7 Amazing Dog Hotels in Chicago

If you have a pet, then you might wonder where to take them for daycare? Or you have to go for a vacation or to someone’s house for a day, where to keep your dog? Well, there is no room for any anxiety because the dog hotels in Chicago are the best place for daycare, boarding, grooming, and even dog training.

So, when you have to visit a place where you can’t take your dog along, these hotels/daycares are the best places to keep your dogs. Moreover, you don’t need to take tension as the staff is very friendly and cooperative, plus the environment is completely safe for your pet.

Top-Notch Dog Hotels In Chicago

To give your dog to a stranger in a different place other than the home can give you second thoughts about it. Well, these mentioned dog hotels/daycare in Chicago will build your trust.


4 Paws Playhouse


4 Paws Playhouse is the best and well-known dog hotel in Chicago. Owned by David King, it provides specialized care for your pets. Moreover, the well-trained staff of 4 Paws Playhouse is trained in cage-free boarding and special care services for dogs. They tend to help dogs to build confidence and increase their social behavior. The staff of 4 Paws Playhouse aims to cultivate a stress-free environment for dogs so that they can feel safe and comfortable. 

Speaking of their interiors, 4 Paws Playhouse has rubber flooring for the comfort of your dogs, 2 playrooms with 4000 square feet of space. The outside area has 2 playgrounds for playing and walking. They also have pools and sprinklers, which are available only in the summer season. 

Address: 15711 S. Cicero Ave. in Oak Forest, IL 

Contact: 708-535-6340

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All-Star Pet Care

All-Star Pet Care is considered to be one of the best dog hotel in Chicago. For more than seven years, All-Star Pet Care has been providing full-service dog daycare from all around the Chicago area. They provide daycare, boarding, walking, transport, and even grooming services. On top of it, All-Star Pet Care also offers pet photography which is too distinctive. In addition, they have live web cameras in indoor and outdoor spaces for ensuring maximum safety, that you can access from their website.

Apart from all the services, All-Star Pet Care keeps a wide variety of dog foods and treats. You might want to buy some of them because your dog would have a habit of their delicious treats. 

Address: 3267 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: (773) 661-2649

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Citizen Canine Dog Hotel In Chicago


Citizen Canine has been in the business for over 21 years now and successfully assists pet owners with positive results. This dog care/hotel in Chicago provides one of the most trusted facilities. They provide all the basic facilities from daycare services to grooming services. With a team of friendly staff, be assured your dog would love this place. 

Besides providing all kinds of services, Citizen Canine has a wide variety of dog products like, toys, apparel, leashes, grooming kits, pet bowls for food and water, treats, snacks, and much more. Citizen Canine has set its benchmark in the realm of the best dog hotels in Chicago. They are regularly featured in various publications, like Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social, and Daily Herald.

Address: 2205 N. Southport Ave, Chicago IL 60614 

Contact: 773.935.3853

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Doggie Depot

To own a dog is not as easy as it sounds. There are tons of things to do to make your dog comfortable at best. Unfortunately, our busy urban life doesn’t allow us to provide many congenial things for our dogs; thus, that is where Doggie Depot comes into the picture. They are a dog care company that offers vast play space. With a trained and friendly staff, the team can manage all kinds of breeds regardless of the size. The indoor play areas are air-conditioned with rubber flooring for dogs to avoid sliding. 

Plus, it keeps the paws and muscles intact. Furthermore, the outdoor space is wide enough for several dogs to play and have fun on a sunny day. Doggie Depot ensures that your dog has the best time here. From playing to napping, Doggie Depot makes the visit comfortable. Besides, they are licensed facilities by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  


Contact: (630) 969-7529

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Fit Dog Hotel In Chicago


This is one of the exclusive dog care centers that have been taking care of dogs for 15 years now. With specialized training, Fit Dog Chicago has successfully achieved the pet owners’ trust. They offer various activities that help your dog socialize more like exercise, basic command training, socialization, and leadership pack.

Moreover, besides these activities, Fit Dog Chicago offers shower services that include shampooing, essential brushing, and drying for furry guests. If your doggie isn’t a fan of the shower, the Fit Dog Chicago team will definitely make him a bath lover. For assistance, you can drop an email or directly call them for basic guidance. 

Location 1: West Town, 506-508 N. Hermitage Ave, Chicago IL 60622

Location 2: West Loop, 1470 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago 

Contact: 773.899.5812

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Happy Pet Place

Happy Pet Place is regarded as the best dog daycare/hotel in Chicago. Due to its friendly environment, pet owners have a lot of trust in the facility. Plus, the facility is a family-run center that has been in business for the last 20 years now. They are specialized in all kinds of dog services, from daycare to professional training for dogs. With a positive approach, Happy Pet Place handles all sorts of dogs with love and care.

Also to take a note, the staff members stay at the facility at night for dogs to sleep around humans. Speaking of their stay, Happy Pet Place offers a private doggy bedroom or big crates with soft beds, anything your dog prefers. Moreover, the facility is fully equipped with essential needs for outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Address: 3789 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632 

Contact: (847) 278-1972

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Happy Trails & Tails


Happy Trails & Tails is a full-service dog daycare center that is licensed. This is another facility that is family-owned and has almost two decades of experience. They are the best in the area, known for providing various activities for your Pet. Besides the regular services, Happy Trails & Tails provide infant puppy play. And they care for infants like their own as some puppies are scared of being around strangers and big dogs.

Moreover, infant puppies, have a dedicated space, both indoors and outdoors. The facility also provides cat care for which they have a particular area. Also, the facility provides care for other exotic animals like birds, frogs, snakes, turtles, lizards, and even hamsters.  

Address: 1240 W. Carroll St. Chicago, IL 60607 

Contact: (312) 388-9077

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Playful Pets Inc.

As their tagline suggests, it is ‘your dog’s home, away from home.  Playful Pets Inc. actually proves it with its high-quality services. Playful Pets Inc. is a daycare facility with vast indoor and outdoor play areas. The facility is fully furnished with all the necessities for dogs. Also, they provide activities to socialize with other dogs as well. Playful Pets ensures that your dog has all the comfort which he gets at home.

Moreover, your dog will be safe and in the fun-loving environment here at a reasonable price with flexible hours. Besides, before taking any decision of boarding or daycare, the facility first provides free trial sessions to see whether your dog is comfortable or not.  And to observe the behavior of your dog. So you can take your dog here without any worries. 

Address: 3609 N. Ravenswood, Chicago

Contact: 7732448311

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In Nutshell

Now you can freely go anywhere out without leaving your dog alone at home. These best dog hotels in Chicago will positively take care of your dog just like you do. So head out and call them for more information.

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