Top 5 Atlanta Segway Tours

If you love the idea of zipping through the crowd without losing balance while enjoying sightseeing like never before, this article is for you. The Atlanta Segway Tour is becoming popular among tourists and locals. These tours offer you a chance to experience Atlanta like never before. See historical sites on a loop around the city, jell along with other patrons while enjoying the outdoor sun, or unwind in a safe touring session. 

Moreover, there is so much to love about these tours. So, gear up as we present you with some of the best options to look forward to in the city.

Atlanta Segway Tour

These companies strive to offer perfect tours on segway while helping you have a good time around the city. Let’s explore the top 5 Segway Tour options in the city:


ATL-Cruzers Electric Car and Segway Tours

ATL-Cruzers Electric Car and Segway Tours

This is probably the portal you will see on top of the list as soon as you search about Segway Tours in Atlanta. Voted as the number 1 tour company in Atlanta, ATL defines its service as top-notch and without any loopholes. Furthermore, on every tour you choose, you can get value for money. The local guides and informational touring are also supported. 

ATL offers city tours as well as well-organized Atlanta Segway tours. You can choose from the Eastside Atlant tour or the Atlanta Midtown Touring option. While the former includes an in-depth look into historical monuments and posts, the latter offers a chance to explore inner Atlanta from its core. You can also opt for electric car tours across the city. The Segway tours are 2.5 hours long and priced at $59 per person. 

Location- 160 Ted Turner Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Contact- +1 404-492-7009



Tours of Atlanta- Top Atlanta Segway Tour

Tours of Atlanta- Top Atlanta Segway Tour

The iconic Tours of Atlanta is an excellent option for tourists who wish to experience the city on Segway. The company offers corporate tours, family reunions, and educational tours. Moreover, you can customize these tours as per your preference. Furthermore, you can even alter the time if you wish. Most of the touring options come with breathtaking city views. 

Tours of Atlanta is a popular choice when it comes to family tours on Segway. Additionally, the educated staff includes professional guides and instructors. Many schools and educational events regularly seek the company’s service for educational and historical tours all around the city for the best Atlanta Segway Tours.

Location- 235 Peachtree St #400, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Contact- +1 888-202-8687



Atlanta Adventure Tours

Atlanta Adventure Tours

There is hardly any better way to get the feel of Atlanta than the Segways from Atlanta Adventure Tours. The choice of options and destinations the company offers is simply amazing. You can opt for Mural Tours, street tours, or make your own route. With a flexible and customer-centric service, you won’t feel the urge to go home anytime soon. 

Besides Segway tours in Atlanta, the main offerings include bike tours, private events, corporate tours, a vast site-seeing list, and much more. Furthermore, the tours include endless photogenic spots that offer great clicks. The guides and the crew are super friendly and can even help with those pictures. 

Location- 1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Contact- (404) 965-3007



Unexpected Atlanta

Unexpected Atlanta

Expect the unexpected with Segways and local walking tours by the Unexpected Atlanta. The carefully curated tours not only help you experience the city’s soul but also immerse you in the local cuisine. The excellent park food and cemetery option is an ideal offering, featuring three food stores and 1.2 miles of distance, taking 2.5 hours of your day. King’s historic district tour is another good option for cultural enthusiasts. 

Companies often look upon the Segway tours in Atlanta from Unexpected Atlanta as a team-building exercise. To that end, there are many options for team building exercises, combining local activities and sightseeing. The company also sells food-themed gift boxes, showing the love for Atlantic cuisine. 

Location- 235 Peachtree St NE Ste 400, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Contact- +1 470-223-2203



Musement East Side Atlanta Segway Tours

Musement East Side Atlanta Segway Tours

The eastern side of the city offers a historic neighborhood. If you wish to experience it all, the Musement Segway tours can be an ideal option. Avoiding traffic congestion, this Segway tour in Atlanta will offer you plenty of sightseeing and picturesque views on every tour. 

The website offers a free cancellation policy and also accepts mobile vouchers. The tours are about 2.5 hours, and all safety measures are taken for public travel. While you can book group tours as well, individual touring starts at $59 per person. The distance covered is around 8 miles per tour. 

Location-160 Ted Turner Dr NW, Suite D. Atlanta, GA 30303 

Contact- +1 202-389-9064



The Segway tour Atlanta from the companies listed above offers a new perspective of the city. While you can appreciate the comfort level of the Segways, you will also love the organizational abilities of these agencies. Book your Segway now and see the city as it is meant to be seen. 

Tired after the tour? Have some brunch in Atlanta.


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