Tabla Atlanta | All You Need to Know

Are you thinking of a relaxing and modern atmosphere for a traditional Indian meal in Atlanta? Then Tabla Atlanta is the right place for you. Furthermore, it is a sleek restaurant and lounge serving classic and innovative Indian cuisine with infused cocktails in Atlanta.

If you want to know more about the authentic eatery Tabla and why you should visit the same place for at least one meal, you are definitely at the right place. 

Let’s look at some of the features of Tabla in Atlanta, an authentic Indian restaurant with a modern gourmet twist in midtown Atlanta.

All About Tabla Atlanta

Address: Midtown: 77 12th street NE #2
Buckhead: 3005 peachtree rd #400

Contact: +1 404-464-8571


Tabla in Atlanta

Sandeep Kothary opened the doors of Tabla, an authentic Indian restaurant with a modern twist to bring Indian food to the next level.  Moreover, appetizing and authentic Indian food is the key when you dine at Tabla in Atlanta. Significantly, it is one of those eateries that provides flavor and taste blends with the authenticity of the menu for an unforgettable experience. 

Tabla in Atlanta

Furthermore, this restaurant serves traditional Indian cuisines with catering and online ordering facilities. You can reserve your tables in advance to avoid last minute rush and enjoy each moment spent at an eatery with absolute warmth and zeal. 

Tabla Atlanta is a perfect diversion for midtown or Buckhead office workers to break from the typical sandwich lunch and give their taste buds a scrumptious party. Moreover, it is also an ideal establishment to have a romantic couple’s regale, a family day, or a party with friends and musketeers.


Tabla Atlanta possesses contemporary vibes mixed with traditional cuisines. The ambience, from the voluptuous and exclusive lounge to the peaceful dining hall, makes it unique and cozy. Interestingly, it symbolizes the modern Indian atmosphere serving an impulsive dining experience. The contemporary decor spotlights the tones of gray, black, and cream colors, which allows the food to take center stage with its bright, verdant colors.

The modern decor is perfect for a date night and a place to celebrate special occasions.

The Specialty Dishes

Enjoy the aroma of India beyond the boundaries of your taste buds.

The highly trained chefs cater experience and creativity to the dining escapade at Tabla Atlanta.

The menu is full of flavors to entice any palate.

The Specialty Dishes: Tabla Atlanta

Tabla Atlanta offers a vegetarian-friendly menu along with lots of vegan and gluten-free options.

Fried okra, coconut crab masala, paneer pasanda, and chicken tikka masala are just a few dishes from the luscious menu that you can try at Tabla in Atlanta.

You can have traditional Indian street dishes like Veggie samosa, Dahi puri, Duck kebab, Paneer tikka, or Spinach chaat for a delicious experience.

For an authentic dining experience, you can solicit varieties like Parda Biryani, stuffed naans, curries, and vegetables.

Tabla Atlanta offers Indian spice-infused liqueur as signature cocktails and mocktails at a bar, like a guava mojito, a traditional chai, a chai-infused whiskey, and their signature tabla margarita made using tamarind paste. You can enjoy delicious Nimbu pani, Mint and ginger cooler, or Khus cooler in mocktails.

Wrapping Up

Tabla Atlanta, an eatery where traditional meets contemporary, offers you a dining experience that you won’t be able to forget. With all the authentic flavors from India, this place aims to provide the best of everything.

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