Kerry Park Seattle: Fall in Love With The View

You must be thinking that Seattle is home to numerous parks, so why are we covering Kerry Park Seattle? This is because, despite being a small viewpoint park, it is a go-to spot for all photographers. Kerry Park has scenic beauty all around, making it a photogenic place. 

Apart from being a picture-perfect place, this park is excellent for someone who enjoys the sunset. When you come for a walk to this park during the sunset, you will experience the beauty of the Space Needle, an observation tower. So, be prepared to freshen up your mood with the positive surroundings at Kerry.

A Sanctuary of Serenity in Kerry Park Seattle

Address: 211 W Highland Dr., Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: (206) 684-4075


Sanctuary of Serenity

Whether you are in Kerry Park Seattle for a regular evening walk, on a walk with your partner, or to have some ‘me time,’ you will be astonished by the beauty all around. The breathtaking view of Seattle Skyline, Space Needle, and Puget Sound from the park make it a truly stunning visual. 

The best day or time to visit this amazing place is on a clear day when you can see everything around you and admire it. If you wish to get to the park, you have to take a walk from Lower Queen Anne. You can also avail of the bus services after confirming the pick-up spot with the exact timings. 

The most exciting and best thing about Kerry Park is you don’t have to pay an extra fee to enter it. You can access the park free from Monday to Sunday, with opening time at 6:00 am and closing time at 10:00 pm.

Top Fun Things You Can Do at Kerry Park

Things You Can Do at Kerry Park

If you have plans to visit this tiny yet serene park, we have a few ideas of what you can do here. 

Make Use of the Kerry Park Seattle Seattle Skyline in the Backdrop

Are you in Kerry Park and still not considering a selfie with the Seattle Skyline in the backdrop? You are surely missing out on a lot. This site is significantly renowned for the reason that you can see the Seattle Skyline from here. And if you are not taking a selfie with the skyline in the background, you are being hard on yourself. So, pick up your phone or hand it over to someone and pose for a perfect picture. 

Treat Your Eyes With the Captivating View of Mt Rainier & Seattle Needle

If you have nothing to do at Kerry Park Seattle, you can just stand there facing Mt Rainier and Seattle Needle and admire their beauty. While you gaze upon the Space Needle, you will realize how perfectly and carefully it has been built. It is because of these incredible landmarks that Kerry Park has a lot of visitors every day. 

Don’t Forget to go to The Playground Just Below the Park

If you are with your children, or even if you are not, we recommend you to take the stairs down to the tremendous playground. It is a delightful escape for children and families. You will be enlightened to see how well-maintained this playground is. Whether you are a resident of Seattle or a visitor, you will not regret your decision to visit Kerry Park Seattle and then the children’s play area.

Look at the Sky Full of Stars

Imagine lying down or sitting in Kerry Park during the night and gazing at the sky full of stars; it’s no less than a perfect night under the stars. If you haven’t thought of doing so, take our advice and try at least once. You will not feel like getting up and going back to your home. Also, this is one of the best things to do to forget all the sorrows and tensions. 

Apart from the abovementioned things, you can also go to Gale Street in Kerry, which is three blocks north of the park. This street has some of the best coffee shops in Seattle. You can drive to Discovery Park, just 4 miles from the park.

Parting Words

Your visit to Kerry Park Seattle will change your perception of the parks. With each visit, you will fall in love with this amazing place in Seattle. A walk to this site is more than just a walk; you will get to see a lot of beautiful landmarks, including Seattle Skyline and Mt Rainier. So, get up from your comfort zone and spend your evening at this beautiful park.

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