Flowers For Dreams Chicago: Plan Your Special Occasion

Flowers for Dreams Chicago, a charming flower delivery service nestled in the heart of Chicago, sprouted from the innovative vision of a dedicated senior project. This visionary initiative has profoundly reshaped the floral delivery landscape across the city. What sets them apart is the harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics with locally sourced blossoms, resulting in an unparalleled bouquet experience. 

But their impact doesn’t stop there—each month, a remarkable 25% of their earnings gracefully flow into the coffers of a community organization, fostering a cycle of goodwill and support. It’s an invitation to infuse your surroundings with nature’s beauty while also partaking in a benevolent endeavor that uplifts the community. Flowers for Dreams has reimagined floral delivery and redefined the essence of giving in every petal, every gesture.

Plan Your Event with Flowers For Dreams Chicago

Address: 1812 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Phone: (414) 9 44 0826


When it comes to planning an event and transforming the ambiance with the enchantment of flowers, individuals can count on Flowers for Dreams. They offer a seamless experience where event decoration gets elevated by the artistic touch of their florists. Clients can pick from a trio of meticulously curated themes, each crafted exclusively to enhance events. These themes, envisioned by their exceptional floral designers, add elegance to any gathering.

wedding bouquet by Flowers For Dreams

Whether you’re decking out a multitude of tables and bartops or seeking a singular centerpiece, the choice is yours. With many arrangements at your disposal, event customization knows no bounds. Gone are the days of prolonged waiting and endless phone calls. The process is as smooth as a waltz, with instant price estimates provided on the spot. This means you can swiftly embark on your decision-making journey, wasting no time in bringing your vision to life.

What’s more, the team of seasoned floral designers at Flowers for Dreams thrives on celebrations. Their passion for creating breathtaking floral displays is boundless, ensuring that every event they touch blossoms with the spirit of festivity. 

Send Flowers To Your Loved Ones

bouquets at Flowers For Dreams

When it comes to expressing affection, Flowers for Dreams has got it covered. Gifting a bouquet bursting with sentiments is a breeze with their curated selection. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, you can count on Flowers for Dreams to deliver your emotions flawlessly. Their commitment to community welfare adds an extra layer of heart to each petal. Show your feeling to your loved ones with the best flower delivery in Chicago.

Lemonade at Flowers For Dreams Chicago

Delightfully sweet and wonderfully refreshing, this bouquet captures the essence of summertime sips. Embracing a lakeside inspiration, it showcases Cremone flowers in the Small, while the Medium and Large sizes from local dahlias in warm, inviting tones. 

Saturated with sweet yellows, creamy creams, and sandy oranges, the arrangement is elegantly balanced by gentle pops of light blue delphinium and soft baby blue eucalyptus. For an added burst of zest, our Citrus Bundle is available, creating the perfect ensemble of lemon-scented gifts.

Farm at Chicago’s Flowers For Dreams

From a charming Midwest flower farm to the heart of your dining room, allow us to introduce our exclusively locally sourced bouquet, grown 100% in the region. Each delicate bloom originates directly from cherished local flower cultivators we hold dear in Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin. Embrace the delightful variety these local bundles bring, shifting gracefully from week to week due to their unique growth timelines. 

Sky at Flowers For Dreams

Behold our extensive, ancestral blend of wildflowers. The composition showcases serene sky-blue delphiniums, harmonizing with an array of midnight purple or blue larkspurs. These are artfully entwined with lush green bay leaves and gracefully elongated eucalyptus stems, culminating in a remarkable centerpiece. Choose from the expansive, shorter design for the Large size, or opt for the lofty, elevated style in the Grand size.


Offering solace, conveying condolences, or honoring tradition, these lush white blossoms embody a tender assortment of ivory hues, graced by the presence of creamy hydrangeas and exquisite white garden roses, complemented by delicate linear accents. 

flower arragement at Flowers For Dreams

Presented in a stately tall upright ceramic vessel, this arrangement exudes elegance. It finds perfect companionship with our Tea Bundle, inviting you to relish an afternoon treat of honey, tea, and the whimsical art of tea leaf reading, creating a truly serene and heartwarming experience.

Wrapping Up

In the heart of Chicago, Flowers for Dreams is not just a floral delivery service but a transformative experience. With locally sourced blossoms and a commitment to community, they redefine gifting and event decor. From vibrant Lemonade to local Farm blooms and elegant Ivory arrangements, their artistry blooms with heartfelt connections.

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