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Paseo Seattle is a famous Caribbean-inspired sandwich shop in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Since opening in 1992, the Paseo has gained a dedicated following for its delicious and unique sandwiches, made with freshly baked bread and high-quality ingredients. 

Interestingly, the New York Times has garnered a loyal following for its delicious food and lively atmosphere. In recent years, the Paseo has expanded to several locations in the Seattle area, including Ballard and the University District. So, let’s explore more about this fantastic place!

All About the Paseo Seattle

Address: Paseo, 4225 Fremont Ave N

Phone: (206) 545-7440



Paseo’s sandwiches were made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and served on soft, fluffy rolls baked daily. The shop offers a variety of sandwiches, including the popular “Caribbean Roast” sandwich made with slow-roasted pork, caramelized onions, and cilantro, as well as the “Tofu Delight” sandwich made with grilled tofu, lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

Paseo Seattle menue

In addition to sandwiches, Paseo in Seattle also offers a selection of side dishes, such as black beans and rice, plantain chips, and yucca fries. Further, this sandwich shop also provides a variety of refreshing beverages, including agua frescas and homemade lemonades. One of the standout features of Paseo Seattle’s menu was the wide range of sauces and seasonings available to add to sandwiches and side dishes. 

Moreover, the customers can choose from various sauces, including Paseo’s signature green sauce, a flavorful blend of cilantro, jalapeños, and garlic, and a spicy red sauce made with habanero peppers. Overall, Paseo’s menu is a delightful mix of Caribbean flavors, fresh ingredients, and delicious sandwiches that keep customers coming back for more.

Atmosphere at Paseo Seattle

The atmosphere at Paseo Seattle Restaurant is truly one of a kind. From the moment you step inside, this place transports you to a tropical paradise, with vibrant colors and lush greenery surrounding you. Furthermore, the restaurant is in the historic Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and the interior design perfectly captures the laid-back, bohemian vibe of the area. Moreover, exposed brick walls, eclectic artwork, and colorful accents give the space a warm and inviting feel.

Atmosphere at Paseo Seattle

But the real show-stopper at Paseo Seattle is the outdoor patio, a true oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Furthermore, strings of twinkling lights, cascading plants, and comfortable seating create a magical atmosphere perfect for enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones.

The restaurant’s signature dish is the Caribbean-inspired sandwiches made with slow-roasted pork and served on fresh-baked bread. Moreover, these sandwiches are delicious and satisfying, and they are the perfect complement to the tropical atmosphere of the restaurant. In addition to the sandwiches, Paseo in Seattle also offers a variety of other tasty dishes, including salads, soups, and desserts. Lastly, the menu is full of fresh, flavorful options that satisfy any palate.


Paseo Seattle has a rich and storied history that dates back to the early 1990s. Founded by brothers John and Ben Jamison, the restaurant was initially a small sandwich shop. The brothers, who had a passion for Caribbean cuisine, quickly gained a loyal following. With their unique and delicious sandwiches made with slow-roasted pork and other fresh ingredients. Furthermore, they also became known for their spicy and flavorful sauces, which were a hit with customers.

In 2005, they opened their flagship location on 42nd Street, which featured a large outdoor patio and a full bar. Moreover, this location quickly became a favorite among locals and tourists. It was also regularly packed with people enjoying the delicious food and vibrant atmosphere. Today, Paseo Seattle Restaurant is a beloved institution in the city, with a dedicated and loyal customer base. And with a commitment to sustainability and delicious food, Paseo Seattle Sandwich shop will surely be a mainstay in the city for years to come.

Wrapping Up

Paseo Seattle Sandwich Shop is a unique and delightful dining experience that offers a wide variety of tasty sandwiches and delicious side dishes. Moreover, the outdoor seating area provides a cozy atmosphere, and the friendly staff adds to the enjoyable experience. Further, the sandwiches, made with high-quality ingredients and freshly baked bread, are hearty and satisfying. In short, the Caribbean-inspired flavors add a unique twist to traditional sandwich fare. Overall, this place is a must-try for delicious and satisfying sandwiches in a charming atmosphere.

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