Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago For Mexican Delicacies

Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago is for you to try if you like Mexican food. Are you ready for a culinary adventure that will transport you and your culinary desires to the vibrant and colorful state of Mexico and the breezy shores of coastal cuisine? Well, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience, combining traditional Mexican flavors with fresh seafood from the ocean. From mezcal cocktails to grilled octopus to mole sauce, Kie-Gol-Lanee’s menu impresses even the most seasoned foodies. Come along as we explore some of the best dishes at this one-of-a-kind eatery.

Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago For Mexican Food

Location- 5004 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Contact- +1 872-241-9088



Chicago’s Kie-Gol-Lanee, a recipient of the Bib Gourmand Award from the Michelin Guide in 2020 and 2021, offers traditional Oaxacan food. This restaurant offers some of the finest tamales in Chicago, including traditional Oaxacan-style tamales filled with either chicken or pig and red or green mole. It also provides authentic tastes from the Pacific coast and the Oaxacan highlands. For a vegetarian alternative, try the tamales with cilantro, hot tomato sauce, and mushrooms. The Oaxacan-style tamales in Chicago complete the menu’s section devoted to street cuisine.

Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago: A Look Inside

kie-gol-lanee Chicago ambience

The team behind Kie-Gol-Lanee chose to relocate to Chicago in 2004 after spending several years preparing traditional Oaxacan cuisine in their hometown of Santa Maria Quiegolani (Kie-Gol-Lanee), Oaxaca. When they began preparing modern Italian cuisine at Anteprima in the Andersonville area, their knowledge of food was expanded. They gained knowledge of the kitchen’s inner workings and the everyday serving of more than 100 guests. In July 2016, they decided to launch an eatery serving foods and flavors from their home state of Oaxaca. They have been recognized as MICHELIN Guide Bib Gourmand Winners since 2020 for their superior cuisine and accommodating service.   

Tlayudas, ceviches, birria, and tamales oaxaqueos, to name a few, are just a few of the authentic flavors you can find at Kie-Gol-Lanee that come from the pacific shore and the highlands of Oaxaca. Horchata, tamarindo, and a special squash cooler called chilacayota are all refreshing drinks. Do not miss them!

Menu Rundown

Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago offers a varied menu of Mexican-inspired dishes. The appetizer section features the Quesadilla con Masa Azul, a savory blue corn tortilla filled with cheese and your choice of meat.

The entree selection includes Enchiladas de Pollo, a classic Mexican dish with tender chicken wrapped in a tortilla and topped with a flavorful sauce. For seafood lovers, the Camarones a la Diabla is a spicy shrimp dish that will pack a punch. The Arrachera a la Parilla is a juicy grilled steak dish, while the Codorniz a la Parrilla offers a unique and flavorful grilled quail option.

Food Specialties

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The restaurant’s taco section offers a variety of options, including vegetarian tacos, Al Pastor tacos with marinated pork, Arrachera tacos with grilled steak, and Birria tacos with spicy stewed beef. Customers can also order individual tacos in their preferred meat or vegetarian option.

For breakfast, Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago offers a range of traditional Mexican dishes, such as Dos Tamales Divorciados and Huevos con Nopales. The restaurant also features unique options like the Arrachera con Huevo, and the Huevos Albañil. Sweet breakfast options include the Fresa & Arandanos Pancakes, topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Finally, customers can enjoy a selection of tamales, a traditional Mexican dish made with corn dough filled with various meats or vegetables. Options include the spicy De Rajas Tamal, the earthy Hongos Oaxaqueño, and the Pollo con Mole Rojo Oaxaqueño, a tamale filled with chicken in a rich red mole sauce.

Overall, Kie-Gol-Lanee in Chicago offers a diverse and flavorful menu of Mexican-inspired dishes, with options for every taste and preference.


Kie-Gol-Lanee Chicago offers a delightful dining experience with its diverse menu of Korean and Mexican-inspired dishes. The restaurant’s emphasis on quality ingredients and flavors are evident in every dish, from the classic Korean soups to the spicy Mexican tacos.


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