Soho House Chicago – Inside Views And All That They Offer

If you are creative, have a thing for a fun lifestyle and informal atmosphere, and value high-quality living spaces, then Soho House Chicago is the place for you. Furthermore, it is often used as a place for meetings, clubs, and fun for its members and local residents. Most of the members of Soho House are associated with professions like film, advertising, media, music, fashion, culture, and art industries. And the membership here entitles you complete access to their bars, gym, cultural events, restaurants, lounge, and swimming pool.

Also, as per the kind of membership (members clubs) the user has purchased, they also have access to various other Soho Houses placed at other destinations of the world.  Now isn’t that interesting? 

Let’s have a look inside!

Address: 113-125 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Phone: +1 312-521-8000

Soho house website:

Soho House Chicago

The very first Soho House was started in London’s Soho district, thus the name Soho, in 1995. Now, there are more than 18 Soho clubs, all over the world. Some of these places are Istanbul, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, and Hollywood. 

Soho House Chicago has established a premium brand which is also reflected by the kind of people that visit them. However, the idea of providing membership in order to give them access to the place may seem unfair, but it gives some kind of prestige and class to the place. 

In case you are visiting Chicago’s Soho House, you don’t need a membership to stay and enjoy. Moreover, they also provide hotel rooms and try to provide one of the best hotel experiences in Chicago. 

Soho House

Inside Soho House Chicago

Finding the address of this establishment is pretty easy, as it is located just outside the city center, which is a former industrial district. Additionally, one of the best things about Soho House is its style. You will find its interior very sophisticated and eclectic in style. Also, it is very close to the former factory building style from the early 1900s.

All and all, the ambiance of Soho House Chicago is a combination of retro style, consisting of plush fabrics, patterned wallpapers, elegant furniture, pastel colors, and crystal chandeliers, quite familiar with the styles of 19th and 20th century, and industrial style consisting of old-style bricks, ceramic tiles, iron, and concrete. 

Other locations include Soho House Atlanta, Soho House Seattle and more.


All the artistic and retro style beauty of Soho House Chicago is designed by artistic director Vicky Charles. His goal of designing this place was as if he was designing his own home. Thus, you may also get a home-like feel at this fantastic place. The furniture, artwork, and other details of this place are also very carefully selected.

Soho House Chicago has about 40 rooms categorized in 5 different categories as per their size. These categories are Tiny, Small, Medium, Medium Plus, and Big. 

As the building of Soho House Chicago has developed on the concepts of the post-industrial period, the rooms have a high ceiling embedded in rough concrete, large muntin windows, and a crystal chandelier. Furthermore, the rooms also have wooden flooring and retro wallpapers.

Not only that, but the guests also get a richly equipped mini bar, which is not that mini, as instead of small bottles of alcohol, the bar has a pretty big range of bottles to choose from. You will find all kinds of house tonic and amenities in their mini bar, including a measuring cup, lime, beautiful crystals, a shaker for drinks, oranges, and more lemons. The bar also has a capsule coffee machine, a kettle, and beautiful porcelain.  

The bathrooms of Soho House Chicago are also amazing, having wooden flooring along with a marble above the washbasin packed with all kinds of accessories such as mouthwash, lip balm, toothbrush, deodorant, make-up remover, condoms, shaving kit, and flip-flops.

Carmine’s Chicago is another spot in the city that serves amazing food and drinks. 

Soho House Chicago Restaurants  

Soho House Restaurants  

Soho House Chicago is also equipped with several restaurants, bars, a cinema room, a cowshed gym, a spa, and an event space for private rentals. On the ground floor, there are four Soho House Restaurants and bars, which are easily accessible to all.

Moreover, it also has a Lounge named ‘The Club,’ which occupies the complete fifth floor. There is a restaurant bar, a pool table, a fireplace, an amazing co-working space, and lavish sofas to chill out. Interestingly, you can also attend live concerts. There are some contemporary art pieces by the most famous artists like Theaster Gates, Damien Hirst, and Kerry James Marshall.  

There is another restaurant and a bar on the sixth floor of the Soho House Chicago. This one has a beautiful spacious terrace and a swimming pool. This place gives amazing vibes as it has a great atmosphere and always plays energetic music, with DJ in the evening.

Wrapping Up

Soho House Chicago is a brand associated with people looking for sophisticated ways of having fun and amusement. And it provides all of that, along with amazing food. You should give this place a shot if you want to enjoy a luxurious dining experience. 

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