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New to Chicago’s nightlife and entertainment scene is Gold Room Chicago. They pride themselves on providing the best adult entertainment in the Midwest, and this is a place where you’ll find the hottest attractions in the region. The Gold Room Chicago is a stunning strip club with a cutting-edge design and intriguing atmosphere. This is unlike any other strip club you’ve been to before. To ensure that you enjoy the best adult entertainment and nightlife experience in the 21st century, they have spared no expense.

You’ll find Chicago’s Gold Room near O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Rosemont, Oak Brook, and Schaumburg. If you live in the Chicago area and are planning a bachelor party, a celebration, or want a fun night out, this club is the place to be.

Gold Room Chicago

Address: 3815 W Lake St, Stone Park, IL 60165, United States

Phone: +1 708-375-1111


Make the Most of Your Time at Gold Room Chicago

Gold Room Chicago helps you to have the most pleasing night out possible. So, we have created a detailed guide of everything you can explore at this strip club joint. 

Packages & Events Must Be Reserved in Advance

After getting ready for a night out with your friends, the last thing you want to hear is that all the VIP booths are taken. The Gold Room in Chicago is a popular nightlife destination, so this is typically the case, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you want a VIP booth or package, reserve it at least a week in advance to guarantee availability. While the friendly staff at Gold Room Chicago will always try to accommodate last-minute arrangements, the more you can prepare in advance, the more likely you are to have the night of your dreams.

Withdraw Money Before Hand

In keeping with the notion of “preparation,” Gold Room Chicago stresses the need to withdraw funds before your visit. Though there is an ATM onsite, we still advise you to withdraw money to prevent long queues, extra fees, and the possibility that the machine won’t be operational (or that our bartenders don’t have the correct currency to break your bills). 

Avoid traveling with cash in any of the worst neighborhood in Chicago.

Also, this makes setting aside a certain amount for the evening’s expenditures easier.

Tip Dancers on Stage at Gold Room Chicago

It is essential that you tip the dancers for their performances on stage, as this is a strip club. The majority of a dancer’s income comes from guests’ cash tips and lap dances. Tip the dancer if you like their performance. 

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Avoid Using Your Phone

On Stage

It’s recommended that you switch off your phone before entering a strip joint and that you don’t use it at all while you’re inside. If you must use it inside, put the phone down (camera facing down) on a flat surface (a table or your lap) and use it there. This will ensure that there is no confusion or worry about whether or not you are recording or taking photographs.

If someone catches you while taking pictures or recording a video at Gold Room Chicago, they will immediately ask you to leave the club. This happens to ensure the dancer’s safety.


How long have you been “saving yourself” for the ideal strip club to come along? In case you’ve been waiting, your moment has come. Gold Room Chicago is widely regarded as a premier place of its kind and a must-visit place for a night out.

Everything at this strip club is first-rate; the music, the decor, the menu, and the beverages. In addition to the amazing lap dances and on-stage shows, they serve delicious cuisine. Also, they have a well-stocked bar and screen all of the major sporting events.

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