Nico Osteria Chicago For A Luxurious Experience

Nico Osteria Chicago is an Italian restaurant famous for its high-quality seafood dishes, prepared using fresh, locally sourced produce. Furthermore, it is a part of the Thompson hotel on the Gold Coast Chicago. Nico’s is famous for its homemade portions of pasta and traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist.

So, let’s dive in and explore more about this restaurant.

Seafood Haven: Nico Osteria Chicago

Address: 1015 North Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Contact: 312.994.7100



Nico Osteria in Chicago has a contemporary and sophisticated design that combines classic Italian elements with modern details. The interior features a high ceiling, large windows, and an open kitchen that allows diners to watch the food being prepared. The decor of Nico Osteria is elegant and understated, with a neutral color palette of cream, beige and gray. The lighting is soft and warm, creating a cozy and intimate ambiance. Furthermore, the dining area is furnished with comfortable banquettes and chairs. The restaurant’s walls are adorned with beautiful artwork, including colorful murals and framed prints. The focal point is their large seafood display, which showcases the fresh catch of the day and adds a touch of drama to the interior.

Nico Osteria Chicago Ambience

Overall, Nico Osteria’s interior is chic and inviting, providing a stylish backdrop for the restaurant’s exceptional food and services.

Events at Nico Osteria Chicago

Other than dining, Chicago’s Nico Osteria also offers space for hosting events. They organize all types of events, from important business meetings to cocktail parties, receptions, birthday parties etc. In addition, there are three floors with different vibes and event perfuses.

Let’s have a look:

  • Second Floor

Nico Osteria Chicago’s second floor is an addition to the dining area. This space is meant to host private events, such as a dinner party or a get-together. Further, this floor is divided into three rooms: Fellini, Factory, and Chelsea. All of these have a unique vibe but, in general, give a pleasant and calm vibe.

  • Third Floor

The third floor of Chicago’s Nico Osteria is spacious, perfect for hosting events like receptions and corporate gatherings. The interior of this area is exquisite and luxurious with a bit of modern touch. There are floor-to-ceiling windows for a view of the city below. This floor is divided into three rooms: Davis, Dellinger and Hayden.

  • Fourth Floor

On the fourth floor, primarily daytime events are organized. The full-length window helps capture some natural light which elaborates the interior of the rooms. This floor at Nico Osteria Chicago comprises the Hoffman, Rubin, Froines and Lee Weiner rooms.

Nico’s Speciality

Nico Osteria Chicago Food

Nico Osteria’s specialization is in seafood and pasta dishes. Here are some of their specialties that you might want to try:

  • Pasta: Nico Osteria makes its pasta in-house and offers a variety of classic and innovative dishes. Some of their specialties include the cacio e pepe with tonnarelli pasta and the squid ink tagliolini with shrimp and olives.
  • Seafood: As a coastal city, Chicago is known for its seafood, and Nico Osteria features a variety of seafood dishes on its menu. Some of their specialties include the grilled octopus with chickpeas and the whole roasted branzino with fennel and olives.
  • Crudo: Nico Osteria Chicago‘s crudo bar features a variety of raw fish dishes, including tuna, scallops, and oysters. They also offer a crudo-tasting menu. 
  • Deserts: If you are a dessert lover, you should try some smoked pineapple sorbet, cinnamon apple crisps, Espresso Mousse, Bailey’s cheesecake, crunchy chocolate cereal, etc.
  • Cocktail / Wine: Nico Osteria has an extensive wine list with a focus on Italian wines. They also offer cocktails, like Nico old fashion, frutti di bosco, bellissima aroma and many more.


If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, Nico Osteria Chicago is the right place for you. It not only provides top-notch food and service but also gives you a fantastic luxurious dining experience. Overall the restaurant’s atmosphere is upscale and modern. However, all seafood and Italian food lovers should visit this place once.


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