Top 5 Yoga Classes in Chicago (Online and in Person)

Are you looking forward to joining yoga classes in Chicago but have no idea which one you should choose? Don’t worry because we have selected some of the best yoga classes Chicago and made all the essential information available to you through this article.

Since time immemorial, yoga has been considered one of the best remedies to cure physical and mental ailments. It makes us more aware of who we are and helps us reach a higher state of mind. The astonishing health benefits of yoga are scientifically proven and these yoga classes will help you relish those same benefits with their best yoga therapists.

Top 5 Yoga Classes Chicago, IL 

Here are a few options for the yoga classes with some of the best instructors that we have carefully selected for you to pave the path to your higher self


Tula Yoga Studio


With more than 10 years of experience in the business, Tula Yoga Studio is an independent yoga studio in Logan Square in the neighborhood of Chicago. These yoga classes in Chicago claim to provide a safe and supportive environment to practice yoga and meditation the way you want. With yoga practice sessions, they strive to help you connect with the higher self. They also organize special events and workshops from time to time. 

This particular studio firmly believes that yoga practice can create a peaceful world, and so they help their students become aware and mindful through yoga practice. Their core values are reflected in each of the individuals who take yoga classes. The team is supportive, creative, empowering, approachable, open, caring, and promises to you to get insights into themselves.

Location: 2827 W. Belden Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: 773-620-9945

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Be Yoga Andersonville

If you are looking for one of the top-rated yoga classes with the most friendly and welcoming environment, your search ends here! Be Yoga Andersonville is a small family-owned yoga school with trained teachers who teach 26 posture exercises in a supportive and welcoming space. Apart from that, if you are looking for hot yoga in Chicago, you can practice 2 breathing exercises in these hot & warm hatha yoga classes. 

By joining these classes, you get in-person yoga classes in Chicago and online courses with a first-month (unlimited) membership at just $40. Here you also get gender-neutral restrooms for rest and separate changing areas. They also give free courses in karma yoga series and let you practice these particular yoga sessions for free. With a beautiful studio and trained yoga teachers, Be Yoga Andersonville is sure to help you encourage in your transformative journey.

Location: 5715 N Clark St, Chicago, Il, 60660

Contact: 773-907-0291

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CorePower Yoga Classes Chicago


The next yoga class in Chicago that endeavors to help you transform your body, mind, and soul is Core Power Yoga! Signing up for their ‘All-access membership’ will help you get the first 2 weeks free of practicing yoga with them. By joining their classes, you get unique offers like unlimited classes in any of their studios and live and on-demand unlimited access. The other feature includes discounts on in-studio retail purchases, easy access to events, and priority in studio booking.

The teachers here have undergone intensive training. They have warm, welcoming, modern, and spacious studios that will make you fall in love with the atmosphere and the experience that they offer. As they have a lot of studios all around, You can easily choose the studio in your locality and start your transformative journey today!

Location:34 S Vine St, Hinsdale, IL 60521, United States

Contact: +1 630-568-3670

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Yoga Loft Studios

One of the best yoga studios in Chicago that we would love to mention here is Yoga Loft Studios! Established in the year 2012, they offer hot yoga and power yoga. They give access to several kinds of yoga and fitness styles which the audience love. If you love vinyasa flow, traditional heated and hot yoga, yoga sculpts, or are interested in guided meditation; they will help you practice it. 

They have two studios in all which you can choose as per your convenience. The first and major one they started was Yoga Loft Chicago, near the River North. It is beautiful, warm, and welcoming enough to give you an inclusive space to have your best yoga practice session! With the opening of their second studio in Forest Park in 2020, they are all set to redefine yoga in this new spacious studio that offers hot yoga, heated and non-heated Yoga, and HIIT Classes.


1. Yoga Loft Chicago:

River North | 15 West Hubbard Street 4th Floor

Contact: +1 312-344-1606

2. Yoga Loft Forest Park:

7234 Madison St, Forest Park, IL 60130, USA

Contact: +1 312-560-8668

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Bare Feet Power Yoga Classes Chicago


Just like some other yoga studios, these yoga classes in Chicago aim to help you transform your mind, body, and spirit. They offer a variety of yoga classes and have qualified trainers known for their unique teaching style. They are best at helping you achieve balance within yourself with their yoga techniques. Known for organizing special events and workshops, they help you explore a different dimension of your physical and spiritual well-being. 

When it comes to the yoga teachers, they are all dynamic and have intensive training in the domain to help you learn yoga and experience power, playfulness, and purposefulness. One thing that sets them apart from others is that they provide in-person outdoor yoga classes in Chicago. They are known for carrying outdoor yoga classes in parks and parking lot areas, which you can book easily using their website. They believe in making yoga highly accessible for everyone, so undergoing that flow state that only comes from yoga practice may become easier on the pocket.

Location: 1006 West Monroe St. Chicago, Il 60607

Contact: +1 312-624-8068

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These are the yoga classes in Chicago that we hope can provide you with a most satisfying experience. When life becomes fast and busy, insights into oneself are the only saviors. For better insights, yoga practice is a must.

Regular practice of yoga with the proper guidance can transform your life completely. It is why choosing a suitable yoga class is remarkably important. We assume that you have found the best yoga classes in Chicago out of the above-listed options and are ready to feed your mind, body, and soul through yoga practice.

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