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Chicago Culinary Kitchen is the perfect spot if you are craving delicious, rustic BBQ and craft beer with classic BBQ dishes. Moreover, you will find a selection of craft beer flights and plenty of wine to choose from. Explore it all in this article. 

Chicago Culinary Kitchen

Location- 2391 N Hicks Rd, Palatine, IL 

Contact-  +1 847-701-8243



Rated as the No. 1 suburban restaurant in Chicago, The Chicago Culinary Kitchen stands true to its reputation and name. You can expect not just food but a good vibe at this venue. Besides food, the special events and catering encourage guests to stay longer. The place offers excellent food, craft drinks, and more.

What Makes it Special?

For starters, the chef uses only the best ingredients, and all of the meats and sides are freshly cooked. Chicago Culinary Kitchen provides incredible daily specials, including Barbecue, dishes with international influences, sinful desserts, and much more.

Chicago Culinary Kitchen ambience

Unlike other restaurants, the meat isn’t just aboujt the sauce. The meat stays the centerpiece of the meal in true Texas fashion. The seasonings are specially chosen to bring out the natural characteristics of meat. Simple spices and cherry wood create the culinary masterpiece that is the hallmark of the Barbecue at this venue.

In addition to their famous BBQ, Beer, & Bourbon Courses, Churrasco Dinners, & more, you can also expect unique events. The award-winning catering program can accommodate any size group or event.

Food Specialty at Chicago Culinary Kitchen

All the meats you eat at Culinary Kitchen Chicago are procured from the best suppliers and brought to us fresh every day of the workweek. In order to provide you with the freshest and tastiest BBQ possible, the meats are smoked daily. The menu is kept easy and simple. Their St. Louis spare ribs, the golden-brown Miller Family Amish chickens, the link-by-link Mikeska sausage, and the brisket and pulled pork are all worth a try. 

The chiefs have created incredible specials & sides to go with their smoked meats. Under their briskets, bacon-loved and smoked beans are placed to catch all the juices from that delicious beef. This way, a childhood staple, mac and cheese, gets a spicy makeover. 

Food Specialty at Chicago Culinary Kitchen Chicago

And remember to eat your vegetables, specifically Mexican Street Corn! Do you love fries? Taste the fries with Gochujang ketchup and Black Truffle Sea Salt! Want to keep things simple? Enjoy Betty F’n Rocker’s Huge Golden Cornbread Muffin at your leisure at Chicago Culinary Kitchen. Enjoy one, two, or all of them while sharing them with a friend. Everything has a twist, and you won’t regret ordering any item. 


If you’re looking for a spot to satisfy your taste buds, look no further than Chicago Culinary Kitchen. This is an ideal place for many reasons. Moreover, the restaurant has everything from eclectic cuisine paired with craft beer flights and wine to hearty slow-cooked dishes and tasty desserts. It in indeed one of the best restaurants in Northwest Suburbs Chicago


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