Delbar Atlanta For The Best Middle Eastern Cuisine

The dining culture in Atlanta is undoubtedly one of its best features. Delbar is situated in Inman Park Atlanta, a bustling area renowned for its outstanding dining options. They provide every cuisine, from elegant sushi to mouthwatering tacos. Del Bar will end up being the favourite restaurant after guests finally locate it. It’s difficult to avoid them because of their excellent food, convenient location, and pleasant ambience.

Let’s look at Delbar Atlanta’s detailed overview.


Atlanta, GA 30307 870 Inman Vlg Pkwy NE Suite 1

Hours: Closed; opens at 4 pm.

Phone: (404) 500-1444


Delbar Atlanta: The Middle Eastern Food

Many of us are eager for more Middle Eastern restaurants as Atlanta’s food scene improves, and happily, there is plenty to celebrate throughout the city. Persian cuisine predominates, while casual restaurants like Yalla, Jerusalem Bakery, and New York transplants Mamoun’s Falafel and Halal Guys have become significantly more prevalent.

After a hearty dinner, visitors can explore Inman Park or stroll to a nearby dessert shop to satisfy their sweet tooth. Del Bar is a well-liked site since Inman Park is a terrific area to explore while in Atlanta. Del Bar offers indoor, sunroom, and patio seating in a range of settings. Delbar Middle Eastern has a bohemian vibe and welcomes everyone who enters.

The sunroom is another pleasant alternative that can be completely opened in the summer and glassed in as the colder months approach. Visitors can take advantage of the warmth indoors while still taking in the outdoor view in this small space.


Mazze, which are little appetizers to share with the table, is a traditional component of Middle Eastern cuisine. Del Bar Atlanta offers a wide variety of mazze options, including Adana kebabs and grilled chicken wings. People’s personal favourites are the falafel platter, which serves falafel balls over hummus with a kale salad on the side. The spreads, which are all offered with a side of their delectable taftoun bread, are an additional option for appetizers. They offer labneh, hummus, and other foods.

Main Dishes

delbar atlanta

The main dish selections on the Del Bar menu are excellent. They encourage tables to enjoy a range of dishes by dividing the menu into categories like meats and greens, and grains. They provide a variety of tasty selections, including stuffed branzino, salmon kabobs, chicken kofta, and koobideh kabobs. They provide a variety of grilled veggies, kale salads, and rice varieties under the “greens and grains” section. The koobideh, or beef kabob, with a side of their polo sefid rice, is my go-to supper. You will most definitely feel satisfied with this meal combination.

A little background on Delbarton, Atlanta.

delbar atlanta

The restaurant seems to move to its beat because of the activity and excitement within. The dishes on the menu are a love letter to everything Middle Eastern food, including grilled chicken breast chunks and opulent yogurt dips like mast-o-khiar (yogurt with cucumbers). The thin Persian naan slips are carefully placed onto your table by servers as they pass by with plates of freshly made bread, so the table never seems to be without them. Cocktails are the ideal beverage to match the hip surroundings because they are powerful and fruity. Soon, there will be a second site in Buckhead.

Seating and Pricing

Delbar Atlanta is unable to guarantee certain tables in the restaurant because all seating is dependent on the first available. They only accommodate full parties for those making reservations between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Only the brunch menu is available during this period, and the evening menu will only be available from 4 pm onwards. They have a grace period of 15 minutes. 

A 20% service fee also applies to groups of six or more people. They do charge a corkage fee of $35 for each bottle up to two 750 ml in size. Each dessert brought from outside is subject to a $15 cost.

Wrapping up 

You shouldn’t skip out on dining at the renowned Del Bar. This is because of its menu and atmosphere, and it’s an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Del Bar is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants, and we hope that you’ll come to love it as well.


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