5 Best Restaurants in Northwest Suburbs Chicago

There are some of the Best Restaurants Northwest Suburbs Chicago. Well, it is no doubt that Chicago tops the charts when it comes to having some of the best restaurants for great food and drinks. Be it Lakeview restaurants or eateries in North Shore Chicago, the city has it all!

Additionally, trying out one of these restaurants is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Chicago, whether you’re a lifelong resident or just visiting for the weekend. This budget-busting culinary industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, so we got straight to the point and listed the best restaurants in northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Best Restaurants Northwest Suburbs Chicago

Getting sick of making dinner every night? It’s time to change things up if you’ve gotten stale with your delivery orders! There is no shortage of excellent food in this city, but these Chicago restaurants are among the best.


Chicago Culinary Kitchen

Chicago Culinary Kitchen

Authentic barbecue is now available to residents of Palatine, Illinois, without having to fly to Texas, according to Greg Gaardbo, owner of Chicago Culinary Kitchen. Those who enjoy the mouthwatering pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and other barbecue favorites can go to their restaurant in northwest suburbs Chicago or locate their food truck while out and about. For its Texas-style barbeque, owners Kristina and Greg Gaardbo have a loyal following. They’ve grown into a whole restaurant with a wide selection of specialty beers and daily specials.

Address: 2391 N Hicks Rd, Palatine, IL 60074

Contact Number: (847) 701-8243



Mitsuwa Marketplace – Among Best Restaurants Northwest Suburbs Chicago

Mitsuwa Marketplace - best restaurants northwest suburbs chicago

If someone claims that eating at a food court is worth the 45-minute drive from the city, they are definitely lying. Except when referring to Mitsuwa Marketplace’s food court, a never-empty haven of Asian treats with a collection of kiosks selling sushi, ramen, Chinese food, Japanese specialties, and Korean cuisine in addition to a bakery, café, and confectionery.

Grab a Choco Crab Donut, some green tea, and one of Chicago’s top bowls of ramen at this one of the best restaurants northwest suburbs Chicago. The best Japanese market in Chicago is hidden away in the suburb of Arlington Heights, where throngs of devoted customers have been flocking for years to buy vegetables and packaged Asian products. A branch of the candy company J. Sweets, Pastry House Hippo, a bakery full of delicious Japanese pastries, and a lively food court with kiosks selling sweet Japanese-style crepes, ramen, udon, donburi, and other dishes are all located there.

Address: 100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Contact Number: (847) 956-6699



Johnnie’s Beef 

Johnnie's Beef 

Almost everyone who has ever visited Chicagoland regularly names Johnnie’s Beef as the best Italian beef restaurant. The best Italian beef sandwich, according to connoisseurs, can be found in Elmwood Park. The flavorful meat is coarsely chopped and placed on Gonnella bread. Diners can choose to dip it in simply or balance it with sweet peppers or giardiniera.

The long queue at the door on a hot summer day can be attributed to the finely seasoned beef slices, the complex, spice-rich gravy, and the juicy, consistently excellent sausage. While you wait in line behind regulars, you’ll have plenty of time to decide what to get, but you must try the beef with hot pepper dip. After that, you can try some lemon Italian ice. If you want to spend the remainder of the afternoon in a well-earned meat coma, order yours with sweet and hot peppers.

Address: 7500 W North Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Contact Number: (708) 452-6000



Vie – Out of the Best Restaurants Northwest Suburbs Chicago

Vie - Out of the Best Restaurants Northwest Suburbs Chicago

One of the best burgers in the state is served at Vie. The menu at this restaurant northwest suburbs Chicago is inspired by nearby Illinois farmers. The restaurant has also won an astounding number of honors, including a prior Michelin star. Paul Virant makes Midwestern food and pickles taste better than anyone else. Fresh, in-season ingredients are emphasized, and Virant excels at pickling and preserving foods. A three-course prix fixe meal that changes with the seasons is available at Vie for $60 (wine pairings and dessert are extra).

Address: 4471 Lawn Ave, Western Springs, IL 60558

Contact Number: (708) 246-2082


You must also try one of these places that serve the best seafood in Chicago.


Gene & Jude’s

Gene & Jude's - best restaurants northwest suburbs chicago

Without the legendary Gene & Jude’s, one of the best restaurants in northwest suburbs Chicago, no list of the top suburban eateries would be complete. This hot dog shop, which has been in business since 1946, has perfected the technique of the iconic red hot Vienna Beef dog. It comes with fries and a properly cooked, natural casing. Do right by your order while you’re here, such as the Double Dog, which is topped with mustard, relish, onions, sports peppers, and of course, a generous helping of fries. 

The only toppings for its legendary Depression Dog are mustard, onions, relish, sports peppers, and a few fries. Because it is specifically prohibited inside Gene & Jude’s, ketchup aficionados will need to search elsewhere for their favorite tomato sauce.

Address: 2720 River Rd, River Grove, IL 60171

Contact Number: (708) 452-7634 


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re seeking local favorites or something different, there are many dining options with the best restaurants northwest suburbs Chicago. Furthermore, these restaurants provide quick service and great food to suit every budget. We hope you enjoyed reading about these Northwest suburbs restaurants in Chicago!


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