5 Rooftop Bars in Atlanta For A Great Evening

When we talk about rooftop bars in Atlanta, the best thing is that there are many options, and each has a different design that can make you fall in love with the same. The thing that makes these bars the best pick is their ambiance; hence, when you want to have a good time with your friends or close ones, this deserves a special visit.

But among so many other options, everyone is confused about which are the ones you should try and what are the must-try items that should certainly give a taste. This is where the unique thing about the Atlanta rooftop bars is that they are all very beautifully decked, and if you want some good photos, it is the perfect spot as well. We have enlisted the 5 rooftop bars which are worthy of consideration and hence can make up to be the perfect experience for you.

Beautiful rooftop bars in Atlanta are quite popular indeed; hence we will get you the best options shortlisted. Make sure you know the operational hours before booking a table for a special appointment.

Top 5 Rooftop Bars In Atlanta

The list of Atlanta’s best rooftop bars is quite incomplete if we do not talk about the options that we have enlisted, and these are indeed the best that you need to try out. The best thing about Atlanta is that it gives you a vibe that is one of a kind and perfect for your chill sessions. 


Virtue Rooftop

Virtue Rooftop

One of the best rooftop bars in Atlanta is none other than Virtue Rooftop, and this place has been on the popular list for a lot of people because of the ambiance. 

This is often referred to as a crowd-favorite bar in Atlanta with a rooftop, the ambiance it offers is one of a kind indeed. A potential factor about this place is that there is a wide range of beers and cocktails, which is amazing for those who love to relish some great drinks. Another potent factor about Virtue Rooftop is that they have an amazing arrangement of music and some live musicians. 

Not only that, but everytime, some professional DJs come along and create an amazing ambiance for those who want to put on their party shoes and have a gala time. Along with that, you can get some yummy food, and hence Virtue Rooftop bar in Atlanta makes up to be the perfect place. 

Address: 1197 Peachtree St NE

Phone Number: +1 404-400-3669



RT60 Rooftop Bar Atlanta

RT60 Rooftop Bar

The next rooftop bar in Atlanta we can talk about today is RT60 Rooftop Bar. The unique thing about this bar is the experience they offer, and the decor is one of the most beautiful ones in Atlanta. 

The must-try items you should most certainly order include the draught beer, and the taste will surely make you fall in love. This is the place to visit for those who want to chill with a good drink.

Address: 348 Mitchell St SW, Atlanta



SkyLounge Atlanta

SkyLounge Atlanta

If you are looking for the perfect rooftop bar in Atlanta where you not only get some amazing drinks but can also get the perfect experience is none other than SkyLounge Atlanta.

It is located in none other than downtown Atlanta and that too at the top of the exotic Glenn Hotel. There have been a lot of reviews about the rooftop cocktail bar, and this one tends to serve the most yummilicious drinks for you. 

With modern-day amenities and the best ambiance, this is the perfect sophisticated rooftop bar in Atlanta to chill with your friends. SkyLounge Atlanta is one of the better-known ones, and the delicacy of the drinks is also exquisite. The view is certainly one of the best if you go during the evening when the lights are not down yet.

Address: The Glenn, 110 Marietta St NW

Phone Number: +1 404-521-2250





If you want to visit a rooftop bar in Atlanta that gets you a panoramic view of the city for the entire day, Drawbar is the location to try out. The unique thing about this place is the bright lights and the modern experience that it offers.

Drawbar does have a unique experience to offer, and the eclectic design is what makes the place a must-visit for all those who love a modern vibe. This place is known to offer the best signature cocktails, and hence you should give it a visit for after-work drinks. You can not only stop for a drink but even get breakfast in the morning. 

Address: 1 Interlock Ave NW

Phone Number: +1 404-806-8333


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High Note Rooftop Bar

High Note Rooftop Bar

And finally, the last option that we have on the list is none other than the High Note Rooftop Bar Atlanta. This is a spacious bar and the perfect getaway for a party evening for you and your friends.

Not only the drinks another potent factor about the place is that you have some amazing food to try on as well. High Note Rooftop Bar is quite hip, so you need to reserve a table in advance to avoid the rush hours. 

Address: 53 14th St NE, Atlanta

Phone Number: +1 470-225-8300


Wrapping Up

For the best rooftop bars Atlanta, you need to try out the options we have enlisted for you. However, before you pay a visit to any of these places, it is important to have a reservation in advance, so that you do not have to wait in queues for long. So far, all the spots we have mentioned are great for your impromptu drink plans with your friends.

Reserve your table today and thank us later! 

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