7 Best Gyms in Chicago That Can Help You Stay Fit

If you’re a fitness freak like me, then you know that the best gym in Chicago is… well, there is no one “best” gym. It all depends on what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re into Crossfit, Urban Fit has got you covered. If weightlifting is more your thing, then head over to Gold’s Gym. And if Pilates is more your speed, then Pure Barre should be your go-to spot. No matter what type of workout you’re into, there’s a gym in Chicago that will fit your needs perfectly! So get out there and explore all the amazing fitness options our city has to offer!

Best Gyms in Chicago

Chicago has a long list of gyms with every equipment, fitness program, and every facility required yet pocket friendly. So below is the list of the best affordable gyms in Chicago.




Mode Gym is a fitness club that is open 24 hours a day so that you never miss a day of maintaining wellness. The Mode Gym gets you started with testing 3D body fat. They also take a nutritional test to make perfect exercise and diet plans for the client. However, besides testing and making a nutrition-focused plan, they offer high-class training programs, aerobics, strength training, and one-on-one boxing.

With these programs, an individual is provided with high-quality pieces of equipment and, in the end, finishes by having a cryotherapy session. Apart from the equipment and training, Mode Gym provides elite amenities for every client and is considered one of the best gyms in Chicago.  

Address: 1301 W. Madison Ave. Chicago IL, 60607

Contact: (312) 6266633

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B & W Gym, Chicago

B & W gym has 100 powerlifters and over 20,000 lbs worth of weights available as of now. Getting started with a basic exercise routine is tough, even if you are an athlete. But B & W gym ensures that you give 100% on a particular exercise and achieve your perfect body goals. Moreover, they teach you the right kind of exercises according to your body. Because working hard on the wrong body movement will be a waste of time and energy. 

B&W gym has also organized and sponsored 100 bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Plus, if you are a student, they provide student membership discounts, starting from $20 per month, and hence it is the best gym in Chicago.

Address: 5920 N Ridge Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Contact: +17735619692

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Fitness Formula Clubs


Fitness Formula Clubs have just the right vibe for those who wish to have fitness at a reasonable price. FFC has many amenities for customers like equipment for all workouts, lockers, pools, tons of fresh towels, and top-notch services by the staff. Moreover, FFC has wifi, lounge areas, and a sauna as well. 

Speaking of their equipment, they have a good variety of fitness machines and weight lifting equipment, belts, and ropes. Since FFC is located in different places in the city, some sites have pools. Because of its fitness equipment and several branches across the city with world-class amenities, FFC is the best gym in Chicago. 

Address: 619 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60661 (Corporate Headquarters)

Contact: (312) 648-4666

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Lakeshore Sport & Fitness

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness center has all the things that can give a summer camp feel. From indoor and outdoor activities to swimming or rock climbing, almost any sports court you can imagine is available. The family-friendly gym offers a unique membership plan for families, couples, singles, and young adults.

Also, parents who have kids can bring their little ones along as Lakeshore Sport and Fitness has a dedicated play area. With so many amenities and facilities, this gym is one of the best gyms in Chicago, with two different locations. Hit whichever location is nearby to you and keep your fitness regime up to the mark. 

Location 1: 1320 West Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60614 

Location 2: 211 North Stetson, Chicago, IL 60601  

Contact: +1 (773) 348-6377 (Lincoln Park Location), +1 (312) 856-1111 ( Illinois Center)

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Enrgi – Best Gym In Chicago


Do you like working out with a bunch of fitness freaks? If yes is your answer, then Enrgi is the best gym in Chicago for you. The gym is divided into two floors and turns your intense workouts into a fun activity. They offer themed classes like Bags N Bell, in which one should utilize barbells, kettlebells, and Bulgarian bags within 30 minutes. In addition, if you don’t feel like working out someday, you have the option to turn your exercise into a yoga class or a dance class. 

With promising results, Enrgi will never make you want to miss even a single day’s workout. You’ll either exercise on a machine, stretch your arms and legs with yoga, or just groove on some songs; however, missing a day isn’t an option here. Also, Enrgi features a recovery area with compression therapy, foam rolling, and deep stretching. 

Address: 215 W Ohio St, Chicago

Contact: 312-846-6989

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Cross Town Fitness

Cross Town Fitness is famous for cardio, strength, and mobility. They hold over hundreds of fitness sessions every week. The sessions are held among a large number of people at West Loop and on the North Side. However, the sessions are high-intensity training, TRX training, aerobics, yoga, and even stand-up paddleboarding.

CrossTown Fitness also arranges wellness programs, personal training, and child care, along with fitness sessions and classes. Moreover, if you are a gym member, you have the luxury of eating at the gym cafe, which provides gluten-free vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. While arranging and guiding sessions since they have opened, CrossTown Fitness is the best gym in Chicago. 

Location 1: Northside3600 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60613

Location 2: 1031 West Loop Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607

Contact: 3125501063 (West Loop)

3125509923 (Northside)

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Southport Fitness – Best Gym In Chicago


Southport Fitness is regarded as one of the best gyms in Chicago because of its promising results and daily classes for each member. They organize several sessions like yoga, pilates, boxing, barre, and high-intensity interval training.

Moreover, they also offer personal training with their best class trainers, with additional charges of course. Southport Fitness offers cardio and free-weight equipment to its members. Also, the gym helps you complete your fitness goals with its products and diet charts. 

Address: 3413 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657

Contact: (773) 857-5090

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In The End

Doing regular exercise and keeping your eating habits correct can help you to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, if you exercise at home, that’s good, but going to the gym will help you speed up the process. Besides, it will increase your motivation. Also, you will be able to figure out which workout routine suits you best. So why don’t you take a pledge and hit any of the best gyms in Chicago listed above?

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