Staropolska Chicago For Traditional Polish Cuisine

Staropolska Chicago is a great spot to explore if you want to try Polish specials. With a twist of polish fare, you can expect something unique in your traditional European dishes at this venue. In this article, let’s explore what this restaurant offers – from its mouth-watering menu to its rustic, old-world setting. So get ready for a delightful yet comforting dining experience that offers some of Chicago’s best Polish food. 

Staropolska Chicago: A Culinary Journey to Poland

Location- 3030 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Contact- +1 773-342-0779


Staropolska Chicago is a traditional Polish American restaurant in the Logan Square Area of Chicago. The vintage settings take you back to the European time while the cuisine keeps you seated longer with interesting modern twists. The long tables, old-styled chandeliers, and quality service is something to look forward to when visiting here. 

Authentic Polish Cuisine

Staropolska Chicago ambience

The love for Polish food is widespread, and trying it out at Staropolska in Chicago can surely make the experience worth remembering. Moreover, Polish cuisine serves best during Winter, a Chicago specialty. What better city to eat some Polish food than Chicago? Furthermore, the food at Staropolska is hearty and carb-heavy, and it will fill a hungry winter stomach. In addition, the traditional eatery Staropolska excels at offering iconic dishes such as pierogies, a type of polish dumpling, and applesauce-topped potato pancakes.

Everything made with mushrooms is delicious here, including filled mushrooms and soup. In general, Polish cuisine is not very accommodating to vegetarians, but Chicago’s Staropolska is an exception and offers a superb vegetarian dish as well. 

The Flavorful Dishes at Staropolska Chicago

The most sought-after category in the menu is the specials. Here is the list of items that you must try at the restaurant:

  • Special For 2 People that comes with two pancakes, beef stew, polish Sausage, steamed vegetables, potato dumplings, pierogi & plum rolled in bacon.
  • Vegetarian Plate includes cabbage stuffed with mushrooms, pierogies with spinach and potato and cheese, zucchini pancakes with goat cheese, potato dumplings, and broccoli.
  • Duck Breast in Plum & Red Wine Stuffed Cabbage With Meat & Rice which is served with mashed potatoes
  • Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage which comes with mushrooms & rice, mashed potatoes
  • Grilled Polish Sausage includes Horseradish and grilled onion.
  • Rice with Steamed Vegetables

Another favorite section is the Lunch and Dinner. You get two sub-categories here- pork and chicken. The plates are served at the dinner with potato fried or whipped rice along with French or Polish style Salad. 

Staropolska Chicago food

Furthermore, you can try the Layered Zucchini Pancake, which features a zucchini pancake stuffed with chicken breast, pepper, onion, and goat cheese. The flavors of the tender chicken, sweet pepper, and tangy goat cheese are perfectly complemented by the earthy flavor of the zucchini pancake, creating a truly delicious and unique dish.

For those who prefer chicken dishes, Staropolska Chicago offers several options, including the Chicken Cutlet with Mushrooms. This dish features a breaded chicken breast topped with mushrooms, creating a savory and satisfying meal. Another popular chicken dish is the Devolay, which features a breaded chicken breast stuffed with parsley, cheese, and butter. The result is a juicy and flavorful chicken breast that will impress.

Some of the most irresistible desserts include Blintzes With Cheese and Sauce, Nalesniki, Chocolate Cake, Kolaczki, Apple Cake With Vanilla Sauce, and Sweet Sampler. 


Staropolska Chicago can offer a unique and authentic dining experience. From its rustic, old-world setting to its delicious polish fare and Eastern European beers, this is undoubtedly an eatery you don’t want to miss visiting. So, the next time you want to try some flavorful dishes, this authentic Polish restaurant can you on your list. 


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