Downtown Dog Chicago: Fun Place to Train Your Pup

Downtown Dogs Chicago is a fun and positive place to train your puppy. Their trainers will work with you and your puppy to create a consistent communication system that will last a lifetime. They offer a variety of lessons for your puppy, including basic obedience (sit, stay, come, heel), potty training, etiquette (jumping, play biting, house rules), socialization (dog-to-dog and dog-to-people dynamics), and board & train. The board & train program is a great option if you’re struggling with any specific issues with your puppy, such as collar training, e-collar training, bed training, leash training, or specific behaviors. 

The program includes three private lessons and two group classes. Private lessons are also available, where trainers can work and shape the behaviors that may be affecting your dog’s potential for success. Puppy preschool is a great option for puppies of all ages. It focuses on everything your puppy needs to become a well-balanced and successful member of your family. Downtown Dogs Chicago also offers free consultations, so you can learn more about their programs and see if they’re a good fit for you and your puppy.

About The Trainer

Address: 2440 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

Phone: +1 312-436-2122


Aliya, a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with 10 years of experience, is passionate about helping people and their pets build enjoyable and healthy relationships. She specializes in pet obedience, intensive behavioral modification, and the fostering/training of rescue dogs. Aliya takes a balanced approach to training, focusing on positive reinforcement and communication. 

She believes that when dogs are trained using these methods, they are more likely to be happy and well-behaved, and their owners are more likely to enjoy their companionship. In addition to her work as a trainer, Aliya also competes with her dogs Mischa and Ecko in AKC Obedience and CPE Agility. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who is always looking for new ways to improve her skills and help her clients and their pets succeed.

Drop-in Daycare at Downtown Dog Chicago

Downtown Dog Chicago is where you can drop off your furry friend for some doggy daycare fun. They’re open and ready to pamper your pups from Monday to Friday, starting bright and early at 7 am and keeping the tails wagging until 7 pm. They’ve got you covered on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. At Downtown Dog Chicago, they take dog care seriously. Their staff is trained and CPR certified, ensuring your four-legged pals are in safe hands around the clock. 

Dogs who visit regularly build lasting friendships, and there are three playgroups tailored to your pup’s energy and temperament. This means your doggie gets to socialize with their pals and see familiar faces each week, making daycare a joyful and secure home away from home. So, if you’re looking for a clean, fun, and safe place for your pup, head over to Downtown Dog Chicago’s West Town spot. 

Boarding at Chicago’s Downtown Dog

In the world of furry friends, boarding is like an exclusive party just for Downtown Dog’s canine pals. This means that all the doggies here are already BFFs! There’s an initiation period for newbies who want to join the fun. They need to come to daycare for at least 10 days before they can rock the boarding scene. But here’s the thing, folks: boarding spots are like hotcakes at a brunch spot, and they fill up fast. 

boarding at Downtown Dog Chicago

So, to make sure your pup gets a spot, you’ve got to plan. Pop over to your Gingr profile and schedule that boarding like a pro. Remember, the stay will be official once the boarding bill is settled. So, get those bones in and pay up before the adventure begins! At Downtown Dog, it’s all about fun, furry friendships, and keeping things simple. 


If you want your furry friend to come back from daycare looking all fluffy and squeaky clean, just go ahead and book them a fantastic Bath, Brush, and Blow-dry session! These bathing sessions are super chill, and they usually take about 60 minutes. So, imagine this: your pup is at daycare, having a blast, but maybe they’ve rolled in some mud or had a wild time playing. No worries! When you book this special treat, your pup will get a spa-like experience. 

dog in bath at Downtown Dog Chicago

They’ll have a soothing bath to wash away all the dirt and grime, followed by a gentle brush to keep their fur all neat. And to top it off, they’ll get a blow-dry to make them extra fluffy and comfy. Your dog will come home looking and feeling like a million bucks, and you’ll both be super happy. So, don’t wait, book that Bath, Brush, and Blow-dry today for a doggone good time!


Downtown Dog is the best dog care center in Chicago; it’s a place where your furry companion can thrive, socialize, and come home feeling pampered and refreshed. With dedicated owners leading the way, a welcoming trial day for every dog, and a commitment to safety and fun, Downtown Dog Chicago stands out as a trusted and loving choice for your canine friend’s well-being. So, whether it’s daycare, boarding, or a spa-like bath session, give your pup the Downtown Dog experience they deserve.

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