5 Famous Haunted Houses in Chicago

The top haunted houses in Chicago will definitely offer a spooky experience. To get into the Halloween spirit, you can experience Chicagoland’s top-rated haunted houses. There is no better time to visit a haunted house than the spooky season. Halloween in Chicago is a chance for some entertainment, including horror movie marathons, costumed parades, and cocktail events, but real thrill-seekers should visit one of the many haunted houses in the region. 

You can now intensify your fear fantasy with a trip to haunted houses in the Chicago region if you want some thrill in life. But if you’re up for it, reserve your spot right now to tour one of these spooky buildings close to Chicago. Be assured that these haunted houses in Chicago are not for the faint of heart.

Top Haunted Houses Chicago

If you want to experience some thrill, visit one of Chicagoland’s top haunted houses in Chicago. You may count on having nightmare-inducing frights the entire time. So, let’s have a look inside: 


Basement of the Dead

Basement of the Dead haunted houses chicago

Basement of the Dead has offered seasonal frights and is consistently rated as one of the best-haunted houses in Chicago by Halloween connoisseurs. Furthermore, this haunted house has a reputation for terrifying people who are scared of the dark by taking advantage of its natural setting in the basement of a spooky 140-year-old building in downtown Aurora.

Additionally, at this haunted house Chicago, you can explore the dark, insane physicians, nurses, and creepy dolls. Despite this, the admission includes entry to Shattered 3D, a circus-themed area featuring captivating artwork and unsettling clowns that are lit by black lights. Moreover, if you want to have an extra spooky experience you can visit on closing day when all the lights are off but the performers are still present. Interestingly, this haunted house in Chicago has been included on numerous “best of” lists. Additionally, the dark spirits and terrifying ghouls await you in Aurora on the Basement of the Dead. 

Address: 42 W. New York St., Aurora 

Phone Number:+1 630-896-2466



13th Floor – Top Haunted Houses Chicago

13th Floor Chicago

Looking for games, excellent food, scares, and drink? Well, your search ends here! The spooky 13th Floor Chicago is ideal for a date or a fun night out with friends. Two of Chicago’s haunted attractions are run by the 13th Floor Haunted House in a 40,000-square-foot building. In this 26,000-square-foot area, there are spooky situations for you to encounter as well as terrifying ghouls around every corner. Take a walk around the Outcast Carnival and All Hallows Eve, but watch out for the vicious clowns hiding in the shadows at this haunted house in Chicago. Even little escape games can be included in your experience.

This enormous, well-known, and slightly more corporate haunted house (which now runs in more than a dozen locations) is back with a brand-new “Deadly Reflections” attraction to be experienced alongside welcome new Covid-era improvements.

Address: 5050 River Rd., Schiller Park, IL 60176

Phone Number:+1 708-571-3326



Dungeon of Doom

Dungeon of Doom haunted houses chicago

Are you looking for some genuinely spooky sights and frights? Dungeon of Doom is the place to go for. This is one of the best-haunted houses Chicago has in store and it features all the hallmarks of a classic horror house: dingy, gloomy sets, flashing lights, and a plethora of bloody, ghoulish figures, better known as the “killing crew” to ensure that you’re terrified stiff. Not only that, Peter Koklamanis owns this large haunted mansion, which is situated in the northern neighborhood of Zion at the end of a lonely lane. Halloween night is “Slasher Night,” a celebration of horror film legends!

For an additional $5, you may end your stay with a “Buried Alive” experience if you really want to kick things up a notch. You enter an elevated room that is hung six feet above the ground.

Address: 600 29th St., Zion

Phone Number:+1 847-262-3666


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Nightmare on Clark Street – Among Best Haunted Houses Chicago

Nightmare on Clark Street

Be ready for an authentic haunted house pop-up experience at Deuce’s major league bar in Wrigleyville. Nightmare on Clark Street offers an immersive experience that whisks you up an escalator above the restaurant and loops you through scary scenes on three floors. You won’t get bored, and the jolting high-pressure bursts of air and shaky platforms will keep you on your toes even if you’re difficult to scare.

Before entering one of the scariest haunted houses in Chicago, do you need something to settle your nerves? You can reserve a table or find a seat on the tented patio to enjoy some Halloween-themed appetizers and drinks while surrounded by decorations like skeletons, witch hats, and tombstones. You’re in luck since Nightmare on Clark Street features a bar where you can have a drink to boost your courage.

Address: 3505 N. Clark St

Phone Number:+1 833-466-3758



The Old Joliet Haunted Prison

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison haunted houses chicago

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison is one of the spookiest locations because it takes place in an actual abandoned prison. New horrors and tortured atrocities can be found in this disturbing jail, which will send shivers down your spine. There are even little escape games to challenge your cunning while you’re scared!

At this haunted house in Chicago, you will find a lot of variety. In an effort to uncover the mysteries of the afterlife, mad scientists have turned the Old Joliet Haunted Prison into a research station. You’ll also have to make your way through the prison yard, machine shop, laundry room, and other areas occupied by aggressive, half-dead convicts out for blood revenge and ancient abominations. You can visit the Commissary bar for some liquid courage if you’re not quite strong enough to stroll inside the old cell blocks.

Address: 401 Woodruff Road, Joliet 

Phone Number:+1 815-581-1598


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Final Words

One of the best parts of the Halloween season is exploring haunted houses Chicago. Have you visited any of these haunts before? There are a lot of spooky and downright horrifying haunted houses in Chicago to keep you on edge. So, don’t be scared and visit one soon! 

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