Boutiques in Atlanta – 5 Best Picks!

The Boutiques in Atlanta provide the perfect outfit if you want a dress to wear on your birthday or to attend a wedding or engagement ceremony. Moreover, these boutiques provide dresses and clothing with various accessories and other items you can explore. Here you can find everything you’re looking for! 

You don’t have to invest time on multiple platforms to find the perfect dress or the latest trend. Here we are with the best boutiques in Atlanta!

Boutiques in Atlanta

Let’s explore these 5 best places where you can find some great fits and styles in the city:




WISH is a unique boutique you will find in Atlanta. Moreover, this is where you go if you are looking for luxury streetwear! You get to buy a lot of designers like Comme des Garcons and Opening Ceremony, known to be advanced labels. All kinds of in-trend aesthetics are present at this Boutique in Atlanta.

However, if you are keen or looking for some cool designs of shirts, jackets, or shoes, try this boutique. WISH is a mine for sneakerheads, and you can find the most extraordinary variety of sneakers in the basement of this Atlanta boutique. The best thing is that you find rare designs that also go with the current fashion statement. 

Address: 447 Moreland Ave NE #1562

Contact:  +1 404-880-0402



Ann Mashburn – Boutiques in Atlanta

Ann Mashburn - Boutiques in Atlanta

Ann Mashburn is a classic boutique in Atlanta at Howell Mill Road. Someone who has very good taste in clothes and accessories and has a southern taste, Ann Mashburn is for you! Here, you will find more mature looks with aesthetics and tailored styles. The unique thing about this boutique in Atlanta is they keep such designs at their store that you never expect. Mashburn is also known for its cashmere sweaters. 

Additionally, the store is airy and bright, with luxurious clothes and accessories and a welcoming and warm environment. The staff is accommodating and generous to their customers. Stuff at Mashburn is classic but not ordinary. You can get yourself a beautifully tailored birthday dress from the store. The staff helps you feel comfortable and attend to everyone wholeheartedly. 

Address: 1198 Howell Mill Rd NW

Contact: 404-350-7132





Somebody who loves second-hand and Vintage shopping will definitely love to try this one of the best Boutiques in Atlanta. So if you are looking for something pre-owned, rush to Labels in Atlanta. They offer a wide range of high-end luxury goods at their store. The boutique is located in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta, and the best part is that they bring you the most unattainable, unaffordable goods within your reach. Moreover, they have a charming way of organizing and displaying their accessories in their mini cottages. The whole store is beautifully designed, making it easy for customers to pick their favorites. 

Address: Atlanta, Ga 30305

Contact: (678) 478-9993



Hemline – Among Best Boutiques in Atlanta

Hemline - Among Best Boutiques in Atlanta

Hemline is situated at Ferry Road Suite in Atlanta and offers a very trendy collection with a pinch of southern flare. Further, it would be justified to say that the collection is eclectic. They have a collection of unique styles and designs. At reasonable prices, you get to see a beautiful collection of clothes, shoes, sandals, and other accessories at one of the top boutiques in Atlanta. 

Address: 4300 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 109

Contact: (678) 305-9339





If you want to go for a dress to wear to an event or some other occasion, this is the right spot for it. They have a knowledgeable staff with a great sense of fashion and trends and will help you choose the perfect dress in sync with your personality. Moreover, one of the best Boutiques in Atlanta also organizes yearly events for communities to come and explore more fashion and trends. In addition, the boutique offers the finest collections and brands that luxury departmental stores have.

Address: The Buckhead Exchange 3167 Peachtree Rd NE Ste. P-O

Contact: 404.842.9990


Wrapping Up

These are a few best Boutiques in Atlanta for a new fresh look, be it for a party or an office event. And guess what? You no more have to worry about your pockets because some of these stores offer collections at unexpectedly reasonable prices. You can now buy a perfect dress with these boutiques and find your next favorite shopping spot in the city. Happy shopping!

Done with shopping? Have some brunch in Atlanta.


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