Best Tamales In Chicago – Top 5 Joints!

The best tamales in Chicago can be found with the most authentic of flavors in the city. Chicago’s food culture is thrilling and constantly evolving and can also seem rather daunting and insurmountable. If you live in the Chicago region, you are in luck since there are many excellent tamales to select from if you don’t want to cook your own. Tamales are quite significant to Mexican culture, especially in the week or two before Christmas.

In Chicago, there are many options for comfort food. We have compiled a list of the top restaurants where you can get the best tamales, whether you prefer them loaded with chicken, beef, frijoles, cheese, or a combination of all of these.

Best Tamales In Chicago

There are many popular restaurants in Chicago, but the most popular ones that make the best tamales are listed below. These companies are known for their delicious dishes, which are made with fresh masa and filled with a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses.


Manolo’s Tamales 

Manolo's Tamales 

There are several excellent places to find the best tamales in Chicago, but Manolo is unquestionably the greatest. A tamale should always be consistent, and it is good to ensure that they are all sold fresh. Fortunately, you can depend on Manolo to always deliver on that promise. 

Manolo is one of Chicago’s best tamales-offering places. They sell some of the city’s most delectable and genuine tamales, and their prices are relatively affordable. The restaurant is unquestionably one of the best places to find delicious street tamales. The masa used for making tamales is of Oaxacan style and is so delicate! There are several different micro and craft beers available in the Delta. The creamy, mildly spicy texture of aji de gallina is soothing.

Address: 500 W Roosevelt Rd (at Maxwell Street Market) Chicago, IL 60607

Phone Number: (773) 884-8000


Operating Hours:  Open 24 hours


La Casa Del Pueblo Taqueria – Among Best Tamales in Chicago

La Casa Del Pueblo Taqueria

Since 1962, this family-run Mexican restaurant has been serving traditional home-style fare and some of the best tamales in Chicago. The menu offers a wide selection of northern Mexican delicacies, especially its tamales, which have won awards. You can choose between refried beans, chicken in a mild green sauce, cheese with poblano pepper slices, or pork in a mild red sauce. Other filling options include chicken in a mild green sauce.

The pleasant, jovial staff is eager to serve deliciously prepared meals to customers and is quite welcoming. Particularly the pork tamales are rolled with passion and are bursting with flavor. Large amounts and even greater flavors are a consistent theme throughout the menu at one of the best tamales in Chicago.

Address: 1834 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: (312) 421-4664


Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Los Mejores de Guerrero

Los Mejores de Guerrero best tamales in chicago

Excellent tamales covered in corn are served at Tamales Lo Mejor de Guerrero. A wide variety of handcrafted tamales in Chicago with your favorite delicious fillings, including beans with cheese, jalapenos with cheese, chicken, and pork in green or red sauce, are available at this Mexican restaurant in Rogers Park. Order pineapple or strawberry tamales if you want something sweet.

There are several classic dishes on the menu, including some delectable pork, and dessert-based tamales. When you stab into the masa, your fork hardly encounters any resistance since it is so soft.

Address: 7024 N Clark St 

Phone Number: (773) 338-6450


Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Yvolina’s Tamales – Out of the Best Tamales in Chicago

Yvolina’s Tamales

The vegan-focused Chicago’s best tamales from Yvolina’s are made from scratch and are sure to satisfy. The Pilsen restaurant makes its masa mixture with olive oil rather than lard, making the masa exterior entirely vegan. The selection on the menu includes fillings like quinoa, lentils, kale, or mushrooms if you’re searching for the best vegan tamales in Chicago. The restaurant also serves tamales made in the style of Oaxaca and standard meat fillings.

Yvolina’s steams each tamal in a tidy cocoon of banana leaves instead of the corn husk that many Chicago tamale restaurants prefer to use, which results in a slightly moister masa shell. the filling includes traditional (chicken with salsa verde or Rojo) to unconventional (tofu with green tomatillo, quinoa with lentils), which are also inventive. However, both ends of the filling spectrum are equally wonderful, especially when soaked in the store’s mole sauce.

Address:  814 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: (312) 731-3167

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

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Kie-Gol-Lanee best tamales in chicago

A winner of the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand Award in 2020 and 2021, Kie-Gol-Lanee serves traditional Oaxacan cuisine. This restaurant, for some of the best tamales in Chicago, serves authentic tastes from the Pacific coast and the Oaxacan highlands, such as tamales made in the Oaxacan way that is filled with red or green mole and either chicken or pig. Try the tamales with cilantro, spicy tomato sauce, and mushrooms for a vegetarian option.

Tamales in Chicago are made in the tradition of Oaxaca, rounding out the menu’s a more street food-focused segment. One of the seven traditional moles associated with Oaxaca, the flat, rectangular banana-leaf containers contain steaming, silky-smooth cornmeal that bursts with its filling—chunks of a pig with sour green mole or shredded chicken in the fiery, chocolatey, head-spinningly complex mole Rojo.

Address: 5004 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60640

Phone Number: (872) 241-9088


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If you’re seeking the best tamales in the city, your best chance is to go to a top restaurant that serves the best tamales in Chicago. Significantly, they are served at a variety of locations throughout the city. Furthermore, there are many options available when looking for authentic tamales, and there is nothing that compares to the flavors offered by these restaurants. 


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