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Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago is for you if you’re a movie buff or simply enjoy a night out at the cinema. Furthermore, the theater is a gem of the Chicago movie scene. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and dive into the world of the Showplace Icon Theatre in Chicago!

All About Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago

Location- 1011 S Delano Ct, Chicago, IL

Contact- +1 312-564-2105


This theatre can tick the right boxes if you want a new movie-watching venue. Let’s explore why.

A Look Inside!

All About Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago

Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago is a new-age theater showcasing the latest movies from all across the globe. The venue also features a cocktail lounge with American fare. Not just that, there is also an adults-only area. The ShowPlace ICON Theater & Kitchen experience, which opened in 1909 with a single nickelodeon, continues to reimagine contemporary entertainment. Whether it’s first-class movie-going, business meetings, or live e-sports gaming, Chicago’s ShowPlace Icon Theater & Kitchen continues to be a leader in the sector thanks to innovations in food, seating, audio, visual, and interactive consumer technology.

Other Locations

Digital cinema projectors with wall-to-wall screens are available at all locations, and some auditoriums also have high-frame-rate capabilities. Dolby® ATMOSTM immersive audio and 4K laser projection are features of the ICONX experience. There are seventy-eight screens at six locations in Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, and California.

Features of  Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago

Food delivery right at your seat: Order options for freshly prepared food from the theater’s Kitchen menu, which will be brought free of charge to your seat.

  • The enhanced experience of Icon-X: Presentations here also have Dolby Atmos®, upwards of 60 individually powered QSCTM speakers and up to 40 QSCTM digital amplifiers, producing 100,000 watts of audio power and projection and visual upgrades.
  • Luxury Recliners Red Carpet Recliners: The power of comfort in movie-going is provided by these powered recliners, which offer the height of luxury and enable guests to unwind, kick their feet up, and enjoy spectacular digital sights and sound.
  • Reserved VIP Seating: VIP Reserved provides guests with a guaranteed spot in the opulent Red Carpet Recliner wing and individualized ICONIC service, allowing them to unwind, kick back, and take in the best in cinematic digital sight and sound with the luxury of movie-going.
  • Premium VIP 21 Plus Reserved SeatingOversized leather chairs with tables are available to patrons 21 years and older attending events in the 21 Plus Reserved Seating.
  • VIP SEATING 7-17 RESERVED: For some G, PG, or PG-13 movie showings, visitors aged 7 to 17 can relax in one of the leather recliners. If sitting in the VIP area, guests aged 7 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 
  • Closed Lobby Lounge: The Lobby Lounge will be closed at specific weekly showtimes at each site. All food and drinks must be ordered from the concession stand menu during these times.

Amenities at Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago

Amenities at Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago

  • The DOLBY ATMOS: A Dolby Atmos® system produces an immersive experience with astounding clarity, richness, detail, and depth by projecting sound in all directions, even overhead. You feel like you are part of the action because the precise sounds of music, people, and objects move around you in three dimensions.
  • 7.1 DOLBY SURROUND: Dolby® Surround 7.1 expands the creative options for filmmakers and makes it possible for movie sound to mirror the action onscreen closely. Furthermore, it has seven complete channels of sound. Individual sounds are more distinct and clearer thanks to Dolby® Surround 7.1’s improved audio definition.
  • Ultra-bright 4K: By combining the strength and efficiency of xenon illumination with 4K projectors, realistic visuals for high-resolution 2D and 3D immersive settings are made possible.
  • 3-D Experience in Real-D: Stereoscopic (3D) and other visual technologies for usage in movies are created and licensed by RealD. Furthermore, it operates the largest 3D theater platform in the world, with over 26,500 screens spread over 72 nations. Over 1.5 billion people have watched over 200 blockbuster movies in RealD® 3D since 2005.
  • SECURE CAPTIONING: Cinema For hard-of-hearing visitors, closed captions utilize personal equipment to display captioning for a movie’s speech and sound effects. Ask for a gadget at the box office or the Guest Services desk to make your movie-going memorable at Showplace Icon Theatre Chicago.
  • Service for Descriptive Videos: These titles offer the capacity for Descriptive Video Service for visually impaired visitors. Headsets are available so visitors can hear a narrator explain what is happening on screen. To make your movie-going memorable, kindly ask for a gadget at the box office or the Guest Services desk.
  • Devices for Assistive Listening: These movies can accommodate assistive listening devices for viewers who require the sound to be amplified. Guests can use the headsets provided to listen to the entire music of the movie and control their volume. To make your movie-going memorable, kindly ask for a gadget at the box office or the Guest Services desk.


In conclusion, the Showplace Icon Theatre in Chicago is a movie theater like no other. From its cutting-edge technology to its luxurious amenities, it offers a movie-going experience that is truly unparalleled in the city. So if you’re looking for a great night out at the movies, be sure to check out this theater in the city. 


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