Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago: Restaurant & Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago is a Japanese supermarket chain that is also a popular destination for dining and shopping for Japanese groceries, cosmetics, appliances, and housewares. Furthermore, it is among the best restaurants in Northwest Suburbs Chicago, and there are reasons for that. In this article, let’s look at this fantastic store. 

Explore Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago

Location- 100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL

Contact-  +1 847-956-6699



Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago is a combination of a supermarket and a dining place. Moreover, the Marketplace offers a wide variety of authentic gadgets, designer cosmetics, and fresh, dependable Japanese grocery products every day of the year. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago ambience

Sushi, sashimi, and bento with authentic Japanese rice are available at this spacious food court and are ideal for lunch and dinner. While the liquor store sells Japanese beer, sake, whiskey, and wine, the food court offers authentic Japanese fare, including ramen noodles, donburi, and more. A Japanese bakery, a top-notch Japanese candy store, a cafe with matcha sweets and beverages, a premium chocolate store, and more are also available. A bookstore stocked with anime-related merchandise and kawaii-themed items imported directly from Japan is also present. In addition, Mitsuwa also holds entertaining events on the weekends for your amusement.

Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago: A Japanese Supermarket

The supermarket offers a wide range of Japanese products, including fresh seafood, sushi, snacks, noodles, rice, and produce. The store also has a bakery section that offers Japanese-style bread, pastries, and cakes. Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago is a great place to stock up on hard-to-find Japanese ingredients for cooking and baking at home. 

The Food

You can enjoy some of the best Japanese food at Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago’s food court. Moreover, there are tons of incredible imported sauce selections and a lovely Tsukemono counter. The fridge udon replaces the cup noodles as lazy food. Further, there is an ample selection of Japanese figures, manga, plushes, etc. The giant Marketplace also offers tons of candy and Japanese goods. So, if you are not in the food court, you can still take a few snacks for a quick bite. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago food

Japanese cuisine awaits you at Mitsuwa. Check out this restaurant’s wonderfully preparedsuppli shrimp tempura and miso ramen. You can also try fantastic croissants, crepe cakes, and green tea ice cream. Some guests also like the excellent matcha, iced green tea, and bubble tea at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Another highlight is the bakery towards the end of the grocery. You can get pastries filled with creamy chocolate. In addition, you can try their tuna sandwiches they offer. Also, the unique fruit sandwiches are worth trying at the bakery. Moreover, the food offerings at Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago are one of the highlights of this Japanese supermarket chain. The food court features several vendors, each offering its unique Japanese dishes.


If you are a Japanese products and groceries fan, then the Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago must be part of your bucket list. With its extensive range of Japanese groceries, cosmetics, appliances & housewares, Mitsuwa is undoubtedly one of the best places to shop for all your Japanese needs. 


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