Seattle Children’s Museum – With All The Details

Children under the age of eight will enjoy the Seattle Children’s Museum, which has a dedicated toddler area. Furthermore, there is a ton to discover, scale, build, and create at the museum. Additionally, you can round out the day by going to the food court above.

Let’s explore the museum in detail.

Seattle Children’s Museum

Address: 305 Harrison St, Seattle

Phone: +1 206-441-1768


A Look Inside

The Children’s Museum in Seattle is on the first level of Center House at Seattle Center, in the middle of the city. Additionally, the museum can add excitement to any day spent in Emerald City. Furthermore, there is Space Needle towering overhead and downtown is only a short Monorail ride away. Explore ancient cultures and exotic locations in Global Village to Time Trek and the ocean floor in Discovery Bay. Interestingly, there is also the summit of The Mountain Forest and much more!

Moreover, the Seattle Children’s Museum provides kids with the ideal setting for enjoyment. Additionally, it also comes with interactive learning with their caregiver(s) and peers. To give youngsters a chance to learn via first-hand experience and engagement, they provide daily activities. There are events, shows, field trips, and more on a range of topics.

seattle children's museum - with all the details

Activities at Seattle Children’s Museum

Here are some fun things to do at the museum:

  • Track the enigmatic, twisting path up The Mountain:

The mountain is the focal point of the Seattle Children’s Museum. Interestingly, kids can climb inside a log, stand beneath a waterfall, walk a winding trail around The Mountain, and hide in a marmot’s den. Furthermore, there is a toddler-specific enclosed play area at the mountain’s base.

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  • Turn the conveyor belt at Cog City:

Cog City is the following exhibit at the Seattle Children’s Museum, where children can operate a conveyor belt, throw balls into tubes, or see a ball appear to float above an air chute. Additionally, this introduces kids to fundamental physics ideas like gravity and speed. More importantly, attached to this area is a soft play area for young children.

  • Learn about the stores and residences:

Moreover, children will enjoy the engaging design of the Global Village at the Seattle Children’s Museum, which features common scenes from Ghana, Japan, and the Philippines. Children can play the drums in an African hamlet, eat sushi, ride the train in Japan, go inside a Japanese home, and shop at a market in the Philippines. There are numerous things to handle and play with.

Activities at Seattle Children's Museum

  • Visit the Seattle Children’s Museum post office:

Kids may explore a magnificent collection of stores on the other side of the mountain. They can make a burger at the cafe, assemble huge foam pieces in a construction zone, mail a letter, load their trolley with groceries at the market, try on spectacles, and sit in the exam chair at the optometrist.

  • Perform at the Bijou Theater:

At the Seattle Children’s Museum’s Bijou Theater, children can perform live on stage. There is dim lighting, mirror-topped vanities, and fun.

  • Enjoy the nice fire truck ride:

Enjoy the rotating steering wheel and flashing signs as you ride in the firetruck. Further, you can play dress-up wearing a fireman’s headgear and jacket. Fantastic for taking pictures!

  • Exploring the Reading Room:

A reading room with cosy chairs and a wide variety of books is nestled away right outside the Seattle Children’s Museum’s entrance.

Wrapping Up

The 18,000 square feet of interactive displays at the Seattle Children’s Museum stimulate the creativity and curiosity of kids between the ages of newborn and eight. Moreover, the collection of permanent displays in the museum includes engineering marvels, scaled-down global communities, and an art studio.

After quality time at one of these museums, it will be great to treat your kids to the best cupcakes in Seattle. And if you’re looking for more fun things to do, check out these waterfalls in Seattle for an adventure-filled day!


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