All About Westside Park Atlanta

The city’s greatest and largest green space, situated in northwest Atlanta, with 2.5 miles of pedestrian-friendly pathways, a gorgeous playground with events for kids and adults, big, open areas for picnics and games, covered picnic tables, and much more. A 2.4 billion gallon reservoir that serves as the park’s focal point extends Atlanta’s freshwater supply from 3 to 4 days to 30 to 60 days. You won’t want to miss the majestic overlook with its panoramas of the reservoir and the cityscape of downtown Atlanta.

Join their tour guide for a private virtual tour of what is swiftly becoming Atlanta’s most popular green area. When you come, find out about the neighborhood’s significant past and the heritage that the new park hopes to uphold.

1660 Johnson Road NW Atlanta, Georgia 30318

The Features of Westside Park Atlanta

To encourage bicycle and pedestrian activity: the park has lighting, signs, and attractive graphics. A playground and a structure for gatherings, weddings, and festivals are features of Westside Park in Atlanta. The reservoir and the Atlanta cityscape may both get seen in amazing detail from the magnificent viewing area.

ADA-accessible pathways that lead to the impressive viewpoint allow visitors to explore the quarry in another way. The ABP collaborates with the city of Atlanta to offer Westside Park activities.

The area has bike racks and a playground with apparatus suitable for kids aged three to twelve, as well as two covered pavilions and public bathrooms. There isn’t much shade in the region, so on hot, bright days, consider using sunscreen and going earlier in the day or afterward in the evening.

The Perfect Location of Westside Park Atlanta

Westside Park Atlanta

Westside Park became open to the public, making it Atlanta’s biggest park. The scenic Bellwood Quarry, which the city transformed into a reservoir to contain up to 2.4 billion gallons of water, is surrounded by more than 200 acres of walkways, lawns, and playgrounds.

There are mainly two entrances to the Westside Park Atlanta off Johnson Road, at about 1600 and 1660 Johnson Road, both with free parking areas. Additionally, there is pedestrian access on Johnson Road to the north and at Grove Park Place’s conclusion to the south of the park. The Proctor Creek Greenway, which begins close to the Bankhead MARTA station, is another option to enter the park.

Atlanta’s Westside Park: Interesting Facts

It’s possible that you passed the park without even realizing it. The quarry appeared in The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things, among other media. The fierce scene in Stranger Things where Eleven saves Mike from the steep fall down a cliff comes to mind as soon as you see the quarry. There is a huge, deep reservoir there!

The Westside Resovoir, which is 35.5 acres in size and capable of holding 2.4 billion gallons of water, is immense. The Liberty Statue and the Mercedes Benz Stadium can both fit within the quarry, despite the fact that it would be difficult to imagine with all the water in the enormous hole right now. And no, swimming or other water sports are not permitted in the reservoir.

The development is still going on even though Westside park Atlanta is now accessible to the public. Later on, more of the park will be revealed, and people can’t wait to see it. The Atlanta Beltline, a loop that links downtown Atlanta with neighboring parks and towns, will soon be connected to the neighborhood connections as well.

A Quick Look Inside the Westside Park Atlanta

It’s fantastic how Atlanta utilized the area surrounding the reservoir to construct a much-needed park, and the architecture and organization of the park are well-considered. In my hometown, there have been numerous changes.

The view is Westside Park’s outstanding feature. The Atlanta skyline may be seen in the backdrop, along with the whole reservoir. On the day we visited, there was some haze, but I could still see several of the towers. The path leading to the viewpoint has a small elevation.

Also though Piedmont Park offers a more picturesque view of Atlanta’s skyline, the overlook is nonetheless magnificent. There is even a man-made “waterfall” where water pours into a reservoir.

The Largest Park in Atlanta is Now Westside Park!

Westside Park Atlanta

In 2020, Westside Park in Atlanta will open to the public after fifteen years of planning. It is situated close to Bellwood Quarry and has grown to be Atlanta’s biggest green space.

Future connections between Westside Park and the Proctor Creek Greenway, the Westside BeltLine Connection, and the northern expansion of the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail are all planned.

Wrapping Up

Westside Park, which is accessible every day from 6 am to 11 night, is bigger than Chastain Memorial Park in Buckhead and Piedmont Park in Midtown. Parents will like the amenities of Westside Park, which include a playground, stroller-friendly pathways, free parking, and lots of restrooms. When you arrive at one of Atlanta’s top attractions, you will have a blast.


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