Bristol Chicago: Experience The Urban Touch

Do you love discovering new places to dine? Prepare to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Bristol, Chicago, where sophistication combines with urban dynamism. This is the place where the urban touch blends with the flavors and spices to give you a remarkable experience.

Let’s not overlook the mouthwatering dishes – these culinary creations are so exquisite that they’ll set your taste buds dancing.

Therefore, Bristol Chicago is the perfect destination whether you possess a fondness for history, consider yourself a food enthusiast in search of the next gastronomic journey, or simply aim to absorb the city’s vibrant ambiance. Be prepared to forge lasting memories because this establishment revolves around cherishing the past while fully embracing the present moment.

Let’s Talk About The Chefs of Bristol Chicago

Address: 2152 N. Damen Ave.Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: 773-862-5555


Meet Larry Feldmeier, our Executive Chef, boasting a culinary journey spanning over 14 years. With his techniques and innovation, he created outstanding dishes that leave an everlasting experience. Originating from the suburbs of Chicago, Larry’s culinary odyssey commenced at a young age, sparking his fervor for using fresh, quality ingredients.

chefs at The Bristol Chicago

Having honed his craft at esteemed establishments like The Albert and Sixteen, he unearthed the virtues of patience and the impact of a well-presented dish. His love for food crafting gives people everlasting experience of remarkable taste.

Enter Sous Chef Jeff Rueth, a native of Indiana, nurtured amidst the realm of food and hospitality. Infused with inspiration from family feasts, he chased his culinary aspiration following a stint at Marquette University. 

The Menu at Bristol Chicago


Mustake Dashi

Experience the culinary treasure Matsutake Dashi at Bristol Chicago as it envelops you in the delightful embrace of ginger-infused joy. The journey of taste takes you through a symphony of sensations, smoothly transitioning from grounded earthiness to a spirited zest. With the spotlight on matsutake mushrooms, the dashi broth harmonizes beautifully with the comforting touch of ginger.

food at The Bristol Chicago

Crowning this masterpiece, the interplay of textures indulges both the senses and the spirit. For those in pursuit of an unforgettable dining voyage, this dish stands as your coveted invitation, ready to spirit you away on a journey of culinary exploration.

Salad “Landaise”

Indulge in the “Landaise” Salad at Bristol Chicago, a burst of flavors that truly satisfies. This dish harmonizes mixed greens, crispy bacon, tangy goat cheese, and walnuts, all brought together by a vinaigrette that gracefully dances on your taste buds.

The creamy goat cheese entwines itself with the savory bacon, while the vinaigrette introduces a lively zest that embodies perfection. With each and every bite, you’re transported on a culinary voyage straight to the heart of France.

Aged Butcher’s Steak

Indulge in the “Aged Butcher’s Steak” at Bristol Chicago! Immerse yourself in this culinary masterpiece that offers not only a delightful meal but an unforgettable experience. This remarkable dish boasts an impeccable harmony of tenderness and flavor. The steak is tender and succulent, meticulously aged, and expertly seared, preserving its rich juices.

steak at The Bristol Chicago

A symphony of textures and a blend of flavors and spices await in every delectable bite. The initial taste? Sheer bliss. From the kitchen to your table, the flavors will leave you yearning for more. Give yourself this treat as the steak weaves a narrative of taste that will remain ingrained in your memory.

Wrapping Up

In closing, embarking on a journey to The Bristol Chicago is a feast for the senses and a rendezvous with culinary excellence. This establishment seamlessly marries timeless allure with contemporary flair, offering a haven for both history enthusiasts and food lovers alike. 

Each dish on the menu, from the captivating Mustake Dashi to the flavorful Aged Butcher’s Steak, tells a story of artistry and passion. The Bristol Chicago is the best place in Chicago where flavors intertwine, and memories are cherished.


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