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Tango Sur Chicago is the perfect casual steakhouse in the city for you to enjoy your time. Since the city is home to a variety of steakhouse restaurants, it is always better to have options. Not just that, Chicago is famous for gourmet steaks that melt on your tongue and explode with flavor, thanks to its rich history.

Chicago’s Tango Sur is great for some of the best Argentinean steak and other cuisines. With its blend of classic steakhouse cuisine and exotic ingredients, the restaurant is a singular entity. Furthermore. the well-liked restaurant in Lakeview provides all the usual cuts. However, the fillet mignon covered in wine sauce has succeeded in taking the top spot. So, let’s explore everything about the restaurant:

Tango Sur Chicago

Address: 3763 N. Southport Ave. (Grace St.) Chicago, IL 60657

Contact Number: 773-477-5466


A Classic Take on Argentinian Food

Tango Sur, one of the top steakhouses in Chicago, is known for its mouthwatering steaks but also offers other delicacies, including blood sausages, short ribs, and sweetbreads. Owner Sergio Di Sapio offers lesser-known dishes, including Matambre (veal), Vacio, and classic Argentinian fare like Chorizo and Chimichurri (flap meat).

The Menu at Tango Sur Chicago

The Menu at Tango Sur Chicago

There are many different appetizers on the menu. One of the most popular appetizers is the empanadas. The Argentinian Empanadas are pastries stuffed with beef, chicken, corn, ham, and cheese, or spinach and cheese, made for a great starter. The vacio Relleno, a flank steak stuffed with chimichurri and served with roasted sweet potatoes, and the lomo Relleno, a fillet mignon stuffed with ham and chimichurri and served with portobello mushroom marsala, are also available at Tango Sur.

A delicacy of Tango Sur Chicago is veal cooked with veggies and coiled up before being served cold. The menu at Tango Sur is diverse and offers a wide range of scrumptious options that will appeal to even the pickiest palette. The perfectly grilled beef cuts include everything from skirt steak to sirloins. The restaurant offers chicken that has been grilled and is served with either a white wine sauce or chimichurri.

The menu is dominated by meat-based meals including bife Vesuvio (a prime strip packed with cheese, spinach, and garlic in a white wine sauce), parrillada (a mixed grill dish), and churrasco (a sirloin topped with Argentine chimichurri). 

The Specialties at Tango Sur Chicago

The Specialties at Tango Sur Chicago

Tango Sur also features Argentine cuisine, with a focus on Asado, which are long strips of flank-cut cow ribs cooked over an open flame (grilled). The Parrillada Para Dos, which is served on a tabletop grill for two, include Tango Sur staples, including chorizo (pork sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), chinchulines (chitterlings), and mollejas (sweetbread).

The grilled meats have a delicious mixture of flavors and textures that are palatable. Argentine cuisine’s staple meats are heavily infused in the dish known as Para Uno. Grilled short ribs, black sausage, and beef sweetbreads make up the traditional dish. These meats’ natural flavor is enhanced by being grilled on a tabletop grill.

Interestingly, Chicago’s Tango Sur does not provide alcohol, however, guests are welcome to bring their own. Tango Sur in Chicago has become a favorite eating place for tourists because of its distinctive food and welcoming atmosphere.

The Fantastic Ambience

The authentic Argentine steakhouse features dark woods, flickering candles, and tango music, which is occasionally even performed live, to create a dimly lit, seductive ambiance. The restaurant’s great food and comfortable, candle-lit ambiance has a European feel and draws customers from all around Chicago.

Wrapping Up

The city has it all when it comes to steakhouses, from the best Wagyu meat cuts to spicy Argentinian flare. Chicago has everything you might want, from upscale dining to casual but wonderful cuisine. Looking for a dish that leans a little more toward steak? Tango Sur in Chicago is the best place to go.

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