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When it comes to eateries, Chicago has a lot in store since the city is famous for its amazing food. But if you are looking for a place in Chicago where you can enjoy one of the most delicious foods with an amazing dining experience, then Grand Lux Cafe Chicago is the place for you. This profound cafe has been serving the most delicious food to the people of Chicago for many years now and is among the best cafes in Chicago. 

Here we are going to discuss some of the best things about the Grand Lux Cafe and why you should visit it when you are in Chicago. 

Grand Lux Cafe Chicago

Grand Lux Cafe is a chain of cafes, started by the founders of the Cheesecake Factory. The very first Grand Lux Cafe Chicago was established at the famous Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino in Las Vegas. The idea for the design and ambiance of the cafe is inspired by the European tours of grand cafes and pastry shops in Vienna. Even the food is also inspired by famous Italian cuisines like trattorias and french bistros. 

However, despite having the glory and luxury of European cafes, the sensibilities and spirit of being an all-American restaurant are not so subtle in Grand Lux Cafe. Whether it is the amazing cuisine or decor, everything in this cafe upgrades your experience of fine dining.     

Now that you have an idea about the history of Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago, let’s have a look at some essentials of the cafe:

Essentials of Grand Lux Cafe Chicago

The Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago is known for its world-class food for a delectable experience but there are some essentials of the cafe that you should know about, if you find yourself in the city:

All Food in One Place 

Grand Lux Cafe Chicago food

Two things that make any cafe or restaurant memorable are food and dining experiences. Well, both these qualities are abundant in the Grand Lux Cafe Chicago. Here you will get the chance to taste internationally inspired cuisines presented in an elegant but calming way. 

Here are some mouth-watering dishes from the menu:

  • Spicy Tuna
  • Ahi Tuna Poke
  • Korean Ribs
  • General Tso’s Cauliflower
  • Rustic Pizza – Cacio e Pepe Rustic Pizza and Spicy Sopressata Rustic Pizza
  • Citrus Crunch Salad
  • Ahi Tuna Salad
  • Island Burger
  • Sweet-Hot Chili Shrimp (A Southeast Asian Specialty)

Fusion of European-Inspired American Food at Grand Lux Cafe Chicago

Grand Lux Cafe Chicago Fusion Food

The menu of Chicago’s Grand Lux Cafe offers some of the best global dishes. All these dishes are lavishly presented and provide spectacular flavors as they are made using world-class cooking techniques. But don’t think that if the cafe is Italian-inspired you won’t find anything American here. One of the most amazing American dishes that this cafe serves is Fuji Apple Chicken Salad Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Bites, Island Burger and so much more.

Other exotic notable cuisines of Grand Lux Cafe, that perfectly represents their talents of fusing dishes, are Indochine Shrimp and Chicken and Crispy Caramel Chicken. Both these dishes represent a perfect fusion of Chinese and Indian flavors. 

They also serve great fresh seafood, slow-roasted Ribs, Braised Pot Roast, Crisp Salads, and comforting soups. But despite all these marvelously delicious dishes, you cannot miss out on the desert of Grand Lux Cafe Chicago. The cafe has an in-house bakery where you will find some of the most amazing desserts such as freshly made Molten Chocolate Cake and warm Homemade Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies. 

The Amazing Decor 

The Amazing Decor 

Amazing food is one thing, but fascinating decor and ambiance are also essential to make a fine dining experience memorable. But don’t worry, Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago has not left any stone unturned. Not only the taste of their cuisines but also their representation and the decor of the cafe are fascinating. The cafe has a lavish interior design. 

However, one thing that is too fascinating about this cafe is that the makers have given equal importance to every small detail of the decoration. The sumptuous fabrics and their textures, the polished table tops and marble floors, hand-blown glass fixtures, intricate mosaics, etc., all give visitors a royal dreamy experience. The Grand Lux Cafe Chicago, exclusively has new designs, decorations, warm wood paneling, inlaid leather seating, roaring fireplaces, and colorful drum lamp shades. It also has an open kitchen which makes the dining experience feel cleaner and more modern.  

The Magnificent Beverages at Grand Lux Cafe Chicago

Cocktails at Grand Lux Chicago

If you found the food menu to be an amazing one, wait till you read all about the magnificent beverages served at Chicago’s Grand Lux Cafe Chicago. Here are our top picks:

  • The Signature Freshly Brewed Coffee with a blend of Robust Central American Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Coconut Limeade
  • Pineapple Mint Smash
  • Grand Lux Lemonade™
  • Tahitian Pineapple
  • Blood Orange Colada
  • Calypso Mojito
  • Blood Orange Martini
  • Lux Old Fashioned
  • The Grand Lux Margarita
  • Grand Lemon Drop
  • Strawberry Martini
  • Mango Mule

What is the Best Time to Visit Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago?

Well, there is no bad time to have a delicious meal at the Grand Lux Cafe Chicago. But if you want to make your meal memorable for life, then a Sunday brunch sounds like a good idea. Here are some meaningful suggestions for you to enjoy on brunch at the cafe with your friends or family: 

  • Location Specific – The Granx Lux is situated in Michigan Avenue and is home to the most amazing panoramic views of Chicago city. The blend of beautiful interiors with the landscape outside sounds like a great catch.
  • Great Blends – The cafe offers some of the most amazing blends of cocktails, juices and coffee to go with your brunch. So, grab those Mimosas or enjoy the delectable Strawberry Bellini on a perfect sunny afternoon at the Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago.
  • Breakfast-Friendly – If you find yourself at the cafe, and are in the mood for some great breakfast, check out the Eggs Benedict. It comes with ham and hollandaise and makes the best breakfast option. you can also try their french toast and omelettes. They do serve a variety of omelettes at the cafe like the Crab and Asparagus Omelette that comes with Lump Crab, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Asparagus, and Fontina Cheese, topped with Hollandaise Sauce. 
  • All-Inclusive Menu – There is everything on the menu for adults and kids, like their classic Churro French Toast with crispy, thick pieces of french toast. It is served with chocolate, cinnamon sugar and Dulce de Leche caramel sauce, making it a perfect choice for a Sunday brunch with the family. 

Address: 600 N Michigan Avenue At, E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States



Phone:+1 312-276-2500


Now that you know all the pros of dining at the Grand Lux Cafe Chicago, we hope you also enjoyed reading about them. The cafe is unique in many ways, especially in food and drinks, which makes it a must-visit place for foodies. But if you are a person who is looking for a memorable fine dining experience, along with a fascinating ambience and amazing views, you can definitely visit this cafe for a fun brunch with your loved ones. 

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