality green coffee. The team’s commitment emphasizes not only taste but also genuine hospitality and service. These are the key elements in creating a memorable coffee experience for Elm’s customers and wholesale partners. 

What exactly happens here

What happens at Elm Coffee Roasters

Location-  240 2nd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104

Contact-  +1 206-445-7808


First, premium-quality green coffee beans are selected and imported. Then, these high-quality beans are further processed here and served on the table in different forms. You can choose to sit at a table or the marble bar to sip on their stellar coffee roasted in the back or tea.

Serves at its best

The service at Elm is given a significant priority. It strongly emphasizes exceptional customer service. Highlighting the importance of warmth and friendliness, the baristas at Elm go beyond the usual expectations. They are expected to greet customers warmly upon entry and assist with bussing tables. Even take drinks out to customers. 

Therefore, the baristas have a friendly demeanor, prioritizing good customer service over extensive coffee experience. The emphasis is on creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere, recognizing that qualities like warmth and friendliness can be challenging to train and are considered essential for the overall customer experience at Elm.

What would you like to order?

They serve a variety of coffees, but you can also order tea and other beverages if you are not in the mood for coffee.


Green Tea (Fragrant Leaf) – $3.00: Sweetgrass and honey flavors.

Red Tea (Golden Peony) – $3.00: Rose, vibrant, and cherry notes.

Herbal Tea (Peppermint) – $2.50: Northwest peppermint infusion.

White Tea (Golden Peony White) – $4.00: Orange blossom and almond undertones.

Oolong Tea (Winter Sprout Shan Lin Xi) – $4.50: Kettle corn and cotton candy essence.


Elm Coffee Roasters

Espresso Tonic – $5.00: Filtered espresso with tonic water over ice.

Coffee Iced Cream – $4.25: Cream, malt powder, chocolate, simple syrup, and espresso shaken with ice. Very rich.

Shakerato – $4.00: Espresso and sugar shaken, served in a chilled rocks glass.

We serve beverages like Hot Chocolate, espresso-brewed coffee, macchiato, Espresso, Latte, Filtered Coffee, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, Hazelnut Milk, and many others in small or large quantities.

It is time to host

Before serving the coffee to the customers, it is roasted in the back room. Coffee is roasted three days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The roasting can also be observed through the large viewing windows.

They operate Monday through Friday. They open at 8 a.m. and close at 3 p.m., but they close an hour early on Saturdays, by 2 p.m. Above all, Elm remains Closed on Sundays.

What’s Elm’s Interiors like

Elm is a well-lit, airy space washed in natural light. Its interiors are simple and elegant. Unique elements of GMD Custom’s minimalist design include Carrara marble counters and booths constructed from repurposed Boeing airplane parts crates. The white paint applied to the wood beam ceilings adds to the air of lightness and fun. 

Even with the difficulties of replacing the gas boiler and getting the roaster through a one-wide door, its interior design maintains Pioneer Square’s historic preservation guidelines while showcasing a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic.

Enjoy coffee at home

You can also opt to shop their freshly roasted coffee and have it anytime you want it at your home. It can be shopped from the website mentioned above. They bring in a huge variety of coffees every season, but if they miss out on your favorite flavor, come by the next time you may find it again in the shop. Currently, they are selling these listed coffees.

  • 9 Swans Seasonal Coffee
  • Cherry Babka
  • Big Day Out Instant Coffee
  • Kenya Kiandieri AA
  • Ethiopia Nano Genji
  • Guatemala Antonio Medina
  • Ethiopia Goro Bedessa
  • Kenya Tegu AA
  • Elm Seasonal Decaf

These coffees, which come in a variety of flavors, are produced in an environmentally and socially conscious way throughout their growth, harvesting, and processing. You can brew them easily at your comfort to make a latte, espresso, or a cappuccino.

They work with the same producers and importers year after year. So, there is a high probability of repeating their collection of previous roasts.

To wrap it up

Elm cafe sittings

Elm’s Cafe serves great coffee and prioritizes friendliness and warmth, making it a cozy place to dine in. The menu also offers several tea options. Coffee is roasted on-site three days a week. Moreover, online shoppers can purchase freshly roasted coffee, giving them a taste of superior and sustainable products for their homes.

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