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Marcel Atlanta is an excellent steakhouse and bar in Atlanta’s Westside Provisions District. Additionally, this restaurant takes diners back to a period when they savored every bite, forgot about the stresses of daily life, and lingered with their loved ones over the finest cuisine, including the best steaks money can buy. 

So, let’s explore all about this amazing restaurant and analyze its menu and best features! 

Marcel Atlanta

Address: 1170 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta

Contact Number: 404-665-4555 


Ford Fry, the owner of other popular dining establishments like The Optimist and Superica, is also in charge of the kitchen at Marcel. Compared to the other establishments he owns, this one is people’s favorite for one simple reason: everything on the menu is practically perfect. Furthermore, the steaks at Marcel Atlanta are the greatest in the city because they are finished with herb butter and cooked over an open flame, making them the best value for your money.

Unbeatable Cocktails at Marcel Atlanta

Marcel Atlanta is home to various cocktails, each of which is unique and memorable. Furthermore, take a journey down memory lane while sipping cocktails, and you will feel the ultimate comfort and joy. Additionally, their flavors draw people in the most, and once you try them, you won’t stop thinking about them.

Many different excellent cocktails are available at Marcel. The bar and restaurant here make for a great cocktail hour. Further, the vibrant atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world with its unique flavor, and you won’t want to go just yet.

Perfect Setting for Gatherings

Unbeatable Cocktails at Marcel Atlanta

The foundation of any successful event is the venue. Marcel in Atlanta will make sure it’s perfect. Contact Marcel if you’re looking to celebrate a special event in a romantic environment with delicacies made by a team of specialists who will go above and beyond for your satisfaction. Furthermore, a visit to Marcel’s will create an indelible impression on your guests with its contemporary cuisine, refined atmosphere, and impeccable service. 

In addition, they take care of every detail, from the menu to the bar, the sound system to the table settings. Furthermore, their primary responsibility is to keep the party going. Additionally, you can sit back and enjoy the event without worrying about the finer details if you engage a professional team continuously on its feet to arrange everything with the management, decoration, food, and beverages. Atlanta’s Marcel will handle everything else.

Historic Vigor and Depth at Marcel Atlanta

Marcel is a throwback to a time when luxuries like the best steaks money can buy per pound were savored, and mundane concerns were forgotten. The name “Marcel” is a nod to the legendary French fighter-romantic Marcel Cerdan, who was blocked from finally meeting his beloved Edith Piaf when his plane crashed into a mountain.

You may eat excellent food and mingle with a lively crowd at this fantastic place.

The ideal venue for festive celebrations

The finest chance to celebrate in the city is at Marcel, Atlanta, as it throws parties for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and many others every year. It’s common knowledge that this eatery is among the top spots in Atlanta to ring in the holidays with a raucous and joyous party. In addition to the pleasant ambiance, the excellent quality of the food and the staff’s friendly attitude make this a great place to eat.

Several New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day celebrations are held at Marcel. Travelers from all over the city go there for the upbeat vibes. If you’re looking for the best place in Atlanta to have a good time, go no further than Marcel’s. They’re here to help you find the best possible time at whichever gathering you go to. Give them a chance to help you plan the perfect party.

Vibrant Atmosphere, Unmatched Menu

Explore Marcel Atlanta menu

Well, if you are celebrating a special event or having a casual night with friends, Marcel Atlanta is the perfect place. Furthermore, there’s lots of room for folks to hang out with their loved ones, and the atmosphere is relaxing and fun. In addition, you will get mouthwatering dishes always cooked to perfection on their menu. This restaurant and bar are great to consider if you want to relax and have a good time with friends and family while indulging in food and drink. 

At Marcel Atlanta Restaurant, they employ a team of chefs who take great pride in their work and will use their skills and dedication to provide the excellent dining experience possible. Moreover, you should contact them immediately if you have an essential event.


The mission at Marcel Atlanta is to create the most pleasurable dining experiences and dishes they can. Additionally, they want you to remember your time with them fondly so that you and your friends will return to enjoy their welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and delectable fare.

There’s more to Atlanta than meets the eye, from rooftop bars to fun eateries; explore them all! 


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