7 Best Hair Salons in Seattle

Searching for the right hair salons in Seattle is like finding the perfect match. Furthermore, the quality products, the correct techniques, and the skills that can leave any person apprehensive about trying a new hair salon. We have curated a list of the best hair salons in Seattle to help you find the best one near you.

These salons have professional teams, a friendly environment, and hygienic spaces. This article has all the information to make your search easy. The mentioned top hair salons in Seattle have made a name for themselves and have a loyal clientele.

Hair salons in Seattle

Here is our list of the Best Hair Salons in Seattle: 


Salon Maison 

Salon Maison 

Nothing can be more special than your wedding day. To make you feel and look beautiful and graceful, you need an expert who can trust your hair. Interestingly, the top wedding coordinators, photographers, and celebs recommend this hair salon in Seattle for that gorgeous, jaw-dropping look for your big day.

Furthermore, this award-winning wedding beauty and hair salon is known to give couples their best makeovers on their special day. 

Address: 4435 35th Ave SW #108

Contact Number: +14252233278



Vann Studio Salon – Hair Salons in Seattle

Vann Studio Salon - Hair Salons in Seattle

The Premier salon in Belltown, Vann Studio Salon, has been making and redefining hair culture in Seattle since 1984. Significantly, Van Studio salon is among the top hair salons in Seattle and has an award-winning team of hair experts.

Whether you want a defining hair color or a jaw-dropping hairstyle, this place can give you a makeover of a lifetime. If you have confusion regarding the hairstyle, cut, or color, the experts at this salon are always happy to help. 

Address: 2030 1st Avenue

Contact Number: +1 206 441 5511



Foxycut Salon

Foxycut Salon

Foxycut offers expert hair services with friendly conversation and an entertaining atmosphere. Furthermore, the interior of this Seattle hair salon has some creative art, making the place vibrant and appealing. Additionally, the diverse clientele experience the best hair services, irrespective of the hair texture. Moreover, Foxycut provides free haircuts to under-resourced people and actively participates in monthly fundraisers. 

Address: 808 Rainier Ave S

Contact Number: +1 206-381-3699.



Salon Q.E – Hair Salons in Seattle

Salon Q.E - Hair Salons in Seattle

Salon Q.E puts you and your opinion above everything. Furthermore, the hair experts here listen intently to your choices, and what makes you comfortable before they provide a tailored makeover. Additionally, this hair salon in Seattle will determine the makeover that bests suits you according to your lifestyle and comfort. Finally, reflect your confidence and persona to the world with stunning makeovers tailored just for you! 

Address: 2520 1st Avenue

Contact Number: +1 206-441-0304.



Hair Gallery Salon

Hair Gallery Salon

Interestingly, Hair Gallery Salon is a kid-friendly salon and is among the best hair salons in Seattle. With its friendly staff and hygienic environment, this salon is ideal for a perfect hair makeover for yourself and your little one. Furthermore, the team has expertise in giving in-trend haircuts and hair care services. All in all, the salon is also wheelchair accessible. 

Address: 318 2nd Ave South

Contact Number: +1 206.623.2900



Sara Kahn Hair

Sara Kahn Hair

Sara Kahn Hair is a certified Green Circle Salon, which means their team is committed to recycling. Moreover, everything from hair, color tubes, foils, papers, and plastics gets recycled. Furthermore, this Seattle hair salon’s ambiance is warm, and the environment is friendly.

The experts at the salon use natural products. If you are the one who feels apprehensive about using chemicals or are concerned about the environment, Sara Kahn Hair would be the right fit for you. 

Address: 600 Queen Ann N. Suite #105

Contact Number: +1 3604217112



Tracy’s Hair Studio

Tracy's Hair Studio

Tracy’s Hair Salon is committed to providing the best haircuts and hairstyles. The team includes experts who can guide you in selecting the hair color that will suit you the best. Furthermore, one of the best hair salons in Seattle offers a varied range of hair care services. Moreover, the team includes experts in hair cutting, hair styling, and hair coloring techniques. Book an appointment for a cool hairstyle for a special occasion. 

Address: 5216 University Way NE

Contact Number: +1 206-729-1559



Charbon Salon

Charbon Salon

At Charbon Salon, the team sits and listens to what you want. Interestingly, the stylists give you the time and comfort to discuss what goes best with your hair. Moreover, they ask you about your preference and lifestyle at this hair salon in Seattle. More than the in-trends, your opinion and what you are comfortable with matters to the team. Additionally, the experts here are committed to giving you the best makeover. 

Address: 2028 Second Avenue

Contact Number: +1 (206) 755-0179



Bocz Salon – Hair Salons in Seattle

Bocz Salon - Hair Salons in Seattle

Located in the historic Decatur Building in Downtown Seattle, Bocz Salon is one of the most sophisticated salons in the city. Moreover, this hair salon in Seattle provides luxury hair services and experience for its diverse clientele. Here you will meet hair experts specializing in hairstyle, hair color, and hair extension techniques. Move out of this salon and flaunt your hair like a celeb. 

Address: 1511 Sixth Avenue, Suite 200

Contact Number: +1 2066249134



Intermezzo Salon and Spa

Intermezzo Salon and Spa

Intermezzo Salon and Spa have been known as the premier boutique salon in Seattle for over fifteen years. If you want a contemporary style, one of the most amazing hair salons in Seattle would be the right place for you. The place offers a rejuvenating experience that will make you keep coming back! 

Address: 407 W. Galer Street

Contact Number: +1 206 281 7833


Wrapping Up

Grooming can enhance your personality. It can also boost your confidence. We hope our specially-curated list of the Best hair salons in Seattle will help you choose the best for your needs. So, book an appointment and get ready to indulge in world-class hair services at the salon of your choice. We wish you a spectacular makeover. 

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