Bar Sotano Chicago: For Authentic Mexican Dishes

Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine? Bar Sotano Chicago is the answer. Moreover, it is a dynamic restaurant in the bustling city of Chicago where you can enjoy classic margaritas and pair them with traditional Mexica dishes. Well, if that is something you’d like to do, explore Bar Sotano in Chicago. 

Explore Bar Sotano Chicago

Location- In the alley behind Frontera Grill, 443 N Clark St

Contact-  +1 312-391-5857


Bar Sotano is a Hip Rick Bayless restaurant offering a general collection of mezcal and Mexican dishes. The Mexican cuisine here includes modern methods of preparation and local ingredients. The venue is both casual and intimate. With outdoor patio seating, you can enjoy the ambience while dining. Not just that, the joint offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. 

The Food Concept

The main food concept at Bar Sotano Chicago is Mexican cuisine. Mexico’s cuisine is, of course, a long-standing and intricate one that has constantly adapted to and evolved from its millennia-old indigenous roots as a result of interactions with the cuisines of Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia, France, and its northern neighbors. This means that the nation as a whole has an extensive cookbook, and the skill of those who preserve these flavors is fantastic. 

Bar Sotano Chicago food

Not just that, the Bar Sotano brings you the real essence of Mexica, which is the markets. You can experience dishes with aromatic waves from the footstalls. The meat is sourced from local ingredients, and the herbs stand as a promise for health. Every single note from spice offers a symphonic full-body experience. 

Menu Specialities at Bar Sotano Chicago

It’s no surprise that Mexican cuisine is the cornerstone of this restaurant. In addition to entrees like a burger and a wagyu steak with pureed sunchoke, the menu offers a variety of bar snacks, including bite-sized pieces of fried chicken with habanero sauce. Steak is definitely among the best you’ll ever have the opportunity to eat in an alley.

This street food-inspired menu shines most in the vibrant, chile-infused sauces. The delicious yellowtail in poblano liqueur and the taquitos ahogados in roasted tomato-chile broth are not to be missed. For their one-of-a-kind cocktail menu, the beverage crew draws on a botanical wealth of 20 housemade juices and syrups and dozens of chiles, herbs, and spices. Consider ordering the El Sótano and keeping an eye out for creative daily specials.

Tacos al Pastor, a Mexican cocktail with roasted pineapple juice, lime juice, cilantro, and salty, unaged mezcal bathed in chorizo grease, is one of the favorites here. Another brilliant option is El Sotana, which is a thirst-quenching elixir. It features fresh lime, vegetal green chartreuse, and a combination of mezcal that tastes like sassafras, The Pasilla, Orange, another toasty Old Fashioned masterpiece made with dried pasilla peppers, aejo tequila, dry curacao, and orange bitters, will warm you inside out.

Desserts and Drinks

In addition to their savory dishes, Bar Sotano also offers a tempting selection of desserts. The tres leches cake, a classic Mexican dessert, is a standout option, as well as the churros with dipping sauces.

To complement the food, Bar Sotano in Chicago has an impressive cocktail list that features classic margaritas, creative mezcal cocktails, and a range of beers and wines. The bar also has an extensive tequila and mezcal selection, perfect for those who want to try something new or enjoy a classic favorite.


Bar Sotano Chicago ambiance

This underground bar’s lively atmosphere and selection of creative drinks make it the perfect place to unwind after work. The backdrop of rough walls adds to the Mexican architecture, while the ceiling presents a sophisticated look. The mural on the end wall is iconic and a good spot for taking selfies. Don’t forget that there is also patio seating available for those pleasant days. 


Overall, Bar Sotano Chicago’s menu has something for everyone, with its mix of traditional and modern Mexican dishes. With a friendly atmosphere and attentive service, Bar Sotano offers a memorable dining experience for anyone looking to indulge in delicious food and drink.


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