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Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago is a comic book store in the city known for various comic pieces. Moreover, the store’s interior is decorated with colorful comic book art, and it stocks a wide variety of comic books, graphic novels, collectibles, and other pop culture merchandise. So, explore more about this shop in this article.

Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago

Let us explore more about this fantastic comic shop and what led to its current popularity. 

Location- 77 E Madison St, Chicago, IL 

Contact- +1 312-629-1810



Graham Crackers is one of the US’s largest comic book store chains. Moreover, the store in Illinois represents its legacy with a world of comic books we all strive for. There are daily editions, pre-orders, and vintage comics also available. 

A Look Inside

Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago store

Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago offers many comic books and graphic novels for readers of all ages and interests. Furthermore, the store’s inventory includes titles from major comic book publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and Boom! Studios, as well as independent publishers and self-published creators.

Additionally, customers can find a wide range of genres and themes, including superhero comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime, romance, humor, and more. Popular titles like Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, The Walking Dead, Saga, Sandman, Watchmen, and many others are available in various formats, including single issues, collected editions, omnibuses, and hardcovers.

The Collection at Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago

Graham Crackers Comics showcases one of the most extensive choices of comic books available, with 9 physical storefronts to support their online stock. With over 10,000 unique things available for online purchase, they also have access to 100,000s of additional items through their physical shops. 

You may feel lost in a dream world when you visit the store. There are different sections to keep you occupied. Moreover, you will also find back issues, earlier printings, more recent comic book racks, trade paperback volumes, and complete storylines.

In addition to mainstream titles, Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago also features an extensive selection of independent and alternative comics. 

Not just that, the store also has a dedicated section for all-ages comics, including titles suitable for young readers. These titles feature beloved characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, and more.

Store Highlights

There is plenty to explore at Graham’s Crackers Comics Loop Chicago. Here are a few things you ought not to miss:

Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago anime

  • DC and Marvel action figure section
  • The posters section
  • The new titles are up for a subscription on the online store.
  • Upcoming events, such as Chicago Comic Convention Expo
  • The Spotlight comics such as Catwoman, Supergirl being Super, Nightwing, Detective Comics, Red Tornado, etc. 
  • New Releases of Every Week
  • Special comics sections such as golden age comics, Phantom variants, exclusive comics, graded comics, hero initiative, online specials, free comic book day, and 99 comics
  • Graphic novels if you love going for an extensive reading session.

Interestingly, there is also a blog section on the official website of Graham Crackers Comics Loop in Chicago. Here, you can view various reviews of the old and the latest comics. Even if you are not into comics, the blogs and the information will help you set a tone for future reading. 

When buying a book at the brick-and-mortar store, remember to check the website for additional offers. You can also get a subscription and save more if you are a regular reader. 


Graham Crackers Comics Loop Chicago can become an integral part of your go-to list whether you’re a fan of superheroes or just looking for something new to read. Since comics are pretty popular in the city because of so many anime stores in Chicago, Graham’s is among these top stores. So, grab your favorite comic and make a day out of it. 


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