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The Abbey Chicago is a must-try for anyone visiting Chicago since it is known for delicious food, sports telecasts, and drinks. The restaurant also serves as a concert venue. Additionally, the menu features traditional Irish dishes and some of the city’s most popular signature items. 

The culinary chef, Chef Bernard’s recipes are a crowd-favorite and have been praised for their innovative take on classic dishes. In this article, will try to explore everything you need to know about Chicago Abbey Restaurant, from its history to its menu.

Abbey Chicago 

For the best of nightlife, drinks, food, music and art, let’s dive into the world of Chicago’s famous Abbey restaurant.

Address3420 W Grace St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone: +1 773-244-4411

A Look Inside

A Look Inside

Abbey Chicago is a quaint Irish-style pub and a gathering spot in the heart of the city. It is a prime venue for music of all kinds, like Indie, rock, pop, and so much more. The restaurant has various things lined up for entertainment – Guinness beer, Irish music on Sunday, and a full menu for the pub hoppers and regulars. The restaurant has been recently refurbished, and it has new interiors, an Irish bar, and a great new food menu. 

Abbey Chicago pub has been a prime place for enjoying weekends for Chicagoans. Furthermore, it provides good food, events, big screens for international sports telecasts, American sports events, etc. Additionally, the pub is the place where there is live entertainment every night. It has a great menu and is an ideal place where you can relax before you binge-watch significant sports events. Moreover, it is a good place for drinks and dinner. The menu combines modern cuisines and a few Irish dishes. The food is available till midnight throughout the week.

Abbey Chicago Pub Highlights

New Abbey Chicago Pub Highlights

Abbey Chicago has many features to suit any occasion. Interestingly, there are 28- foot ceiling rooms and private viewing rooms for guests. Further, the venue can be great for parties, weddings, and corporate get-togethers. 

 Let’s explore some of the features of Chicago’s Abbey:

  • An array of drinks like cocktails, wine, regional and local beer
  • The location of the Chicago’s Abbey is another feature which sets it apart from the rest of the pubs- it is set in a residential area, away from any disturbance
  • A private room with 15 flat-screen TVs
  • Custom food menu by the chef

Shows and Tickets for Abbey Chicago Concerts

Now, if you wish to buy tickets for any events in Abbey in advance, you may do so by either buying at the box office or online. The tickets are available at the box office until 8:00 P.M during weekdays. And, if you want to make any reservations for dinner before the show begins, you can easily do that in advance. The pre-booking service provided by Abbey Chicago is quite convenient.

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Specials from the Menu

New Abbey Chicago Pub Highlights

There are some specials form the menu that you can explore and add it to the list of your favorite dishes and drinks:

  • Irish Egg roles are a must try
  • Pub Chip Nachos with the best dips
  • Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
  • The Classic Cheese Pizza
  • Irish breakfast from Abbey Chicago
  • Irish Sausage
  • Amazing Blazing Pound of Cheese Fries
  • Traditional wings
  • Boneless wings are crispy and flavorful

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Wrapping Up

Chicago Abbey is a great restaurant and bar when it comes to enjoying the night away. It has everything for everybody – good food, entertainment, music, and ambiance to sit, relax and enjoy your time. Furthermore, the newly refurbished venue is excellent and suitable for multiple gatherings. 

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