Shiro’s Sushi Seattle: The Grandfather of Sushi

Seattle is surrounded by water and a busy working port. With so many fishermen working here, it’s obvious that seafood is a must-try here. But the confusion arises knowing there cannot be one place famous for seafood here, so today, let’s take you to one of the best in the city; Shiro’s Sushi Seattle. 

Shiro’s Sushi Seattle is the very first Edomae-Omakase-style restaurant in the city. The restaurant has a set course menu, where all guests order a course menu, they do not offer a la carte ordering. Back in the days when chef Shiro Kashiba started it, his vision was to blend the classical Japanese technique with the Pacific Northwest’s wealth of local seafood and ingredients. 

Some highlights of Shiro’s Sushi Seattle

Address: 2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

Phone: +1 206-443-9844


The Unique Sushi Bar Setting

Shiro’ Sushi Seattle offers seating right in front of the sushi chefs, allowing everyone to witness how the sushi is crafted into each piece. The up-close view showcases the chef’s skills and techniques.

Omakase Experience at Shiro’s Sushi Seattle

Omakase tradition is as famous as it can be in the Japanese tradition and food culture; it’s a practice where the customer leaves it up to the chef to serve him the specialties. 

The Omakase Sushi bar is trendy for expertly preparing appetizers and 19 pieces of seasonal Nigri sushi, all served by the chef’s themselves in four courses. It presents their creativity, attention to detail, and provision of personalized experience.

Interaction With the Chefs at Shiro’s Sushi

Interaction With the Chefs

Sitting directly in front of the chef preparing your food allows you to interact with the chef directly. You can observe them, ask questions about the technique or ingredients, and learn more about sushi making. 

Special Requests

They cater to particular demands or any specific dietary instructions. They can make the sushi according to your needs. For example: If you want to add or subtract any ingredients or herbs and spices.

Try Out the Menu Specialties of Seattle’s Shiro’s Sushi

The menu at Shiro’s Sushi Seattle may vary based on season, quality and market fluctuations, and resource availability. But many dishes can be tried; some notable ones are mentioned below.

Menu Specialties

Nigiri Sushi: Shiro’s Sushi is known for its traditional sushi, i.e., Nigiri. It contains a slice of fresh seafood placed on a mound of vinegared rice. 

Sashimi Tuna Poke: The dish has cubed tuna sashimi, flying fish roe, scallions, and seaweed in a poke sauce made in-house. 

Agedashi Tofu: It’s a classic Japanese dish. The tofu is lightly fried and served with grated white radish, ginger, bonito flakes, and a salted dashi broth. 

Tempura: Shiro’s Sushi offers shrimp and vegetable tempura, delicately fried in a house-made batter.

Chawan Mushi: It’s a steamed egg custard dish mixed with crab meat and white fish.

In Addition 

Pike Place Market

The restaurant is next to Pike Place Market, a busy attraction in Seattle. And it is so open all seven days of the week. One thing you’ll feel stepping into Shiro’s Sushi is like stepping into a time capsule of sushi culture. The decor also creates an inviting atmosphere with modern aesthetics and a touch of Japanese simplicity. 

All in All

Shiro’s Sushi is famous for delicious sushi in Seattle. It’s a place to immerse oneself in the time-honored traditions of Japanese food. You can indulge in such flavors coming from generations right in the heart of Seattle whenever you find yourself here. To summarize, immerse yourself in the spirit of Omotenashi- the Japanese art of hospitality.

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