11 Best Coffee Shops in Chicago for an Amazing Coffee

Good coffee means the beginning of a good morning. Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning is a ritual for many people around the world, however, it’s more than just a drink. A cup of coffee can do anything; right from changing your mood to making memories. Coffee shops are the first thing in mind when it comes to catching up with an old friend, spending quality time with close ones and having an important business meeting. But where to find the best coffee shops in Chicago that could be a rejuvenator?

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

Coffee has become an indispensable part of almost everyone’s life and is indeed now an affordable luxury. So that is why we are here with some of the most amazing coffee shops in Chicago that you don’t want to miss.


Metric Coffee Co.


Metric Coffee Co. was founded in 2016 by Xavier and was the first coffee shop in West Town. The Metric serves roasted coffee in-house, now known as the best coffee shop in Chicago. This Cafe is considered one of the most incredibly astounding places for hangouts. With its serene ambience and cosy aura, it is a perfect place for sipping a cup of coffee with friends.

Apart from serving the best aromatic coffees, this place is equally known for fresh juices and yummy sandwiches. Metric also has a name for providing free weekly sessions for customers on Fridays, like the ‘Intro of Espresso‘. The whole idea behind these sessions is to make the customers aware of what exactly they are drinking.

Address: W Fulton St suite k-101b, Chicago, IL 60612 

Contact: 3129822196

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The Wormhole – Best Coffee Shop In Chicago

The Wormhole is the best Retro Coffee Shop in Chicago. The back-to-basic ambience takes one back to the old times. The owner Dan Weiss has kept the Pop Culture of the 80s as the theme decor. The walls of the cafe have retro movie posters all over to give you a nostalgic feel. 

With a reminiscence feeling, you will surely want a cup of coffee with some baked goodies. Here you can spend your quality time in the warmest and homey manner. 

As an addition, the staff at the Wormhole encourages everyone to take part in amusing recreational games and have much fun and frolic. This is also a reason why Wormhole is one of the Best Coffee Shops in Chicago. Also, the owner, Dan Weiss, has extended the fun by launching The Wormhole 2 with a 90s theme just beside Margie’s candies shop.

Address: 1462 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, 60622

Contact: 773.661.2468

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Colectivo Coffee


Colectivo Coffee, formerly Alterra Coffee, is popular for its distinctiveness of taste and aroma. However, some of the localities still call it by its former name. Colectivo is an ideal cafe that provides the best coffee for you to start your day and is also an astounding place for chilling out. The cafe has outdoor seating with aesthetically colourful loungers, high-end windows, and magnificent murals by Kevin Callahan that create a bohemian ether. Thus the decor makes it a perfect attraction for people to relish and rejuvenate with coffee on their caffeine starved lips.

For dawn, you can order a mug of Hot Cappuccino and can sip on Iced Coffee with an assorted range of sandwiches at rock bottom prices at dusk. Colectivo Coffee is located in four different areas; visit whichever is nearby you.

Location 1: 2530 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614 

Location 2: 2261 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Location 3: 1211 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 

Location 4: 5425 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640 

Contact: (773) 687-8078

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Brew Brew Coffee and Tea

Brew Brew Coffee Shop is regarded as one of the best coffee shops in Chicago. Since the cafe-culture is so widespread in Chicago, Brew Brew Coffee and Tea wide open the doors for aromatic coffee and tea for caffeine lovers. This place is perfect for those who relish sipping ecstatic beverages in a subtle and soothing environment. It has a precise and elusive ambience with wooden decor and furniture. The plants around the corner make the environment more serene. 

This Mexican Coffee Shop provides high-quality tea and roasted coffee and serves delicious cuisines that include various torta. If you are looking for a refreshing coffee, try a Lavender Honey Latte with milk of your preference. 

Location1: 3832 West Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 

Location2: 1641 West 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608

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Just in case you love tea more than coffee, check out the best high tea in Chicago.


Dark Matter Coffee- Mothership


Dark Matter Coffee Mothership is a place where art meets coffee. It is one of the leading coffee importers and roasters. They create a perfect blend of coffee and are specialized in to-go orders. Their coffee is strong and worth every dime that you pay. 

Dark Matter has exceedingly aesthetic vibes and decor with neon lights that illuminate the cafe and heighten its nocturnal value. Apart from the decor, they serve unique mugs. In addition to that, the store chiefly emphasizes aesthetic art and music, which is pretty amazing when it comes to having a cup of coffee. They are enormously famous for their hot chocolate mocha with a twist. Here is the address:

Location1: 1117 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 

Location 2: 738 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60612 

Location 3: 2521 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 

Contact: 7736978472

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Four Letter Word (Coffee Shop Chicago)

Four Letter Word Coffee is a petite coffee cafe possessing multi-speciality in coffee making. The cafe has lovely ceremonial decor in shades of brown and blue colours. With British-style interiors, the cafe offers to pour over Turkish Espresso-Style Cold Coffee and Tea. For the seasoned tea and coffee lovers, they have an elongated menu covering an extensive range of tea and coffee.

Apart from serving their brand leader beverages, Four Letter Word offers you the most delicious sweets as well where you can pair your cup of joy with a choice of your pastry at an exquisitely decorated place. The cafe is also suitable if you would like to work in a peaceful environment with a cup of coffee. 

Address: 3022 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, 60647

Contact : (773) 360-8932

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Caffe Streets – Best Coffee Shop In Chicago


There is nothing better than having a good cup of coffee. However, for a delightful experience, you need to choose good quality coffee coming from an excellent coffee grinder. The Caffe Streets have a lot to offer you with its European style ambience and exceptional coffee aroma. Fully equipped with the staff capable of suggesting the right kind of coffee beans and brewing styles like Pour-Over, Chemex, or Siphon, Caffe Streets carve a niche for themselves. Apart from providing a range of coffee, Caffe Streets serves homemade Pastries, Scones both sweet and savoury, and Croissants with Ricotta and Spinach for vegetarians, and Ham with Mustard for non-vegetarians. 

Address: 1750 W Division St, Chicago, 60622

Contact: 7732782739

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Back of the Yard Coffee and Roastery

When in doubt from where to begin, grab a cup of coffee at Back of the Yard Coffee and Roastery. They are peculiar coffee roasters that tend to give you immense joy just after one sip. Also, a sizable amount of their profit is donated to social programs and campaigns for humanitarian causes. Keeping in mind nature and environmental protection, the Cafe’s staff reprocess 95% of the shop waste to compost.

It is one of the best coffee shops in Chicago. In terms of the menu, choose an item like Ojo Rojo; it’s a coffee shot of Espresso. You can also sip Horchata Cold Brew and Toro Loco, a cold brew with CO2 bubbles and syrup with lime. Toro Loco gives a unique flavor, and it became a favorite of customers instantly. 

Address: 2059 W 47th St, Chicago, 60609

Contact : (773) 475-6381

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Metropolis Coffee Company


Do you want to work somewhere that gives you immense peace of mind and comfort to concentrate on your work other than your office or want to have tons of incomplete assignments at home? If yes, then Metropolis Coffee Company Cafe is for you. So plug in your laptop, sit back, and order a cup of joy at this amazing coffee shop in Chicago. 

The cafe was found by a father and son duo, Jeff and Tony, in December 2003. Working hard for years, they have finally made their name in the market as the best coffee providers in Chicago and the wholesalers in a similar field. 

As of now, they have not opened for indoor seating, but you can anytime order from their Joe Coffee App, or you can visit their walk-up window. While checking out their cafe menu, you may order Premium-Grade Tea and be fully assured of its awesome aroma and flavour. Or you may have a Coffee of your choice because everything is the best here. Also, twin your coffee with Do-Rite Donuts. 

Address: 1039 W. GRANVILLE AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60660

Contact 773.764.0400

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Bridgeport Coffee House

This fantastic South Side Coffee Shop in Chicago features some of the best range of coffee using beans procured across the world. Moreover, they have already set a level of roasting the beans and brewing them in various ways. The pour-over is one of the best they have. The creamy, smooth texture of coffee is what they are famous for. 

Bridgeport coffee house is delightfully embellished with warm brown tones with heavy wooden furniture. The whole ambience gives a dark academia vibe which seems very soothing once you step in. The aroma of the coffee and the putative aura of the shop takes you to a whole other world that you might don’t wish to leave. 

Address: 3101 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Contact: (773) 247-9950

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Heritage Bicycle Company


This Lake View Shop is a Bike Store as well as a renowned Coffee Shop. Heritage Bicycle makes you take some tough decisions because of their fantastic coffee as you might have to decide between regular or decaf and multiple other options. 

When you visit, they have Stumptown Java and Pastries by Southport Grocery. In addition to the treats, you can check out some Locally Handmade Bikes.

Moreover, the shop also features a modest collection of gear, winter season accessories, and some clothing for both men and women. You might want to spend the day here, sipping a cup of coffee and shopping as well. This is one of the unique and best coffee shops in Chicago.

Address: 2959 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60657

Contact: 7732453005

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Sipping a good cup of coffee in a perfect ambience that suits one’s preferences is everyone’s desire. And with the best coffee shops in Chicago, you can fulfil this desire at your ease and comfort with the most affordable prices. So a hot cup of coffee is there at your service!

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