Aurora Festival of Lights

The Illinois Aurora Festival of Lights is one of the most extensive free outdoor drive-through holiday light and sound displays in Northern Illinois, Chicago. The Rotary Club of Aurora has been hosting this annual holiday event in Phillips Park for 15 years. They are also allowing visitors to drive through and take a glimpse of sparkling scenes. More than 30,000 cars passed through the grounds in December last year. 

Start your car and drive through the lighting gate. Also, keep an eye out for a glittering portrayal of Santa’s toy factory, giant snowflakes, old man winter with elves, and reindeer. You’ll see magnificent lighted swags on the fence as well as a holiday train. Wanted to know the best among all? Entry to this festival is free. You can have a great time at this festival without paying any entry bills. Although if you want to donate, you can do that online, and the procedure will lead you to various local charities. 

All About Aurora Festival of Lights in Chicago

Aurora will return in 2021 for its 15th year with more dazzling lighting displays to captivate both children and adults. This classic winter event is presented in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Aurora and the City of Aurora. It is a drive-through of more than one mile of splendid light displays at Phillips Park, Aurora, IL 60505. 

Moreover, every year they have something new to present to the folks of Chicago. If you live near Phillips Park, you must visit and see the latest dancing arches and the expanded Ice Skating rink. You will also relish the seasonal favorites on the lighting display, which is not less than a treat to the eyes. Besides, all these scenarios will give you Instagram-worthy pictures that you shouldn’t miss. 

About the Rotary Club of Aurora

The Rotary Club of Aurora is a 97-year old club service that organizes this event. It is also a part of Rotary International. The club members created this festival in 2007; however, it became a reality in partnership with the City of Aurora. Apart from this, this festival is open for all, and the Rotary Club of Aurora does accept donations if you want to contribute a bit and benefit the local charities. However, because of the current situation and IDPH guidelines, they receive only electronic contributions.

Some New Additions Made to the Aurora Festival of Lights

If you have visited last year’s lighting festival, then you must have observed the few changes in it. The entrance bridge right from the start was quite impressive; it was all going up over the freeway. One of the spectacular highlights was the tunnel of lights, which is a perfect place to go through with your loved ones. Besides, if you are looking forward to proposing to their mate, this is your ideal location to receive a “yes” answer this year. 

Furthermore, animated things in motion are another fantastic display; to the left and right, some small ridges with deer jumping over the road. Also, 150 snowflakes in the trees are another glorious object that gives visitors a magical and unique experience. In addition, there was an option to turn on the radio station at the park entrance for guests to enjoy listening to the festival music throughout the show. Also, some reindeer are seen singing along to the music, which looks aesthetically pleasing. All these additional attractions make the Rotary Festival of Lights an incredible festival in Chicago.

Information Related to the Festival

Here, we have shared some 42 miles west of downtown Chicago.

Entry Cost: The entry fee is Free, So, do enjoy your visit in the coming winter. 

To Wrap Up

There is a lot more to encounter in the Aurora Festival of Lights. Also, you might experience more than two hours of waiting. So, we suggest you plan your visit accordingly. To save some time, you should stop by on the days and times mentioned above. 

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