Les Nomades Chicago: A Classic French Elegance

Tucked away in the charming Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago is a townhouse turned restaurant called Les Nomades Chicago. The place invites you to try some sophisticated French flavors. Les Nomades Chicago is where food is created with uncommon ingredients, but the results are a perfect blend of flavors. 

Seasonal and Artisanal flavors at Les Nomades Chicago

Address: 222 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Phone: +1 312-649-9010


Here’s what you can expect from the menu.

flavors at Les Nomades Chicago

  • Food that can be paired with fine wines makes your dining experience chic.
  • The highlighted dishes: Sauteed Foie Gras, the juicy Lobster Ravioli and the Seared Scallops, the wealthy roasted breasts and Confit Leg of Duck, and the Duo of Roasted Partridge and Bison. 
  • Not to miss is their selection of artisan cheeses and sublime pastries.

Is there a Dress code at Les Nomades Chicago?

Well, if it’s such a notable place, it also has its nose for professionalism. Planning on going, be ready and expect to rub shoulders with notable guests like Milton Rosenberg, the owner of this place. The place holds a classy dress code where men must wear suits or sports coats for dinner. 

The Influence and Reputation of Les Nomades Chicago

Les Nomades Chicago carries a rich culinary history, continuing the legacy of former chef Chris Nugent. It has rightfully earned its position as the best place for French food in Chicago, offering a formal and quintessential French high-end dining experience like no other. 

The Features and Atmosphere of Les Nomades Chicago

Atmosphere of Les Nomades

Upon entering Les Nomades Chicago, the charming turn-of-the-century brownstone welcomes you. The ambiance is adorned with stunning floral arrangements, Lalique vases, burning wood fireplaces, and original artwork, setting the unmatched vibe. 

The place is a smoke-free dining environment providing a serene and clean setting to have food. The restaurant’s location near hotels and shopping centers makes it an ideal place to have a sip and chips.

Menu Selections at Les Nomades Chicago

The menu at Les Nomades Chicago brings out varieties that await you. Let’s see some of the foods you can try. 

Appetizer lists Plats Premiers

  • Pate Maison
  • Duck pate
  • Chicken liver Mousse
  • Oysters
  • Caviar

Second Course meals include Deuxieme

  • Warm lobster salad
  • Wild mushroom soup
  • Romaine salad

Fish or Les Poissons

Fish or Les Poissons

  • Poisson du Jour
  • Grilled wild king salmon
  • Sauteed Dover sole

Meat and Poultry or Les Viandes et Les Volailles

  • Roasted Peking duck breast
  • Braised Wagyu beef short rib
  • Braised lamb
  • Grilled veal medallion

Cheese and Desserts

  • Classic cheese selections
  • Classic souffles
  • Warm flourless chocolate cake

Prix Fixe Menu

  • For a four-course prix fixe menu, the price is $160
  • The fish and meat main course is $180

Chef and Legacy of Les Nomades

The heading brigade at Les Nomades is Chef Roland Liccioni, who skillfully carries forward the tradition of fine dining from Le Francais in Wheeling, Illinois. His creation is presented on each plate of French cuisine at the restaurant. 

The additional facilities at Les Nomades Chicago

additional facilities at Les Nomades

Every comfort and convenience is ensured at Les Nomades.

  • They accept credit cards for smooth payments.
  • Trouble-free parking is available.
  • Reservations can secure a safe spot.
  • Valet Parking to make arrival and departure effortless. 

To sum up

To maintain the same dining experience, Les Nomades requests its guests to keep their voice level subdued to refrain from using cell phones or cameras in the dining room. The restaurant is happy to accommodate any food allergies or dietary restrictions to ensure everyone can enjoy a happy French meal. 

Also, the restaurant adds a gratuity if the bill gets large for larger parties. So, book your table at Les Nomades Chicago today, and satisfy your appetite. 

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