Dog Training in Chicago – 5 Excellent Options to Choose From

Are you unable to decide on which Dog Training Chicago center you should choose? Don’t worry; we have got your back. This article mentions all the most celebrated dog training centers with a distinguished history of training dogs with top-class dog trainers.

Understanding your dog and its needs is not an easy task. What is even more difficult is to make your dog behave well! That is where dog training centers come into play. With Dog training classes, dogs get a chance to learn social skills, manners, and competitive skills.

Chicago Dog Training Classes

Here is the list of some top dog training classes in Chicago that provide appropriate conditioning to your dogs. They help you understand your dog, solve their behavioral problems and make your dog under control just the way you like it.


Sit Means Sit – Dog Training Chicago


The first and foremost dog training center that we wish to include in the list is Sit Means Sit. It has a team of dedicated professional dog trainers changing the quality of life of dogs and making them happy, obedient, and confident!

They can train any dog – any age, any breed, and any behavior and help you strengthen your dog’s relationship with you. Sit Means Sit assists dog owners in gaining maximum control of their dogs through various programs. It includes the Board and Train Immersion program tailored to help your dog develop impulse control, confidence, and attention. Then there is the Day And Train program, in which a professional trainer trains your dog at the parks, pet stores, and training centers. The next one is Puppy Training, which uses food, body language, and leash to guide and teach puppies. They are known for private dog training in Chicago. It has been designed for the family who wants to be involved in the dog’s training.

Address: 3266 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60618

Contact: (312) 618‐9663

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Downtown Dog Training Chicago

Downtown Dogs Chicago provides a fun, active, and positive environment to train your puppy. Their dog Trainers work with you and your puppy to set up a consistent communication system for life. 

They provide your puppy dog with various lessons and teach them basic obedience in which the puppy learns to sit down, heel, come and climb; potty training, so your home stays clean and dirt-free; etiquette in which the puppy learns jumping, play biting, and living within your house rules; socialization to make sure your dog understands dog to dog dynamics, as well as, dog to people dynamics; board & train in which dog trainers work with your dog on any specific issues you might be struggling with that includes: training collar, e-collar, bed, leashes, three private lessons, and two group classes; private lessons in which trainers work on specific issues and correct or shape behavior that may be affecting your dog’s potential for success; Puppy preschool focuses on everything your puppy needs to become a well-balanced and successful member of your family. They offer free consultations as well.

Address: 2440 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

Phone: +1 312-436-2122

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Pawsome Dogs Training and Behavior

Who doesn’t want a well-behaved dog? But this task is not that easy. Pawsome Dogs Training and Behavior rightly understands this problem and helps your dog become under control through reward-based dog and puppy training. They provide private lessons of one hour each and are one of the most popular in-home dog training centers in Chicago. All the classes are tailor-made according to the way the dog owner wants. These are perfect for you if you have a busy schedule, own a new puppy, puppy have a behavioral issue, or want your puppy to become trained with real-world distractions.

They are some of the most affordable dog training Chicago institutes and offer different kinds of lessons to your dog. The ‘1 Lesson’ is Perfect for you if you need help with one specific behavior, e.g., Housebreaking, loose leash walking, and separation anxiety. The ‘3 Lessons’ class is for the new dog who needs help with the basics. Obedience work, mild leash reactivity, loose leash walking with distractions, and stay. The ‘5 lessons’ package takes your dog’s training to a whole new level. The team then works through more challenging situations to get the results you want.

Address: Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: +1 773-818-7204

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Canine Perspective

Mentioning all the best Dog training centres, we cannot afford to miss Canine Perspective. It provides dog training, daycare, and boarding facilities. The best thing is that it allows for In-Home Dog Training in Chicago and the neighborhoods. They believe in teaching dog owners how to understand and communicate with dogs and deal with behavioral issues.

Canine Perspective gives different kinds of training. Aggression training is in which a dog is rewired to overcome its fear of people, build confidence in an anxious dog, or take a dog that’s highly aggressive toward humans. The other type of training is dog behavior training, and this training school is a master in this field. You can expect the best and most effective training methods in rehabilitating dogs with behavior difficulties and aggression issues.

Canine Perspective offers verbal instruction obedience programs, including six private lessons and verbal instruction over six weeks. They offer Puppy training classes to puppies under six months, between six months and one year old, and puppy behavior modification classes. This dog training also provides nutrition services. You can consult them online if you face an eating disorder in your dog.

Address: 2700 North Campbell Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: 773-661-6762

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Found Training Center

Established in 2009, Found Training Center tries to know and understand the dogs, their fears, and strengths and interprets what the dog wants to convey to the owners. They help dogs get the environment that suits them the most and have certified dog trainers who have dealt with different behavioral patterns in dogs. Found Training claims to go an extra mile to know the root cause of the behavior and take the required measures to fix it, sometimes by teaching dogs to be agile and sometimes by helping them take joy in group play. 

This center provides a Board+train camp that is designed keeping in mind the preferences of the dog and dog owners. It ​is perfect for the first-time adopters and owners of young dogs who want to get some training. This program helps dog owners handle their dogs and establish relationships with them. The following program that they offer and is widely appreciated is Pup Start. It is a strategic approach to building strong, confident, and social pets.

With their 15 years of experience in pet dog training, behavior modification, and working dogs, they put everything into their Pup start program. Puppies anytime between the ages of 8-12 weeks can become part of this program. Found Training Centre-the Best Dog Trainer Chicago, also provides boarding and daycare facilities in a training center of 24,000 sq ft and includes boarding and daycare for all breeds of different sizes and temperaments.

Address: 4108 N Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone: +1 773-539-3880

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Mentioned are some of the best Dog Training Chicago institutes are known for delivering the best dog training. There is a strong possibility of your dog becoming the way you expect it to be. All you need to do is to give it the right kind of environment and training. We believe that your dog will also meet your expectations and provide you with unconditional love and care.

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