Bokeh Chicago: Enjoy Your Happy Hour

Are you seeking the finest place for happy hour in Chicago? Look no further than the Bokeh Chicago. They provide cozy corners for drinks with friends or lively spots for dancing all night long.  Also, this is a Chicago hotspot offering a diverse range of options to suit every preference.

Their happy hour in Chicago, available from Sunday through Thursday, extends from evening to midnight. Additionally, patrons can indulge in seasonal $6 cocktails and $2 old styles, along with some enticing wine deals. Bokeh Bars warmly invites all to partake in this delightful experience.

Story Behind the Table

Address: 4716 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, United States

Phone: +1 773-754-0129


Bokeh, nestled in the Albany Park neighborhood just a block north of the Kedzie Brown Line station, welcomed its first patrons in October 2019 by Richard Weber. Furthermore, Richard’s eloquent tribute to his lifelong love of photography is represented at Bokeh. Pronounced as “bo-kay,” the name captures the essence of a blurred background in photos, allowing the subject to shine—a concept that beautifully complements this charming cocktail bar.

Bokeh Chicago from inside

At Bokeh, their primary focus is on serving up seasonal cocktails and a delightful array of late-night small plates and bar snacks. Moreover, the cozy yet sophisticated ambiance is accompanied by attentive and friendly guest service, often featuring DJs and art exhibitions. They offer not one but two happy hours from 5-6pm and 11pm-midnight, Sunday through Thursday. 

Signature Cocktails at Bokeh Chicago

Bokeh classic drinks

They were nominated for Best Bar at the renowned 2022 Jean Banchet Awards thanks to their commitment to quality. Bokeh offers off-site beverages and snacks in addition to its on-site food and beverage options. For special orders exceeding $100 outside of regular hours, simply shoot them an email with 24-hour notice, and they’ll do their utmost to accommodate your request. Take a sip of “UNIFORM,” a blend of clairin rum, zwack, pineapple shrub, demerara, lemon, and allspice tincture. 

  • Craving something delicate? The “KIMONO” mixes sake, vodka, cucumber mint syrup, grapefruit, and lemon.
  • Prefer a spirit-forward experience? Go for the “VERICHROME” – tequila, mezcal, luxardo, lime, and lavender bitters.
  • Want a zesty kick? Choose “POSTCARDS FROM JAPAN” with shochu, vodka, yuzu, soursop, honey, and cardamom bitters.
  • Ready for a “POOL PARTY”? Dive into mezcal, gold rum, pineapple caramel, lime, and a red wine float.

Bokeh Classics

At Bokeh Chicago, the Classics are anything but ordinary. Take the Tamarind Margarita, for instance, where tequila meets papaya liqueur and tamarind ponche, all harmonizing with lime and agave for a tropical margarita sensation that screams “fiesta.” In addition to that for those craving something truly exotic, the Brazilian Limeaid is a heady concoction of brandy, Armagnac, Apologue saffron liqueur, and condensed milk. All jazzed up with the zesty kick of lime. The Creole Sidecar brings a spirited, citrusy punch with cognac, Montenegro amaro, and creole orange shrub, finished with a sassy high kick of lemon. 

  • Feeling fancy? Try the Pimm’s Situationship – Pimm’s, gin, Apologue aronia liqueur, bonal, and cucumber mint syrup with a lemon kiss.
  • Prefer classics? Savor the timeless Old Fashioned with Whiskey Acres rye, demerara, and bitters.
  • Seeking a tropical twist? The Cure for Pain has dark rum, allspice dram, pineapple, coconut, and orange juice.
  • Bokeh Chicago’s Classics offers something for everyone, from punchy, fruit-forward to spirit-forward cocktails.

Final Thought on Bokeh Chicago

Located in Albany Park, Bokeh Chicago is a nice place for people who love cocktails. From their signature creations like “UNIFORM” and “KIMONO” to the timeless Classics like the Old Fashioned and Bokeh Manhattan, this charming establishment offers a diverse and flavorful experience for every palate. Lastly, if you are there all you will be doing is cheering to the artistry of cocktails made by Bokeh team!

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