Folk Art Atlanta – For Food, Drinks and More!

Folk Art Atlanta is the place for breakfast, lunch, supper, and brunch. Furthermore, they specialize in all-day diner-style favorites and so much more. 

Additionally, you can also have some fantastic blends and house cocktails from their specially curated menu. Further, we have created a detailed guide to all things Folk Art in Atlanta. Let’s have a look inside!

Folk Art Atlanta

Address: 465 North Highland Ave

Phone: (404) 537-4493


Moreover, the restaurant offers much more than just good food. Additionally, the bar offers a wide selection of house cocktails, local craft beers, and sodas. Whether you are craving for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between, the Folk Art Atlanta Restaurant has you covered. From specialties such as chicken-and-waffles; eggs any style; jumbo biscuits with house-made jellies or sausage gravy; signature roasted pork chili; six different types of brunch-style eggs Benedict; burgers; and desserts that are made fresh every day. 

Things To Know About Folk Art Atlanta

Folk Art Atlanta is a restaurant that provides breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Furthermore, their specialty is all-day diner classics, including chicken and waffles, eggs in any manner, jumbo biscuits with house-made jams or sausage gravy, roasted pig chili, fried chicken sandwiches, and six variations on eggs Benedict.

Forever Breakfast at Folk Art Atlanta

Get ready for the best morning of your life. In addition, make yourself at home with Folk Art in Atlanta and start your day with one of our many delicious breakfast classics.

Forever Breakfast at Folk Art Atlanta

Moreover, there are numerous good for going to the Folk Art Restaurants. In addition to our famous sandwiches and burgers, they also provide a delicious all-day breakfast late into the night. So, if you want to try something different for breakfast, you should definitely visit this place.

Incredible Ambiance

Visit Folk Art Atlanta if you’re looking for the highest quality at a price that won’t break the bank. Moreover, the menu items range from tacos and burritos to salads and other sides, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. You should definitely ask your server about trying some of the restaurant’s signature dishes if you’re here.

The Folk Art Restaurant in Atlanta has an atmosphere sure to win you over. Even if you stop in for a drink or lunch, you will surely have a great time here. Furthermore, it’s a great spot for social gatherings as they have a kitchen staff ready to cater to your culinary need.

Additionally, you can always find something delicious, freshly cooked, and worth eating at Atlanta’s Folk Art. Moreover, it is great to have a place to go at the end of a long work day where you can unwind in the company of loved ones in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A Taste For Everyone At Folk Art Atlanta

It is well-known that Folk Art Atlanta is responsible for providing Southern classics with unexpected twists in flavor. Furthermore, they have been a part of the “Triple D” network since before its inception. So, stop by to learn more about our comprehensive breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu of “Southern-style” cuisine, with popular dishes like pancakes, steak, salads, and more.

A Taste For Everyone At Folk Art Atlanta

Moreover, their food is famous worldwide for its creative flavor combinations, premium ingredients, and authentic Southern preparation. In addition, you can try delicious offerings, such as a fried chicken sandwich, a lovely salad, or their world-famous baked biscuits. Interestingly, Atlanta’s Folk Art restaurant has zero risk of disappointment.

Special Handcrafted cocktails

This restaurant in Atlanta stocks an extensive selection of artisan cocktails because they know the importance of having the right balance of flavors, colors, and textures for your event. Furthermore, Folk Art Atlanta offers a wide variety of cocktails, from traditional drinks like hot Bloody Mary or Moscow Mule to house specialties like the Apple Bitters Mimosa, Frozen Irish, or Strawberry Fields. In short, you won’t be thirsty for long when you factor in the extensive and ever-changing selection of local craft brews.

Furthermore, the craft cocktails and local brews are just the beginning of the comprehensive beverage menu at this bar. Additionally, their well-informed staff is committed to ensuring you have an excellent time every time you visit Folk Art in Atlanta.

Exclusive Gift Cards

Giving someone a gift card to a restaurant where they may pick up their meal is a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about them. Well, Folk Art Atlanta makes you feel special by rewarding you with gift cards.

After placing an online meal order with them, you will be eligible for gift cards as a thank-you. Furthermore, you can turn these into cash whenever you like. Keep in mind that this gift card can only be used to make purchases on the FolkArt website. Whether ordering for someone else or treating yourself, this is the perfect present for the gourmet in your life. Additionally, you can use them to do anything, including getting takeout or delivering food.


Folk Art Atlanta is a place unique in its sense. A place that has made significant advances toward modernity without losing all of its old-world charms. Furthermore, it is a community where you can let your imagination run wild and get yourself some unique treats. Do visit this amazing place whenever you are in or around Atlanta.


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